Best Camping Tents For Backpacking

10 Best Camping Tents Review

One of the best parts of any camping trip is that moment when you retire to your tent. This is where you can truly enjoy the silence and serenity of a night outdoors. The best camping tents give you a sense of comfort without making you feel claustrophobic or constricted. This is why it’s really …

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Gregory Baltoro 75 Review For Comfortable Hiking

Gregory Baltoro 75 Review – Buyer’s Guide

Gregory packs are known to produce world-class backpacks. The Gregory 75 hiking backpack is not exceptional. It lives up to the standards of a premium hiking pack with its top-notch quality, unmatched durability, and impeccable performance. All this is attributed to several key features. Besides an innovative design, Gregory Baltoro 75 boasts of exceptional comfort …

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How To Make Your Backpack Lighter For Hiking

how to pack your backpack lighter

Hiking offers one the opportunity to unwind and just take time sip in the beauty as well as tranquility that nature has to offer. Therefore, it would be unwise to burden yourself with back-breaking luggage while hitting the trail. Ardent adventurers are encouraged to exercise ultralight backpacking. It comes with numerous benefits. With a lighter …

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What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather

what to wear hiking in hot weather

Hiking during summer can be fascinating. Many tend to shun hiking activities during summer since they are scared of the heat. But this should not be the case. Extreme high temperature experienced during winter can be manageable while hiking. The secret is simple: the right choice of dressing plus proper hydration.This article will focus on …

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Best Camping Pillow For Backpacking

best camping pillow for backpacking

Pillows are very important materials that make sleeping enjoyable. No doubt, the best camping pillow for backpacking help support the head and neck while sleeping. Although some people don’t really like using pillows while sleeping because it gives them neck pains. Also, some have pillow specifications and preferences which they can’t do without. Some like …

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Campfire Building Techniques

campfire building techniques

Sitting around a campfire at night with friends during a camp is the most exciting part of camping. These moments are always filled with laughter from those funny stories, jokes and all sorts of crazy things. Nevertheless, the significance of a campfire does not just end there. Apart from warming your bodies during these pleasurable …

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How To Prevent Blisters On Heels From Boots

how to prevent blisters on heels from boots

The sun is out, the birds are singing, it’s looking like another picture perfect day straight out of a fairy tale. You shoulder your gear and continue your hike up the trail soaking in the sights, sounds and smells of nature all around you, but there’s one pesky problem nagging at the back of your …

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