Best Prime Day Deals: Deal of the Day

Now book mark this page for the next Prime Day deals, may fall in the mid of June 2022.

We are updating this page continuously for Prime Day Deals hourly. The Amazon Prime Day is here now. Amazon started rolling out exclusive deals for its Prime Members. The best of Amazon Deals are reserved for the Prime subscribers. Of course, only a little is needed to become a Prime member, the benefits of this membership are unlimited.

This year Amazon’s annual Prime Day event is over now. Prime Day 2021 Exclusive deals started rolling out for Amazon Prime members from 00:00 hrs on June 21 and it was available till 23:59 hrs June 22, kicking off this summer with epic deals and the best savings Prime has to offer.

Among other benefits, a Prime subscriber has unlimited and unrestricted access to all Amazon deals and the best services, and they all come at incredibly subsidized costs. Little wonder Prime subscribers usually need a bigger shopping cart. So try to sign up for a 30-day free trial.

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Best Prime Day Deals

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Now the time has come for the end of that waiting. The count down of Amazon Prime Day has started now. Make list of your requirements and start acting now.

Amazon Prime Day is a period when members of Amazon Prime get to enjoy substantial price reductions and lightning deals. It is a global shopping event in which Prime Members are allowed to shop thousands of deals. Learn here more for deals and offers of all digital products on Prime Day.

On Amazon Prime Day new deals are emerging as often as every five minutes. 

Amazon Prime Day was launched on July 15, 2015, to celebrate its 20th birthday. Amazon’s website crashed mere minutes into launching Prime Day 2018.

More so, Prime membership provides you with two-day free and two-hour paid delivery services that expel your worries about how your goods would quickly get to where they’re needed, it is just awesome.

Perchance, if some of the products are available to other non-prime members, they come at higher costs. As long as you keep having reasons to shop with Amazon and you desire to get the best out of Amazon, getting a prime membership status becomes very important.

All the benefits mentioned notwithstanding; you have not gotten all you bargained for until you’re part of the deals of the Amazon Prime Day. It is a once-a-year celebration and holiday yet exclusively for Prime subscribers. It features amazing deals, the launch of products, and to spice it up, it features livening entertainment and lots more.

Up from 2015, the Amazon Prime Day has taken place annually in the middle of July and there has been a consistent rise in the number of participants in this event. This year, the celebration is going to be happening in grand style, and there will be even more participants, both members on full subscription and those who are going to be using the trial benefit.

Hence, come the prime day, Amazon site will again receive a frenetic influx of prime members who will be busy making the best deals. The reason for your uncertain anticipation of September or October is probably understandable; you can’t just wait to check out those products, all at hyper-subsidized cost and get yours at once.

best prime day deals

What date is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

This is a shopping spree where you will get the unavailable appliances and products from Amazon. Though we are waiting for the official announcement of Amazon Prime day 2021. It will last for two days. The 2021 prime day will be in the mid of June 2021. We will wait for the official announcement from the Amazon. Just imagine what you can do for 48 hours of shopping anything you need at a crazy discount? This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Are you worried that you will be locked out of this year’s offers because you are not a prime subscriber? Worry not, the revelation is here!

Just subscribe for a free 30-day trial prime amazon and enjoy these hot deals like any other individual.

Are you a financial gig like me who goes by plan and accounting on every cent you spent? This is your chance to liberate yourself and stock gifts for the summer for your loved ones at the minimal cost possible. Remember their happiness is your fulfillment and you don’t have to squeeze yourself out of your budget. Take advantage, buy those hiking boots, sweat pants, and all other things you might need for your household or friends.

Is Prime Day Good? Benefits for Amazon for prime members ?

Cyber Monday Deals

This is one of the most invaluable periods of buyers around the globe in Amazon. Amazon offers more than a million deals within this period. The deals are competitive in terms of grabbing, so you need to be quick to grab the opportunities as they arise. This period is also good for you as a buyer because, due to the amazon’s crazy offers, other online platforms lower their prices due to competitiveness. So, this is a win, win situation for you. Just to remind you, the prime day has been getting better and better since its inception.

This year’s prime day will be a blast and we expect deals like never before. During this period you can also buy appliances at discounted rates and decide to sell them at other online sites like eBay. For you, amazon client that is residing overseas, shipping for any product purchased during the prime days is free, I mean zero cost. As an Amazon prime member, you are eligible for free unlimited photo storage in prime photos, ad-free unlimited music streaming and instant access to different TV shows like the Original series among others.

How do I prepare for Amazon Prime Day?

Make a list of items required

Are you worried that you might not make the most out of this prime day? You are at the right place at the right time. Firstly, you need to have a list of the most important things that you need. Be sure to prioritize them according to the severity of need. This will give an edge and prevent indecisiveness.

Do a rearch on the required products

Always, do prior market research whether the products you need are in stock at Amazon a day before. This will help you thin out your list. Ensure that you are a prime subscriber and have the cash ready in your online wallet. Grab the best opportunities also known as lightning deals early as most products are available but limited. This means you have to be vigilant to get the deals as they arise.

Compare with other online platforms

Shop around for the products that may seem elusive and you need them. This would mean to look into other online platforms like eBay and Target as they might as well lower their prices due to competitiveness. Remember to get yourself an Amazon app. With the app, enable notifications on the products you need, so you won’t always have to keep an eye on amazon but just get a notification when what you need comes up.

Should you get set for great deals on the Prime Day?

It is one thing to know it is going to happen, it is another to get ready to make the best use of the opportunity. Is Amazon Prime Day really worth preparing for? It might not worth it, especially if you don’t mind shopping at any cost. However, if you cannot afford to let the discounts of Prime Day go without a deal, you have got to prepare.

Know your budget

Interestingly, the deals promised by Amazon for this coming longest-ever Prime Day is up to and over a million. Among others are the Prime Day TV deals which apply to the best 4K Smart TV series including Samsung, LG, Vizio, and TCL. And guess what; discounts on these products range from $50 off up to $802 off, depending on the size.

Multiple whole foods discount

Another Prime Day deal you can’t just afford to miss is the Whole Foods deal in which Amazon Prime members will be targeted for multiple whole foods discount. Furthermore, Prime subscribers will receive Amazon credit of $10 until 14th of July when they purchase items of up to $10. Also, the credit might be used to buy other products of choice.

Quick delivery

Again, Prime members who fall into the select zip codes will enjoy a free two-hour delivery, which ordinarily should be paid for. There is, even more, to be amazed over with your prime membership. Extra $10 discount will accrue to the Prime members for all the products they choose to purchase all through the period of Prime Day.

Sign up as a prime member

It should be said that if you are not yet a prime member, getting yourself an Amazon membership is the first thing you should do in order to be eligible for this great shopping festival. While it is good and much better to sign up with a full subscription, it is yet possible for you to become an on-trial Prime member by using the 30-day trial. Once you’re a Prime member, you could proceed immediately for a preview of the list of multiple Prime Day deals.

That having been said, you shouldn’t cross those legs yet. You could proceed to download the Amazon App. From signing into the Amazon App for the first time, you will be given $10 Amazon credit, and your first in-app purchase will also be appreciated with the same amount of Amazon credit.

More importantly, setting up a reminder with Amazon Alexa is a good way to keep you in the loop for the shopping exercise which may kick off in the middle of July 2021 and may last 48 hours officially.

Prime Day Products

Although there are lots of heavily subsidized items to check out for on the Prime Day, it should be noted that two early deals are already available and these are the Prime Day Twitch deals, and Music Unlimited deals. Products are not just available for instant purchase; they are available at a rather cheaper cost which enables you to save as much as you want to. Among those super quality products are smartphones, TV sticks, 4000 px TV series, and headsets.

Live performance and entertainment

Finally, on this list, Music Unlimited deals are worth mentioning without leaving out Prime Day Twitch which offers the best social video platform; from here, the live performance and entertainment that comes with the event can be viewed. Also as a way of laying emphasis, these are services that are exclusively for Amazon members on the Prime membership full subscription.


Amazon Prime Day celebration is one of a kind. It is a great shopping festival that gives the Prime members who make the best use of Amazon the chance to also get the best out of it.

Further, the deals are captivating and there are lots of them; it is a once-a-year opportunity and you don’t need more than one at once. The products are nice and of great quality; lots of people across the globe are going to be part of it and you shouldn’t miss out.

So what? You cannot wait to be part of the next shopping frenzy! Getting your prime membership is the only card you need to play to begin. Also, you can join the millions out there who would be filling up their shopping cart and taking the strides to the next level of luxury, and that, with convenience, or rather with smiling wallets.

Prime Day FAQs

What date is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

The 2021 edition of the Amazon Prime Day was conducted on 21 and 22 June 2021.

As usual the worlds biggest shopping event will be for 48 hrs. The next Prime Day of 2022 will start in the mid of month June for Prime members in the U.S., the U.K., the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, Luxembourg, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, China, Brazil, Belgium, Austria, and Australia.

What are Amazon Prime Day Deals?

They are special offers that come with different products, usually in the form of discounts.

Is Amazon Prime day only for Prime members?

Yes! The Prime day is exclusively for Amazon Prime members, whether on trial or on the full subscription.

How do you prepare for Amazon Prime Day?

Make sure you have an active prime membership; make sure you get to know the deals well before time; get yourself ready against the day of the event for your discounted purchases. You may wish to set a reminder using Alexa.

Is prime day good?

It is very good as it helps you save cost by helping you buy at lower costs than you would ordinarily buy.

When did Amazon Prime Day start?

Amazon Prime Day started in 2015 and has since then maintained a steady increase in coverage and scope.

Do Amazon Prime members get free Netflix?

No! Netflix is much costlier and Prime membership only provides you an alternative to Netflix at a more subsidized cost.

How can I get Amazon Prime membership for free?

Not entirely, but partially. You could sign up for a 30-Day free Trial which gives you considerably expansive access to a variety of Amazon products. You would have to pay for a full subscription after the expiration of your Trial period.

Can you still try Amazon Prime for free? 

Yes. You can try Amazon Prime for free, and the process is even seamless if you have not signed up before. If you have however signed up before, you could only sign up using the Free Trial again after one year.

How much did Amazon Prime use to cost?

The Amazon annual Prime membership cost is $119, while it costs $12.99 per month.