11 Best Portable Water Purifiers for Backpacking

best portable water purifiers

Clean water promotes good health. On the flip side, contaminated water brings along a tone of water-borne diseases and other terrible infections. Hence, the essence of carrying clean water while hiking goes without saying. Luckily, best portable water purifiers are here for you.   It is very lightweight and therefore ideal for backpacking persons who frequently …

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How To Prevent Altitude Sickness Naturally

how to prevent altitude sickness naturally

Gaining a high and significant altitude is vital while hiking. This why quite a lot of hikers acclimate to a high altitude. However, it is crucial that you know how to prevent altitude sickness naturally. Elevating to a high altitude is not a simple task, it is more than a mere exercise.  While hiking, acclimatization refers …

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6 Best Sunglasses for Hiking and Mountaineering

best sunglasses for hiking

Just like running, and climbing, hiking is outdoor sports that require your eyes to be fully protected. The protection from the suns glare, falling objects and other events that could harm your eyes requires best sunglasses for hiking that are up for the game.Best Hiking Sunglasses For BackpackersFrom cliffs scaling to state park exploring, a …

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