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Philippines Plans on Reviving Its Tourism Sector By 2022

The Philippines is a popular tourist destination among nature-lovers worldwide. Tourists enjoy the sunny weather on splendid beaches of this archipelago, as well as the biodiversity in this country. Moreover, there are several museums, churches, huge groups of coral reefs in 400 islets, waterfalls, lakes, springs, and beautiful islands that tourists love to visit while touring the Philippines.

Philippines Plans on Reviving Its Tourism Sector

Covid-19 Affected The Tourism Sector

COVID-19 has not only claimed numerous lives all over the world but also damaged the economy in many countries. Tourism is one of the most affected sectors due to this pandemic situation. Like other countries, the tourism industry in the Philippines has also suffered a setback in the last 2 years. Flights to several countries are still closed and hotels were also mostly closed from 2020 because of the fear of Coronavirus infection.

Lockdown started everywhere towards the end of the first quarter of 2020, stopping the arrival of foreign tourists in the Philippines. All airports were closed from March 20 that year, resulting in a sharp reduction in revenue generation in the tourism industry. Due to the restrictions imposed on travel, all establishments associated with the tourism sector lost up to 50% of their revenues in 2020.

The Economy Is Dependent On Tourism

It is calculated that the total contribution of the tourism sector to the GDP of the Philippines was 5.4% in 2020 whereas it was much more in the years before. It was published by the Philippines Static Authority that the tourism investment in the total fixed assets of the country was 10.7% while the government spent 3.8% of the total expenditures of the year. The share of tourism to GDP was 12.7% in 2019. Thus, the economy of the Philippines is mostly dependent on the tourism sector and thus, it is struggling to recover in 2022.

How The Spread Of Covid-19 Was Avoided  

Vaccination is the foremost way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It reduces the risk of getting infected by Coronavirus and spreading it unconsciously to other healthy people. It is also found that the death rate due to this virus has decreased to some extent. Multiple vaccines are now available to stop the actions of this deadly virus. However, people still need to maintain precautions even after being vaccinated, like wearing a mask while stepping outside, using hand sanitizer frequently, and washing hands thoroughly with soap after returning home.

covid precautions

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Now The Tourism Sector Has Opened Slowly

When the world is now slowly returning to normalcy during this new normal period, the tourism industry of the Philippines is also making progress toward a fresh comeback. The Department of Tourism of the Filipino government works in cooperation with other government bodies to ensure all the safety measures and maintain health protocol while welcoming tourists to their country. However, all airlines are still not in operation at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. Only a limited number of foreigners are allowed to travel here in unavoidable circumstances. After arrival, they undergo thermal checking and a swab test to ensure that they are not infected by Coronavirus. 

How The Spread Of Covid-19 Was Avoided  

The tourism industry in the Philippines is adopting sustainable tourism development models for the revival of this sector. Economic, cultural, and environmental aspects are essential parts of these tourism development programs, to ensure longer sustainability.

  • Sustainable tourism in the Philippines offers high-quality services to all foreigners visiting this country. They are introduced to all sustainable practices adopted by this tourism industry.
  • It takes up practical economic development that will be beneficial to all associated with this sector, providing employment to many local people, opening earning scopes for the poor, and consequently helping in reducing the poverty of the country.
  •  The sustainable tourism plan makes sure to showcase the social and cultural traditions of the Philippines to foreign tourists, making them more interested in knowing the heritage of this country.
  •  The minimum uses of environmental resources are encouraged to save the natural biodiversity of this land.

The Tourism Industry Workers Are Vaccinated NowHow The Spread Of Covid-19 Was Avoided  

All front-line workers in the tourism industry of the Philippines are fully vaccinated now. All hotel employees working in Manila are vaccinated, to ensure the safety of travelers staying there. The vaccination rate is 100% among all working in the Filipino tourism sector, not only in Manila but also in all other islands of this archipelago nation. Due to the government’s goal of reaching 100% vaccination throughout the country, most local Filipinos are also fully vaccinated now.

WTTC Global Summit – In Manila Late March

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has confirmed that the 21st Global Summit will take place in Metro Manila on March 14 – 16, 2022. This major tourism event will boost the reviving tourism sector worldwide. All prime leaders of the tourism industry and government officials will participate in this summit and strive together to achieve a better and more flexible future for this industry.

In 2022 There Is Hope For An Upward Trend For The Industry

The tourism industry in the Philippines has high hopes for an upward trend in 2022, recovering the losses of the last 2 years. Since international flights are yet to start from all other countries, stakeholders of this industry are pinning hopes on domestic tourists. Many tourist destinations are now opening up this year, to restore the revenue generation as it was in 2019 before the pandemic. As many people are still working from home here, they need to relax from the work pressure by traveling to various tourist spots within this country. The gradual decrease in Coronavirus infection is also a vital reason for hoping for the revival of the Filipino tourism industry. 

The International Flights Also Need To be Pick Up For Traveling  

Philippines Airlines offers connecting flights to and from various international destinations that are originally listed by this airline. Various strict conditions are imposed on international routes, due to the existing pandemic situation in some countries. Other airlines also follow similar principles in operating their international flights to Manila from other countries. However, plenty of flights are available from Jeddah to Manila, which is offered by some reputed airlines. Passengers can book their air tickets online for this flight, following the rules imposed by the respective airlines.

The International Flights Also Need To Pick Up For Traveling

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Hopefully, all are expecting the end of this pandemic in 2022 when everyone can indulge in traveling abroad to the Philippines, to enjoy the natural scenery there. 

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