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7 Best Sun Hats for Hiking

Hiking is one of the most fun activities you can engage in from time to time. You are outside in the fresh air experiencing new places, getting some good exercise, and clearing your mind. The best time to hike is when the weather is nice and the sun is out. Problem is, when the sun is too hot, it can be uncomfortable. No one wants to suffer from sunburns either. The following tips will help you narrow down the search for the best sun hats for hiking.

This is where a sun hat comes in handy for hiking out when the sun shines bright. You have to protect your face, hair, and scalp from the effects of harmful UV rays. Remember to wear some sun cream and even apply some hair products with UV protection. With that wear a hat especially when it’s a long hike when the sun is high in the sky.

Best Sun Hats for Hiking: Quick Picks for You to Consider

premium pick
top pick
top pick
Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat, Eucalyptus, S/M
Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero, Khaki/Java, Medium
Tilley Unisex LTM6 Airflo Hat (Cloud Blue, 6 7/8)

Sunday Afternoons

Adventure Hat

Outdoor Research

Seattle Sun Sombrero


LTM6 Broad Brim Hat

premium pick
Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat, Eucalyptus, S/M

Sunday Afternoons

Adventure Hat

top pick
Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero, Khaki/Java, Medium

Outdoor Research

Seattle Sun Sombrero

top pick
Tilley Unisex LTM6 Airflo Hat (Cloud Blue, 6 7/8)


LTM6 Broad Brim Hat

best sun hats for hiking

Image Source: Pexels

1. Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

“Your Best Companion for Any Hiking Adventure!”

Premium Pick

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

Main Features

  • Adjustable drawstring to adjust the fit and wide brim
  • Lightweight with UV protection with UPF
  • More color variety with different sizes
  • Easy to wash and water repellent design.

When it comes to choosing the best sun hat for hiking, nothing but the best will do. The Sunday Afternoons Adventure hat wins as one of the best there is in the market today.

Attractive Colors

To start you need not worry about one khaki color for the hat. It comes in a variety of different colors. You can choose any that suits your need. You can go as far as matching the hat with your hiking attire.

Best Design

What you get when you purchase the hat is the best design for full face, head, and neck coverage. It has a wide brim that slopes downward measuring 4”. The sides of the hat measure 3.75” covering your face completely from the hot sun rays.

Neck Flap

The hat is in the category of the premium choice because it has a neck flap. When hiking, you must cover up well but remain comfortable. The neck flap attached to this sun hat serves a great purpose. No more sunburns when you step out for a new adventure on your neck.

UV Protection

The hat is certified as UPF 50+ and protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The UPF rating is one of the most important characteristics of this hat.

Get this hat if total coverage and not the style is your goal. Your face, head, and neck are completely covered. You get UV protection while enjoying a hat with a breathable mesh. Buy a size higher to get the right one. All in all the hat is awesome to add to your hiking collection.


  • Quality material
  • Total coverage
  • Neck protection


  • Not as stylish as other hats

2. Outdoor Research Seattle Sun Sombrero

“​Your search for a light hiking hat ends here!”

Top Choice

Outdoor Research Seattle Sun Sombrero

Main Features

  • Hat fits comfortably with UPF 50+ rating
  • More color options to choose
  • Drawstring closure to adjust
  • Wide brim for better coverage.

Enjoy good coverage when you step out for a hike from the harmful sun rays with this Outdoor Research Sun Sombrero.

Nylon Material

This particular hat is made using 100% Nylon material. It’s a comfortable hat that fits well and doesn’t cause you any problems as you hike.

Variety of Colors

There are plenty of colors to choose from. Gone are the days when a white/black hat was the only option. Pick the best color for you and head out. You can even opt to purchase a variety to interchange every time you head out.

Velcro Adjustable Closure

The Velcro adjustable closure is the best thing ever made. No need to worry about your hat flying off your head in case of sudden wind. Secure the hat by adjusting the closure.

Elegant Design

The hat has an equal brim that goes round covering your head and face completely. The hat is 14” wide and 1” tall.

UV Protection

The purpose of the hat is to protect you from the sun. With this one, you get a UPF rating of 50+ ranking it among the best in the market.

This is classified as one of the best hiking hats on the market which is true. It has all the traits of a good hat with various colors to choose from. Still, the manufacturer should make it a little stiff for windy conditions.


  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • 100% nylon material


  • Not ideal for extremely hot weather

3. Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat

“​​Enjoy the secret pocket for storing your valuables!”

Best Value

Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat

Main Features

  • Secret pocket to place valuables
  • Made using supreme material
  • Lightweight and water repellent
  • Certified UPF protection.

Hiking requires the best hats and this one from Tilley Hats ranks among the best. Tilley Endurables Hats is a top brand from Canada. It’s unisex so you can buy one no matter your gender.

Secret Pocket

This particular hat is made using 100% Nylon material. It’s a comfortable hat that fits well and doesn’t cause you any problems as you hike.

Awesome Ventilation

The hat’s design permits ample airflow together with the mesh. Bot work to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the hike, especially on extremely hot days.

Water Repellent

The hat’s brim comes with a unique design that directs the water down. This comes in handy in poor weather conditions. It’s best to have one when you get caught by a sudden storm


The manufacturer uses 100% Supplex Nylon to make this sun hat. It’s light and comfortable to have on for a long hiking day. It blocks harmful radiation of UVA/UVB.

Adjustable Cord

You have the option of using the cord that comes with this hat, especially in windy conditions. Still, you can opt to tuck it away and wear the hat without the string dangling beneath your chin.

The hat comes with great features hence its high ranking among the best hats in the industry. It could use a neck flap but it’s wide enough for ample protection. It’s light and comfortable to have on a long hike.


  • Wear without cord
  • Breathable sun hat
  • Has a sweatband


  • Lacks a neck flap

4. Columbia Booney Hats

“​​​A fishing hat protects you from harmful Sun Rays!”

Reliable Pick

Columbia Booney Hats

Main Features

  • Lightweight and easy to hand wash
  • Ample ventilation with mesh
  • Has both drawcord and toggle
  • Good wicking technology keeps you dry.

Ever stepped out for a hike without a hat on? Bet you never will again. Protect yourself from the harmful hot sun that can cause sunburns and be too bright.

Wicking Technology

Being that this is a fishing hat that you use as a sun hat, it has the best wicking technology on the market. No more sweat dripping around causing discomfort.

UPF Protection

The hat has the standard UPF 50+ rating that is necessary for every sun hat to have. This protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun as you hike.


The hat has a cooling system that includes a vent that induces a breeze due to the mesh layer on the sides of the hat. This keeps you nice and cool from start to finish.

Draw Cord and Toggle

The hat not only comes with a drawcord but a toggle as well. You can use both to adjust the fit and make the hat more comfortable for a long hike.

Easy Maintenance

The best way to wash this hat is by using your hands.

The hat is made using good quality material making it last longer. You can choose any color you please from those available. It’s light and comfortable even though the brim could be stiffer.


  • Offers UPF protection
  • Color options
  • Easy to fold and pack


  • Expensive in comparison to other sunhats
  • Brim could be stiffer

5. Muryobao Women’s Wide Brim Sun Hat

“​​The best Women’s Wide Brim Sun Hat, Suitable for Hiking!”

Reliable Pick

Muryobao Womens Wide Brim Sun Hat

Main Features

  • Made with long-lasting material
  • Unique design with ribbon
  • Lightweight with popping colors
  • Comfortable fit with UPF protection.

The best time to hike is when the sun is out. That being said, it’s better to invest in this quality hat with a wide brim for ample protection.

Wide Brim

Ladies are not left out for this is one of the best hiking hats with a wide brim for maximum protection. The hat has a circumference of 22.5” and the brim measures 4.5”.

Quality Material

Light paper straws are what make this sun hat. They are of good quality and long-lasting.

UPF Protection

The hat’s UPF protection rate is set at 30+ which is not as impressive as the hats that offer 50+.

Cool Design and Colors

The hat has a unique and cool design with a ribbon that makes it even more impressive and attractive. To top that off, it’s available in various popping colors.


The hat is lightweight making it comfortable to wear on a long hike without adding more weight to you. It’s breathable meaning you remain cool throughout the adventure.

This is a unique and lightweight hat that comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. No need to settle for only one. You can opt to buy many and interchange every time you hike.



  • Low UPF rating of 30+
  • lacks a drawstring

6. Comhats UV Protection Sun Hats

“​​The Best UV Protection Sun Hats Suitable for Hiking!”

Reliable Pick

Main Features

  • Foldable and packable taking little space
  • Lightweight with a closure system
  • Long-lasting material and easy wash
  • Breathable for better ventilation

Prolonged exposure to the sun is not the best idea. Harmful UV rays can cause a lot of damage. Get a hat that offers UPF protection among other benefits.

Chin Strap

For one, the chin strap is a good feature to have in a sun hat for hiking. This hat comes with an adjustable chin strap to help you secure it.

Quality Material

It’s made using quality material that’s easy to clean and long-lasting. No constant purchases to replace easily worn-out hats.

Foldable and Packable

The hat does not take up much room. Simply fold it and pack it with the rest of your hiking gear.


Enjoy great comfort for the material is lightweight and comfortable to have on for a long hike.


You remain nice and cool throughout the hike thanks to the hat’s breathability.

The hat is comfortable to wear for long hikes. It’s breathable leaving you cool for the whole trip. The chin strap needs to be removable.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Color options to choose from
  • Stylish look


  • Non-removable chin strap
  • Tends to be small

7. Lanzom Women Wide Brim Panama Hat

“​​Beautiful hat for any lady who is a hiking enthusiast!”

Reliable Pick

Wide Brim Panama Hat

Main Features

  • Lightweight and cool design
  • Detachable chin strap
  • Breathable keeping you cool
  • UPF protection from harmful UV rays

Straw hats are so cool and a common feature when the sun is out. The Lanzom women’s straw hat is one to consider when seeking the best sun hat to buy.

Wide Brim

The wide brim of the hat offers ample protection from the hot direct sun you must endure on a long hike.

Detachable Chin Strap

On a windy day, attach the chin strap and secure it such that the hat doesn’t blow away. On a calm day detach the strap for more comfort.

Straw Material

The straw material is comfortable and light. It makes the hat one of the best to buy for hiking.


The hat is made using straws and is completely breathable. This leaves you nice and cool throughout the hike.

The beautiful design of the sun hat is completely feminine suiting any lady who is a hiking enthusiast. The straw material is light and comfortable. You can wear it from start to finish without any discomfort at all. It’s not the best in terms of UPF rating but still serves the purpose of shielding you from the hot sun.


  • Affordable
  • Good quality material
  • Comfortable fit


  • Low UPF rating
  • Need to purchase a bigger size

How do You Choose a Sun Hat for Hiking?

It’s best to choose a sun hat that suits your needs and expectations to have the best hiking experience. If you get the wrong one, you won’t be comfortable wearing it.  The following tips will help you narrow down the search for the best sun hat for hiking.

1. Manufacturing Company

There are companies that specialize solely in all things hiking. They know what each hiker requires while outdoors and produce them. While choosing a sun hat for hiking, do a brief research on the best company. There are several of them and you can peruse their catalogs to see the best recommendations. To take your research further, send them an email and inquire which is the best to purchase and lasts longer.

2. Customer Reviews

As you check for the sun hats online, you notice that sites like Amazon have customer review sections. Here each buyer leaves an honest opinion of their experience with a certain hat that they have.

Read through these comments and see the ones with the best reviews. Instead of sifting through hundreds of options, read the comments, and see the ones that have good reviews. From these choices, you can select the one you want to purchase. Even the manufacturer’s websites permit client feedback.

Things to Consider while Choosing Your Best Sun Hats

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while searching for the sun hat to buy.

1. The Material

Hiking entails a lot of sweating. You have to buy a sun hat that is made from a material that can soak up the moisture. Some have an inner lining on the forehead area for this purpose. The material needs to also offer protection from the sun’s UV rays. This is an important trait that you have to research before buying one.

Additionally, ensure the material is comfortable and not itchy or distracting in any way. You must keep your focus as you hike. Buy a hat that is tightly woven for ample protection. Stay away from any hat that you can see through.

2. The Size and Fit

Sun hats come in many sizes and fits. Consider who the hat is for. If it’s for a child, check if the manufacturer has hats for children and a size chart. From the chart, you can select the correct size to purchase that fits comfortably. While checking the size, consider the volume of your hair as well. There are some special hats that suit people with large volumes of hair and fit well. Remember you want to be comfortable and relaxed throughout the hike.

3. The Width of the Brim

Sun protection remains the main aim of wearing a sun hat while hiking. A sun hat has a wide brim to protect your face from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Get a hat that has at least a 4″ wide brim that is opaque and tightly woven. This way the hat shields your face completely but it’s not too wide to distract your view. You have to be keen throughout the hike and the hat must not shield your view.

4. UV Protection

Hiking outside in the sun for long hours exposes you to harmful UV rays. Even though a hike is an enjoyable experience, you have to take measures to protect your skin. Check the rating of UPF on the sun hat that you are considering buying. A good sun hat for hiking has a UPF rating on it. If it doesn’t have, then it is not a hiking hat. A good hat offers maximum protection of up to 98%. It has writing that says it has UPF 50.

5. Material Breathability

Sun hats have a mesh inner lining to allow breathability. Even though the hat must be tightly woven, it should have good airflow. A mesh inner lining serves this purpose and keeps your head cool as you hike. This way you have the sun hat on throughout the hike without needing to take it off when it gets too hot. Excessive heat on your head can be distracting and uncomfortable, to say the least.

6. Additional Features

One additional feature to consider when choosing a sun hat for hiking is an adjustable chin strap. It can get windy outside as you hike and you don’t want your hat blowing off. Get a hat with this chin strap and ensure it has good reviews on its workability.

best sun hats

Image Source:  Pexels

Different Types of Sun Hats

There are various hats you can opt to wear while hiking. Pick the one that best suits your needs from this guide.

1. Fishing Hat

Most hikers are avid fans of fishing hats due to their features. They are comfortable to wear while hiking and have a wide circular brim for ample protection from UV. These hats have a UV rating of UPF 50 and are made using comfortable materials like nylon. Each hat has a sweatband helping you remain dry and an inner mesh lining to keep your head cool.  Fishing hats have a drawstring to ensure the hat remains on your head even under windy conditions.

Examples of fishing hats for hiking are:

  • Bora Bora Booney 2
  • Lenikis Unisex Outdoors Activities Hat
  • ICOLOR Sun Cap Fishing Hat
  • SUN CUBE Fishing Hat with Neck Flap
  • Top Level Fishing Sun Cap

2. Bucket Hat

You can easily identify a bucket hat by the design of its brim. The brim slopes downwards are not hard and are wide enough for ample face coverage. Most of these hats are made using quality cotton material but there are those made using denim. It is comfortable to wear for long periods. The hat has two metal eyelets at the crown offering ample ventilation as you hike in hot weather. The hat has an adjustable closure strap to ensure it’s secure on your head as you hike for long hours. The hats have a good UPF rating to shield you from UV rays from the sun.

Examples of Bucket Hats for Hiking:

  • Quicksilver Men’s Bushmaster Bucket Hat
  • Evoshield Bucket Hat
  • Nike UV Bucket Cap
  • Simplicity Baby Wide Brim Bucket Sun Hat
  • Under Armour AV Warrior Bucket Hat

3. Straw Sun Hats

These sun hats are woven using quality straw that completely blocks your head from the sun as you hike. They have a good under ream lining that makes the hat comfortable to wear for long despite being made of straw. The built is sturdy and long-lasting giving you ample service for a long without needing a replacement. The brim is wide to cover your face but not shield your eyesight as you hike. It has a drawstring closure system to secure it comfortably on your head.

Examples of Straw sun hats for hiking:

  • Roxy Women’s Tom Boy Straw Hat
  • O’Neill Men’s Print Straw Hat
  • Quicksilver Men’s Straw Hat
  • Quick and Tackle American Straw Hat

4. Packable Sun Hat

This type of sun hat is made using a combination of materials for example paper, polyester, and polyethylene. It has a tight weave construction on the outer layer that prevents harmful rays from the sun to penetrate through. The yarns that weave this hat can absorb these rays. It has an inner layer that has a UPF rating of 50 offering additional protection. It’s best to use it when you are outside for long hours.

Examples of Packable sun hats are:

  • Columbia Women’s Packable Hat 2
  • FURTALK Women’s Sun Hat
  • Sun Visor Hats for Women

Final Verdict

It’s best to not leave the house without a good sun hat on. The sun can get brutal when hiking and you need all the protection you can get. Invest in a quality hat that has a good UPF rating for the best protection against harmful UV rays. There are different types of hats to choose from with varying features and prices. Keep in mind the type of material you want for maximum sweat absorption.

A good hat has a breathable mesh to keep your head cool throughout. An adjustable drawstring ensures the hat remains on your head at all times but is comfortable as well. Get a wide brim to cover your face but can also permit you to have a clear line of sight.

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