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Hiking Gear Lab is a site dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts. We are committed to sharing crucial information regarding the outdoor lifestyle and anything that could enhance the experience. However, it is almost impossible to satisfy our ever-growing followers who are always after informative tips and hacks for adventurous outdoor excursions. That is why we occasionally collaborate with other talented outdoor lovers to churn out new and fascinating content on our site.  On this page, we will discuss terms and policies about travel write for us with Hiking Gear Lab.

If you possess exemplary narration skills or you happen to be a master storyteller this could be a perfect opportunity to sell your art to the world. Alongside that, we are looking for awe-inspiring images and videos to amaze our audience. We are also interested in guest authors capable of handling information about hiking destinations among other insightful outdoor-related topics.  If this is your area of specialty and you are willing to share, let us work together.

Who qualifies to travel write for us?

Travel Write for Us

Anyone with a strong passion for the outdoors and a deep understanding of any topic of interest will find a home at Hiking Gear Lab. Primarily; we seek experience and insight that will create rich posts for our esteemed readers. Read more here about essential writing tips.

What’s in for you

Currently, we do not pay for guest contributions; however, we give you exposure. Your article will be shared on all our marketing channels and social profiles. Hiking Gear Lab gives you a platform to speak your mind, inform, and get recognition from other outdoor enthusiasts across the globe.

How to apply

Shoot us a message through the contact form given below, if you are willing to contribute. It should include your full name, bio, and email address, as well as a summary of your experience and background.

Apart from that, you need to present a pitch of the content you intend to submit highlighting the word count, overview, and title. We will need links to your previous work or blog if available. Likewise, we might request you to do a short piece to test your expertise, style, and writing form. You will not go through all this in vain; our team will get back to you within a week’s time.

Guest post requirements

I. Only posts related to our site niche are acceptable. If you are well-versed in outdoor tips, how-to guides, or helpful outdoor insights, you are welcome to share your contribution. Let us know your idea and we will give you the green light to proceed.

If you are unsure about the structure or tone, keenly read through other published content on our website to get a clear picture of what we need. Hiking Gear Lab is very particular about its niche. We only accept posts related to:

  • Travel
  • Adventurous Travel
  • Outdoor excursions
  • Hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Trekking
  • Trail-Running
  • Camping
  • Climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • Mountain biking
  • Mountain climbing
  • Scrambling
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Snow Sports
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing

II. Any post that will be accepted or published will remain the sole property of Hiking Gear Lab. This goes to imply that you will not be able to reclaim or edit it in any way. Sharing it on social media will not be a violation of this provision. However, you will get credit for your work. We will ensure that by publishing your author’s name alongside your author’s bio with your consent. If you intend to publish as a ghost author, we will do accordingly.

III. We only accept unique posts that actually have a positive impact on our readers. Make sure you submit 100% original content. We are not looking for filler content written to beat a certain word count but rather legit, informative, and widely researched work.

IV. All submissions should be at least 1200 words long anything shorter than that would not make it through. Additional infographics, videos, or pictures must work to enhance the quality of your content.

V. We demand that your posts be exclusive to our website and not published on other sites. It must be unique content, brand new, and exceptional.

VI. Make sure your content incorporates proper paragraphing and formatting. It should be free of grammatical errors, appealing to the eye, and more readable to keep our readers coming back or attracting new ones. We encourage the use of simple, everyday vocabulary to make the posts straight and to the point.

Writing tips for an outstanding feature

Avoid cliches

You should be able to present ideas in your own words instead of using a common language. Words such as ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’ are everywhere. They will not boost the uniqueness of your content.

Maintain originality

Our emphasis on originality goes without saying. It is unethical to label someone else’s work as your own or use it without giving them proper citations or credit. Therefore, strive to bring a fresh perspective or even infuse a new take into topics even if they have been tackled before.

Be specific

When writing your articles aim to be precise, informative, and as detailed as possible. Try to imagine that your potential readers are fresh to the subject. Take time to break down every aspect of your piece that may seem new to make your content understandable.

Do check every time to ensure the topic or travel destination you wish to focus on is unique and not one already covered on our site. With over 196 countries in the world with different sites and destinations, you will have plenty of options.

Be authoritative

Convince your readers about your solid understanding of any topic you intend to cover. If you are writing about a destination then the readers should know that you have actually been there. Similarly, if you are reviewing outdoor gear, let them know you have really used it, and so on.

Content Submission

After approval of title content, you will be requested to submit your final copy in Microsoft Word/Word pad/Notepad to Hiking Gear Lab upon completion. Our editorial team will scrutinize your work and if it matches our standards, it will be published.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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