Best Backpacking Trips In The World

Best Places To Go Hiking In The World

Some of the best backpacking trips in the world are characterized by beautiful waterfalls, giant redwoods and granite mountain views. No doubt, nature is the best choice to reduce your stress. Hiking is an activity with immense health benefits. Here we are just listing out some of the best places to hike in the world.

Best Backpacking Trips In The World

The Inca Trail, Peru

At the top of the list, the Inca Trail is one of the best BackPacking Trips in the World. In this wonderful trail, you will be able to find exciting places such as Machu Picchu. Basically, this will be the only way to approach your hiking experience through the mountains.

On the other hand, this site trail is characterized by cloud forest, archaeological sites, cross valleys and ridges.

If you want to find the Machu Picchu sunrise, you should try to time the final stretch segment. From that point, your hike continues to the Huayna Picchu which is essentially a green peak at the center of the ruins.

Since the trail is closed in February, the best time to visit this amazing destination is between the months of April to October. There is little or no rain during these months. You also have to be accompanied on this Trail.

West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

During your hiking experience along the West Coast Trail in the Vancouver Island, you will be able to encounter amazing physical features such as caves, coves and cliffs. In addition, along with the coastal strip, you may encounter sea lions and even whales!

The terrain of this place is challenging and you should always expect to get wet, cold and damp at any time of the hike.

Also, it is advisable for you to travel from May through September when the trail is open. In addition, July and August are primarily the peak months.

If you think about applying for a trail pass, please do so during the low peak season when competition is low.

Mont Blanc, France, Italy, Switzerland

This is one of the most renowned hikes in Europe and in the whole world. Basically, we can attribute its popularity due to the fact that it is multicultural and transverses across the Western part of the European continent.

During your hike across three European nations, you will be able to trek around various towers, white peaks and glaciers as well as the alpines.

In addition, you will definitely enjoy fabulous sceneries encapsulated with green meadows, valleys, white peaks, blue glaciers and as well have time to enjoy great food and comfort.

This is a diverse hike which includes all levels from easy meadows to very difficult and strenuous climbs. It is also advisable to book your accommodations in advance before the high season hits.

Unless you are really experienced in ladder climbing and challenging hiking activities, you will surely need a guide to take you through the journey.

Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

This is regarded as one of the most important wildlife habitats in the US park system. Located within the American-Canadian border this mountainous beauty involves a 104 kilometres hike.

The place also contains a 120-foot Ptarmigan tunnel and an iceberg lake which hikers always find interesting to visit. No doubt, amazing photos of hikers are often captured here. You can as well head to a trailhead from Waterton National Park in Canada.

One of the main reasons why this park is one of the most interesting is basically due to the fact that it has about 700 miles of trails which means that you can never get exhausted of traveling back and forth of the park.

Torres del Paine “W” circuit, Chile

This popular route is located in Chile and as the name suggests, it follows the letter “W”. It is a spectacular National park which gives hikers an opportunity to experience volcanic peaks, glaciers, as well as beautiful lakes.

It is always advisable to visit the Torres del Paine National park in the winter season. The trail of the park is equivalent to around 37 to 50 miles which is a pretty long distance.

Essentially, it normally takes about 4-6 days for hikes around various features within the park. It is always advisable to visit the park from October and April.

Appalachian Trail, US

Located in Georgia to Maine in the United States, it is important to visit one of the longest and continuously marked foot paths in the world. Many hikers consider this trail challenging but it is one of the most exciting trails which cover a distance of 2,180 miles.

Although you can visit the Appalachian Trail at any time of the year, it always requires careful planning and execution.

Kilimanjaro, Africa

This is one of the most exciting hiking experiences in Africa. Located in Tanzania, you will get the privilege of being in the highest point of the African continent. It includes a wide range of climbing routes and experiences all coming up to roughly 35 miles.

In addition, it takes an average of 7 days to get to the top of the mountain. It is always advisable to hike with a travel guide in order to reach the spectacular view above the clouds. The best time to visit the Kilimanjaro Mountain is in January, February and September.

Kungsleden, Sweden

This amazing trail located in Sweden is commonly referred to as “The King’s Trail”. It is a 275 mile landscape which has very short hiking experiences. However, you will have a chance to see the amazing Arctic landscape, big glaciers, and open tundra.

It is always a breathtaking experience to bush up against Mount Kebnekaise the highest peak in Sweden.

Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

This is perfect to experience and intermingles with the culture and the people from Nepal. In addition, you will get a chance to be on the highest point on the planet. The hike is 70 miles long and takes about 16 days to get to the peak.

Snowman Trek, Bhutan

The Snowman Trek, located in Bhutan is regarded by many as the hardest trail in the planet and the best Backpacking trip in the world. Many people have been unable to finish the trail in the past mainly due to unpredictable weather.

This is a hike that is usually top of the list for many hikers. It is 200 miles long and requires a tour guide to complete it. The most recommended time to visit the Snowman Trek is either in April or October.