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Summer Hiking Tips : A Guide To Hiking

If you couldn’t find some awesome summer hiking tips, you’re in the right place. Hiking in the summer can be as dangerous as it can be exciting. Although hiking in the hot weather is an amazing feeling, it may also be harmful to your health. Because of the climate changes, the sun rays are three times more powerful than before. Exposure to the sun while hiking can cause some serious damage.

That’s why you need to stay at the top of your hiking game to avoid any complication you might encounter while hiking in the summer heat. Here are some awesome hiking tips you might find useful and pass them along to your friends to stay safe.

Summer Hiking Tips


Always have the right gear and clothes for hiking

To make sure you have the proper attire, follow these summer hiking tips. It’s very important to have the right equipment and attire to help you get through the heat and fatigue. Here are some summer hiking clothing hacks:

  • Wear open vent shirts: Make sure you wear clothes with open vents that will make the air flow through your body to keep you cool.
  • Always wear a hat: Never go hiking during summer without a hat. It will protect the skin on your head and face. Also, I will keep your head cool. Go for a hat with a trim for more coverage.
  • Avoid wearing cotton socks: Cotton is great for locking the temperature in. Your feet will be soaking wet when you go hiking in the summer because of the heat. That’s why you need wool or synthetic socks.
  • Cover your body: It might sound strange but wearing more clothes during the hot weather while hiking is a great idea. That’s why Bedouins and people that live in the dessert are covered from head to toe with clothes. Clothes can protect us from harmful UV rays. This is very important for people with sensitive skin.
  • Go for UPF-rated clothing: Wearing clothes that will protect you from the dangerous sun rays can save your life in the long run. Look for clothes that are specially designed to deflate UPF rays.
  • Protect your neck: You should wear something around your neck like a light scarf or a bandana to keep your neck and the back of your neck covered and cool. There are special polymer-crystal neck scarves that are designed to keep the moisture in for longer periods of time.
  • Avoid wearing dark clothes: Wearing lighter colors will reflect the sun’s rays. Whereas, dark clothes absorb them.

Health Risks

There are some health risks involved in hiking in the summer. All of them could be avoided if you are more careful.


Sun rays are damaging to your skin. Even though you might hike in the forest, trees won’t protect you completely from the sun. Clothes are great for protection but always wear sunscreen. This is essential when it comes to hiking in the summer.


You have to have fuel to go hiking. That’s why your body needs water to sustain a normal temperature while it does the hard work. Water is extremely important for hiking in the summer.


There is a condition that is opposite of dehydration. This happens rarely but if you drink too much water you can get overhydrated. This condition is also called hyponatremia. Sodium levels in your bloodstream can get diluted and the cell function can become impaired. This condition might even lead to death.

Heat Exhaustion:

Your body goes through a lot of stress in the summer. This condition comes along with these symptoms heavy sweating, faintness, rapid pulse, dehydration, nausea, headache, fatigue, dizziness etc.

Heat Stroke:

This occurs when the temperature of your body skyrocket. This is a serious condition that can happen very fast and will require medical attention right away. If you are experiencing these symptoms or somebody else is please seek medical attention immediately.

  • Dizziness
  • A headache
  • Anxiety
  • Disorientation
  • Temperature over 103-degrees-Fahrenheit or even higher
  • Confusion
  • Things to consider while hiking 

  • It’s very important to know where and when to hike during the summer. It’s best to hike around noon to 4 pm. If the temperatures are very high on some days, it’s best to avoid hiking.
  • If you want to completely avoid the scorching heat, you can go hiking at night. Hiking in those amazing summer night can be enchanting and inspirational.
  • Look for a trail that is completely covered by the trees. It’s always best to hike in the shade rather than to be exposed to the sun.
  • If you can’t find a trail in the shade, opt for hiking near water. If you’re in an area with a lake or a river, try hiking near it. Temperatures near water are always better. Also, you can refresh yourself along the way.
  • Summer Hiking Essentials

    Here is a full list of essentials you always have to carry with you when you go hiking in the summer:

    • Water – Always carry a water bottle with you because you need to stay hydrated to withstand the heat.
    • Rucksack – There are special kinds of rucksacks designed for hiking. They contain pockets that will store everything that you need.
    • Boots – Make sure your feet are protected from venomous plants, insects or animals. Also, your boots need to secure airflow to your feet during the summertime.
    • Binoculars
    • Camera
    • Glasses – Your eyes also need protection. The sun’s powerful sunrays can damage your eyesight. Always protect your eyes.
    • Medicine – First Aid
    • GPS – Never go hiking without it. Forest can be confusing and when you know it, you find yourself lost in the forest labyrinth.
    • Flashlight – This is essential if you go hiking at night. Flashlights can be a useful tool to scare away nocturnal animals and help you find things in the dark.
    • Sitting pad
    • Swiss Knife – Carry a swiss knife and you will never be helpless again. This gadget is versatile and can be useful in many situations.
    • Insect Repellent – The summer brings a lot of sunshine but also a lot of insects with it. That’s why you need to carry an insect repellent with you.

    Pros Vs. Cons of hiking in the summer

    The best thing about hiking in the summer is that you can never be left hiking in a bad weather. Rain during the summer is a rare thing and can be predicted. In the autumn or winter, the weather can be rather unpredictable. Another good thing is that our moods are lifted when the sun is up. The sun will give you more energy to go further.

    On the other hand, hiking in the summer can be dangerous. The sun is as good as it is bad. Not everybody can stand the heat. Hiking in the scorching heat will make your body work twice as hard. In order to prepare yourself for hiking, you need to prepare your body and your mind for hiking.

    Final Verdict

    Hiking does wonders for your body. Not only does it’s purifying to the body, it’s also purifying to the soul and mind. The fresh air and forest are the greatest stress relievers there is. Be careful when you go hiking in the summertime and always be prepared. Hiking is one of the best exercises there are. You can go alone or you can make your hiking experience a group one by going hiking with your favorite people. You might even find some new friends along the way. Make sure you follow these hiking summer tips.

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