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What to wear on a hiking date

Deciding to take a hiking trip for your important date is a wise movement. Read on and write down these useful tips about what to wear on a hiking date. Unlike having dinner at some typical restaurant or mildly watching a classic movie, going hiking will definitely create much more special memories. However, it is certainly not easy to select the right hiking clothes that are comfortable, necessary and still fashionable

Actually, this is a continuation of our previously published article on "What To Wear On A Hike And Still Look Cute". This article provides helpful tips on choosing hiking clothes for a hiking date.

Why is choosing the right hiking clothes important?

You may want to dress really smart at every date. While it is quite simple to pick an outfit for usual dates, a hiking date is so far a rough one. You do not just wear something that is chic and fashionable. You also have to consider if this outfit is an obstacle or a beneficial one. Your partner will be really impressed if you dress smart on such an exceptional occasion.

What to wear on a hiking date

What to wear on a hiking date

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Important factors when choosing hiking clothes:

Materials :

Always, you should choose materials that are moisture wickings like Merino wool or Nylon.

Gender :

Next, as hiking is an outdoor activity, you can choose unisex clothes. However, because this is a date, you may want to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend by making the gender characteristics stand out.

Weather Condition :

Of course, this is the most important element affecting your hiking trip. You should pick clothes that cover yourself well in winter. Vice versa, in summer, try to wear an outfit made of moisture-wicking materials.

Quality :

Ultimately, pay attention to the quality because you need super comfortable outfits for this occasion. You may want to choose hiking clothes from a reliable sports clothing brand or read reviews to know more about the product.

What to wear on a hiking date:

Hiking pants/leggings

This will be a good option if you go hiking in winter or travel to harsh areas. Hiking pants or hiking leggings can keep you warm and protected. Of course, you may want to choose colorful ones or basic ones depending on your personal wish. Choosing the pants or leggings that fit you is also an essential factor.

Hiking shorts

Shorts are great for summer. If you have nice legs, show them with perfect shorts that fit you. Considering the color? Army green may be a great option for both males and females. It also matches every skin tone. Of course, you can choose any color or form that you are confident with.

Hiking shirt / T-shirt / Tank top

It is completely up to you when deciding to wear a shirt, T-shirt or tank top. Shirts are good when the weather is pleasant, not too cold and not too hot. Shirts make you look really elegant and smart. T-shirts and tank tops are suitable for summer as they absorb sweat really well.

For women, a V-shaped or U-shaped top will make you really sexy on it. For men, you may want to pick some tops that are simple with minimal patterns. Bear in mind to choose the color that matches your skin tone.


If the weather is not too severe, girls should absolutely wear skirts. A mini skirt can help you look more girly and gentle. This is the item that only girls can use, so it will make women more special and beautiful on it.

Hiking jacket

You should wear a zip-up jacket because it is much more convenient than button-down ones. Try to choose ones with water-proof and winter-proof functions. In winter, you should choose a thicker jacket with a hat to totally protect you. Jacket with fur will help you keep yourself warm while giving you a fashionable look.

Hiking boots

Boots are the key factors affecting the whole hiking trip. Choose the boots that make you move comfortably. Besides, the right boots for a date should be fashionable. Do not choose light color boots because they are easy to get dirty.

Hiking backpack

You need to wear a backpack to keep your necessary belongings. A big backpack with many pockets is a great option for both males and females. For women, if the hike doesn’t take so long, you can carry a small cute one instead.

Other accessories

These accessories are optional, except for socks. You should notice the color of your socks when matching them with your boots. Carry extra socks just in case your current ones get wet.

Sunglasses can make you look cute. Notice on the shape of the sunglasses while purchasing one. Depending on the weather, you can decide if you should wear gloves or not. You may want your gloves to perfectly match your clothes.

What to wear on a hiking date and look cute

What to wear on a hiking date and look cute

Other helpful advice

About base layer

Your base layer should be of a material that absorbs sweat. Your outermost layers should be weather-proof.

Priority for comfort and safety:

Prioritize to feel comfortable and safe. You may want to pick outfits that make you feel easy and secure. Going hiking is somehow a rough journey, being comfy is much more significant.

Prioritize multi-function gears:

Prioritize multi-function outfits. For instance, a backpack with pockets to carry your water bottle is always better than others.

Final Verdict

A hiking date is so interesting, but unless you prepare well for it. Besides, choosing the right hiking clothes, you also may want to notice other factors to make sure the hike will go easy and romantic for both. Safety is the most important thing. In some jungles, snakes can show up and attack you. You also have to prepare some methods to avoid them.

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Is a hike a good date?

A hike is definitely a wonderful date. It is free, so you don’t have to think so much about the budget. Hiking date is a great chance to explore each other without being shy. You don’t have to look at your partner for so long or make eye contact. You guys can comfortably talk while walking. Plus, being out in nature is so romantic that other activities cannot be.

What should I bring on a hiking date?

Going on a hiking date, you may want to bring a small first aid kit in case any bad accident happens. In addition, you may want to bring water and food. Your loved one will be so pleased if you prepare drinks and food for both of you.

Also, you should carry some bug repellent and try to prioritize organic ones. A map should be carried in case you lost it. You cannot leave your phone at home on this trip because it may be the only thing you can contact the rest of the world in case any urgent event happens.

Should I wear makeup on a hiking date?

You should wear makeup to make yourself confident and prettier on a hiking date. A flawless skin base and some lipstick on is good. However, try to avoid eye makeup because it will easily get smudged. You also want to use waterproof makeup products for the hiking date.

How do you make a hiking date fun?

To make your hiking date more special, you can actively create some games or moments that make your partner happy. If you have any talent, try to salvage it. Playing the guitar or some other instruments is a good idea. Hiding something and organizing a “finding treasure” game will bring you a lot of fun. You call it a good date when both of you feel at ease and have memorable moments. So, try to create small but important moments along the trail.

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