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The 8 Best Day Trips Places In Costa Rica

Tamarindo is a popular beach destination located at Santa Cruz Canton in Costa Rica. It is a town with beautiful white sand beaches with solid surf like Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta.

Tamarindo has mainly two specific breaks for surfers- Pico Pequeno, the rocky point at the right of Hotel Tamarindo Diriá, and El Estero, a river mouth break across from Cabin’s Tsunami. The locations for surfing on the beach are so appropriate that tourists can enjoy swimming only by following all the necessary guidelines.

Besides the first spot for surfing, Tamarindo is known for its world-class sport fishing. However, fishing on the beach is only permitted to tourists with a fishing license. In addition, other land activities like horse riding, bicycling, rafting, hiking, and ATV touring may attract the eyes of tourists to Tamarindo.

Further, tourists get opportunities to explore the splendid nightlife of the town in bars and discos and to check in on Special Places in Costa Rica.

Best Day Trips Places In Costa Rica

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1. Black Stallion Eco Park

Black Stallion Eco Park and Estates is a favored place by tourists situated in Black Stallion hills in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica. Black Stallion provides visitors with an incredible experience of the eco-park through fast zip line tours and horseback rides.

Black Stallion Hills is a huge property with mountain vistas, coastal views, rivers, rainforests, and endless roads for touring the wildlife of Costa Rica. Black Stallion Hills also has some amazing BBQ restaurants and bars which offer special ranch-style meals along with the staple cuisine of Costa Rica.

2. Hanging Out at Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is one of the most loved beaches in Costa Rica. It is a luxury destination in Guanacaste province, crowded with wealthy tourists. Playa Flamingo is a white beach because of its white sand and turquoise water. During the sunsets, the beach creates an irresistible view that every visitor craves to watch whenever they come to Tamarindo.

Other than just lying down near the beach’s shores, you can do a lot of outdoor activities such as ATV tours, scuba diving, fishing, and sunset sailing. Flamingo does not have a downtown purse, but small towns nearby have fancy hotels and restaurants.

3. Snorkeling at Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal is the most chosen beach by tourists for its exotic tropical views. The crystal-clear water and white shells of the beach make it a spectacular spot for snorkeling and other playful activities. There are several options for renting snorkel sets all along the coast, no matter if these snorkel sets are just little layers of big rocks.

If snorkeling and diving do not pull your interest, you can just walk on Playa Conchal’s shores full of beautiful sparkling white shells. These shells are most noticeable at the east end of the beach, and you would not stop wondering about the beauty it adds to the setting of Conchal.

4. Eating At Lola’s in Avellanas

If you plan to spend your weekends on the tropical beachside of Costa Rica along with some exotic food, then Playa Avellanas is the place you should look for. Playa Avellanas has a famous restaurant called Lola’s, located at the front of the beach. It should be the first thing on your bucket list when you come here.

Lola’s is loved by tourists for offering wonderful food services in the most beautiful surroundings. The best thing about Lola’s is its eco-friendly dining. Their fresh smoothies and margarita pizza are the top priorities of the guests.

Lola’s uses organic products (including organic meat), yet the meals are super delicious. Moreover, for the past few years, Lola’s has wholly turned down the use of single-use containers to encourage local communities for environmental projects.

5. Golf Excursions 

Besides surfing and sportfishing, Costa Rica is a hotspot for Golf tourism. The JW Marriott Costa Rica in Guanacaste has excellent gold courses in the perfect playgrounds. Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course will let you enjoy golf with your friends and family in the beautiful tropical landscape around the dense forest and beach shores.

The Hacienda Pinilla Golf course was discovered by a renowned architect, Mike Young. The golf course now offers game plays up to 7,200 yards to extend opportunities for the golfers.

6. Palo Verde National Park 

Palo Verde National Park

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The Palo Verde National Park is a wildlife sanctuary near the Tempisque River. The park ranges from 45,492 acres of land, including Mangroves, Lagoons, Limestone, Grassland, and forest. Palo Verde is primarily known for its dense forests and birdwatching. It is indeed home to many aquatic bird species and migrated birds.

During the rainy season, more than 200,000 birds migrate to this forest from America. But the best time for birdwatchers to see the beauty of flying birds is the summer season. Other than birds, you will also spot endangered species such as Howler Monkeys, White-throated Capuchin, Whitetail deer, and Variegated squirrels.

7. Rincon de la Vieja

If you are into hiking and trekking, you should visit Rincon de la Vieja. It is a 35,000-acre national park in the Guanacaste Conservation Area, close to a volcano eruption last year. Rincon de la Vieja also has rivers, and one of its areas is only dedicated to flora and fauna.

Summer is said to be the most suitable season for hiking on the slope of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano. The waterfall, called La Cangreja, in the middle of the area, brings out the beauty of the forest even in the volcanic environment.

8. Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste waterfall

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Celeste is a river near Tenorio Volcano National Park in the northern Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. This park is famous for the sky-blue Rio Celeste waterfall. The waterfall is perhaps 98 feet high, and standing near it will give you a wonderful experience.

Although swimming in this park is prohibited to protect nature, you can still do some adventurous activities such as hiking, hanging, or exploring wooden bridges. There are several spots like Los Bosbollones, El Tenidero, and Laguna Azul that you may find on the waterfall trials.

Costa Rica

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At the End

Tamarindo has some great places where you can spend your holiday vacation doing many things. Some small luxury hotels in Tamarindo include- Captain Snizo Beachfront, Boutique Hotel, the Coast Beachfront Hotel, Tamarindo Diriá, Wyndham Tamarindo, and Villa Amarilla Beachfront hotel.

Tamarindo is also a popular party hotspot for many tourists, giving you a wild experience with an enchanting sunset view. Apart from spending time on the beach, you can take day trips from Tamarindo to nearby places by ATV Tours, horse riding, or hiking. In addition, you can rent bicycles from bike rentals if you wish to tour by cycling.

Although Tamarindo is considered a safe place, it is crowded with thousands of tourists coming from different parts of the world every year. However, if you follow the advisory guidelines, nothing will restrict you from having fun beyond the limit.

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