Coronavirus Travel Advice: How To Stay Safe While Hiking

Coronavirus Travel Advice

It has been over six months since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in the U.S.  Consequently, Americans and folks worldwide are still reeling from the detrimental effects of the virus. No aspect of the American livelihood – social, economic, political, religious, and so on – has been spared given the scale of the crisis. …

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What To Wear Hiking In Spring

What To Wear Hiking In Spring

In contrast to other seasons, walking in spring offers an unforgettable outdoor experience. Also, walking in such a season leaves you with the sight of the blooming of wildflowers. Springs offer warm days and a crisp, cold morning during the hike. Many hikers consider this time the best time to hike. Let us discuss what …

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Hiking Checklist: Essentials For Your Happy Trails

Hiking Checklist

Heading towards a day trek is an amusing plan to take a look at nature, either accompanied by friends and family or alone. There are countless places to explore, whether you are willing to wander around the mountains or stay closer to your home. Numerous national parks bid broad networks for trails. In this article, …

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10 Best Small Dogs for Hiking and Camping

Best small dogs for hiking

There is an existing stereotype that somehow small dogs are not good for the outdoors. Such claims are wrong and misguided. Contrary to whatever you may have heard, small canines are actually wonderful trail buddies. We are going to highlights that in this article and discuss the best small dogs for hiking as well. In fact, …

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Health Benefits Of Hiking

Health Benefits Of Hiking American Heart Association

You probably haven’t heard of these health benefits of hiking as mentioned by American heart association. Nature can be seen as a natural amusement park for the right hiker. Nature has provided us with amazing trails, some a bit more difficult to hike, some less. Be as that may, hiking is something everybody should do …

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7 Psychological Benefits Of Hiking

psychological benefits of hiking

There is no true replacement for fresh, open air. Somehow the stagnant air of a gym can’t compare to the boundless oxygen bouncing around under the sun. There is something special about feeling the wind on your face. The gravel crunches beneath your feet and you can see for miles. Actually, there’s no other feeling like …

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7 Best Benefits of Solo Hiking and Safety Tips

Solo hiking

It is the road less-traveled. But, if the thought of carrying an oversized backpack hiking like an adventurous hobbit is alluring, you should go for it. You should, however, know that it will be tough. The jitters are normal. At some point, you will wish you never got started. However, at the end of every …

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Best Tips For Hiking With A Small Dog

hiking with a small dog

Hiking with your dog sounds more stressful than it actually is. Proper planning and gear are crucial for a successful hike. It’s also important to know the rules and regulations for hiking with a small dog. For example, pets, including service animals, aren’t allowed in any national parks. They’re also required to be kept on a …

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