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Thanks for visiting our About us page. Welcome to Hiking Gear Lab and with great pleasure thanks for visiting our site. www.hikinggearlab.com is very glad to present our customers with the quality reviews on camping and hiking gears with its most up-to-date information. We are also 100% positive nature would be a better choice to spent. Twenty or thirty minutes on our platform can save you hundreds of dollars on your next hiking gear purchase.

Actually, we love outdoor camping and share the incredible stories with our friends and fellow riders. This will serve you to know more about Hiking Gear Lab.

We are a team of hiking and camping enthusiasts here working to serve you better by publishing a comprehensive guide on Buying Camping and Hiking Gear. Hiking Gear Lab is our digital platform to share the stories and inspire more people towards camping/ hiking.

Why hikinggearlab.com?

When we were new to hiking equipment and searching for the detail configurations for any hiking equipment and its accessories, we found it’s hard. So, we made our mind when we have enough experience, we will take any initiative that will help fellow riders to get the exact information over the Internet.

As an experienced team our plan were to provide our opinions, suggestions, reviews and ratings for others like us who are still suffering for some valuable information regarding hiking/camping.

The time finally come in July 2016, we thought to share our suggestion and reviews for the hiking community. That’s how www.hikinggearlab.com started its’ journey.

Hiking Gear Lab – Vision

Our vision, with this incredible digital platform is to share up to date information on hiking and camping including gear used for hiking. In the meantime, we are dedicated to do research and publish unbiased reviews on hiking equipment. From here on, we will update our site with latest camping gears available in the market. In fact, we are here to differentiate between good and bad.

The Hiking Gear Lab‘s goal is unique: a one and best platform to choose the best hiking equipment like hiking backpack, hiking boots, camping tents etc.. We as a team of experts feel the world’s best hiking product reviews are the one that helps one customer to select the right products for the customer’s satisfaction throughout their hiking as per the planned trip.

About us

How Do We Do Here?

As a matter of fact, we always keep in mind each person’s requirements are unique. Our aim is to help you find the best camping and hiking gear that support you. Moreover, while you are away from home and you are with nature your gear should be best.

We commit to bring our visitors with best and latest reviews of the best hiking and camping gear. We have covered and we are very proud that we are serving our customers at the best.

As a team of professionals in the field of Outdoor Activities, we still been looking to improve and find more interesting useful reviews to further serve our readers the best. Presently our team is consisting of three main contributors. They are listed below:

1. Simon Wilson - Chief Editor, Trail and Gear Expert 

2. Ashley Wilson - Hiking Gear Specialist

3. Emily Madison - Gear Review Editor  

A detailed research and practical test of our team in the field only could help us to reach you on this platform. It is our tough method of comparing and contrasting through objective tests pioneered by various consumers that we aim to bring hiking enthusiasts like you to this platform. Further more, Hiking Gear Lab team never receive any incentive from manufactures for reviewing their products. Always, we do independent reviews or suggestion according to the product field performance or from our own experience.

What We Promote

Of course, hiking tips, camping tips, travel tips, hiking guide, buying guide and product reviews of best hiking gear are one of the biggest content types on our site. In fact, our purpose is to bring a quick selection of your camping and hiking gear. No doubt, this selection will be according to customer’s specific requirement, interest, locality and budget.

Our prime attempt is to bring forward reliable product guide. Actually, this guide fulfills your nature camping experience with your best hiking equipment as per your requirement.

We publish engaging content to ease your camping need. In the meantime, we recommend best valued and popular camping and hiking gears from the online marketplace. We get a small portion of the amount you spend to buy the product, without any extra cost to the existing product price.

What Will You Get?

Well, really interesting question apart. You won’t get any camping and hiking gear here. We are suggesting you for hiking gear and camping accessories that have best reviews. On other hands, we will help you to find the discount for the camping equipment.

Our special product review table will help you to compare and choose the right camping and hiking products of your dream. Of course, in the emerging market before taking any buying decision, comparing the product features will save your time and money spend.

We are also providing a comparison between different camping and hiking gear in the market.  So it will be easy for you to choose your affordable accessories and camping backpack model. Here you can easily get information how you can manage a camping/ hiking tour. Do’s and Don’ts.

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About us

Finally, we wish a wonderful outdoor nature experience for all of you with your best camping and hiking gears.

If you have any query or question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to email us using our contact page. We reply to every single email and try our level best to help you on your camping/hiking issues.

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