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Best Camping Hammock 2020 – Buying Guide

Huh! It is vacation time and as obvious vacation is all about hammock camping. You, therefore, need to arm yourself with the best camping hammock.

What Is the Best Camping Hammock?

By definition, the camping hammock is a piece of material made of fabric, netting or rope and it is suspended between two firm points. It is also a versatile and a great alternative to traditional tent camping.

Unlike the backpacking camping tents, these are lightweight, easy to pack, and cozier for sleeping. One of the coolest features about a hammock is that it saves you from the natural hazards of sleeping on the ground.

Top Camping Hammocks: Bestseller List

Best Camping Hammock

Best Camping Hammock

Why Go For A Hammock During Hiking/Camping?

These hammocks are increasingly gaining popularity in modern sleep science. A hammock comes as an alternative way to camping by replacing the need for a camping tent.

The modern-day hammock has undergone through numerous advancements in design and materials making it more suited for sleeping. These advancements bring a range of distinct benefits which are perhaps the reason for the rising popularity. The following are the advantages of a hammock:

It offers more comfort

This will revolutionize your sleeping experience helping you to sleep luxuriously during your trips. Being able to live off the ground, means it saves you the hassle of sleeping on rocks, mud, sloppy or uneven ground.

It helps you wakes up in the morning feeling well-refreshed and rejuvenated. However, learning to sleep comfortably in a hammock takes some time but once you get the hang of it, you will crave for more sleeping hours.

It is more versatile

Actually, this gear provides more freedom of location when it comes to where you can sleep. With a hammock, you can camp anywhere even between rocks, trees, over a stream, next to a waterfall or on a hill provided you the trees are strong enough or you carry the stand with you.

This is advantageous where the ground is slightly inclined so unlike tents you don’t have to compete for flat spots. What makes a hammock standout is that it does double duty in your trips.

In addition to a bed for sleeping, it also serves as a chair and lounger so you can take a nap, read or relax comfortably in your hammock. Besides, you can use the hammock for relaxing in the backyard.

Easy to set up

Although the ease of set up depends on the type of hammock. The majority of modern-day hammocks are super speedy to assemble. What is more about it is that you can set it up on your own even as a beginner? That means you will be relaxing while others are struggling to make sure their tents are stable and won’t fly at night.

Lightweight and space saving

These hammocks tend to weigh less than 3 lbs. in addition to this, they are comfortable and this eliminates the need for a sleeping pad. The coolest thing about hammocks are that you can break them down into individual components and only take the parts you need. When it comes to storage many hammocks packs down to the size of a softball.

More openness

In general, these are designed in a way that will give you more experience of the nature around you. Unlike a tent that feels more like indoors, the hammock is a true definition of outdoors.

So you can easily experience the world around you comfortably without interference by harmful elements. A hammock is a way to go when you want to rock to the gentle breezes and fall asleep staring at the stars.


Always, these are not just comfy and easy to set up but it is also customizable. As a matter of fact, you are spoilt for choice of material and constructions to go with. Value has not been left behind because hammocks offer sturdy construction and the materials are as rugged as high-end tents out there.

In addition to this, there are many add-ons to help you customize your sleeping experience. For instance, you can slide a cooling pad between the layers of a double layered hammock.

Again, being able to use bug nets and quilters you can keep out the unwelcome visitors and this permits you to sleep comfortably and sleep all through the night.

Sleep cooler

Sleeping off ground ensures proper airflow underneath you this ensures that you sleep cooler than you can in the tent.

They are cheaper

Compared to camping tents, a hammock is way cheaper than a tent. 

Things To Consider While Buying Hammocks

When thinking of a hammock, there are several things that you must pay attention to in order to choose a great hammock. With the myriad options available on the market, it is not easy to find a reliable hammock. To help you purchase a good hammock for camping always keep these points in mind:

Height and size

Your height plays a significant role in choosing a hammock. If you are tall, you need to find a longer hammock so that you can achieve a flatter lay. But if you are average a shorter hammock is just fine.

Consequently, your body size goes hand in hand with the height, if you are plus sized then you need to choose a double hammock that will bear the weight. In other words, the key specifications are your dimensions then your body weight comes second. Generally, the wider and longer the hammock the more comfortable it is.


This is perhaps the most important consideration simply because if you can’t sleep well in it, then it’s not worth your money. Make sure you are getting a comfortable hammock.

While comfort is more of a personal preference a larger hammock is better as it tends to be spacious enough. Also, ensures the fabrics from which it is made from are comfortable to the touch.


The capacity of the hammock must cross your mind whether you are planning to use it solo or with your partner. Make sure the hammock is spacious and comfortable enough so that you can manoeuvre easily.

Always check the maximum weight limit of the hammock because overloading could damage it. On top of this, it exposes you to higher risks of falling out.


The weather of your camping destination will greatly influence the choice of a camping hammock. On top of this, climatic conditions of the camping destination will also affect the type of add-on gears you need to carry along.

If you are planning to camp somewhere with extreme weather, you need a hammock that won’t leave you more exposed to the elements. Again it should be well insulated to keep you warm but if you intend to camp somewhere with warmer climates a rope hammock is a good take.


A good hammock should be able to serve more than one purpose. This means that a comfortable camping hammock should also be great for reading or lounging. However, keep in mind that the reverse is not always true, so a backpacking hammock may not be the best for serious camping.


The number of years your hammock will serve you plays a significant role. Make sure that your hammock is going to withstand the elements of wear and tear. As mentioned, you also need to check out the fabrics from which your hammock is made from to ensure they are sturdy. Nylon is more durable and will give you many years of great camping.

Essential Design Features:


The quality of materials and construction are the essential things of a camping hammock because this is where your safety lies.

If you don’t pay attention to these factors you could easily get dropped on your ass and harm your back. Nylon and cotton are the common fabrics for hammocks, however, nylon is most preferred due to its solid combination of strength and lightweight.

Make sure you are buying from trusted manufacturers and that the hammock is built to last by checking on its warranty period.

Hammock weight

Because of the different hiking locations, you are going to camp, you need to get a hammock that is lightweight and transportable.

Ropes and carabiners may weigh more than the hammock itself so it is important to factor them when determining the overall weight.

Ease of set up

You don’t want something that you will fumble around with and struggle to set up after a tiring day of hiking.

For this reason, you should find something that is easy to put together, well-constructed, longer cords and any other add-on that will give you more options on where to put up the hammock as well as an easy time to put it together.

Introduction To Different Types Of Hammocks

There are three common types: 

The parachute hammock

This is by far the most common type of camping hammock. It derives its name from the parachute nylon it is made from.

One thing that perhaps makes them so popular is their durability and comfortability. The parachute types come in two styles; single and double for two people.

Expedition hammock

These hammocks are a little more on the expensive side. The coolest feature of this hammock is the rainfly it comes with for protection against weather elements.  Being made of the best material makes them a durable option.

Ultra-light hammock

Its name spells out everything you may want to know about it. Being the thinnest option doesn’t mean it is weak, it still offers sufficient strength. The only weakness is that to be ultra-light, you have to give up some comfort and durability. 

Different Components:

The basic components of a hammock are two; the hammock and the suspension system.

The hammock

It is a piece of material that is tied at both ends and hung using a suspension system. The fabrics from which it is made from can vary depending on personal preference for the feel and weight capacity.

When choosing a hammock your main concerns should be weight, capacity and the fabrics (double or single layer).

It is important to note that a single layer is a lightweight and less firm while a double layer offers higher weight capacity, firmer support and ability to slide an insulation pad in between the layers.

Hammock suspension system

This includes all the parts used to hang a hammock. These include; ropes, straps, lashings, rings, buckles, knots, toggles, carabiners and any other part that can be used to hang the hammock.


  • The first and quick setup even if you are a beginner
  • Deeper and more restful sleep particularly in sloping and wet grounds
  • Lightweight thus highly portable
  • It leaves No Trace shelter
  • Sleep cool
  • Help in back pain relief
  • Very versatile and can be used as a chair
  • Some come with small pockets for holding your small stuff
  • The mosquito net and rain fly creates harmony with nature
  • Pack small and saves space 
  • Cons

  • It swings around
  • May require replacement quite often
  • No room for gear
  • Little/no privacy
  • Trees are not always there 
  • Final Verdict

    It is undoubtedly true that a camping hammock is a great way to shed off some weights from your backpack and free up some space for other useful personal items.

    On top of this, a camping hammock will help you sleep comfortably and deeper through the night. Summer camping just got jovial!

    Keep in touch we’ll present you with our top picks in the market soon. Review this guide and use it to find a working hammock for you. Happy camping!

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