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How to Insulate A Tent for Winter Camping

Winter camping is as fascinating as camping under any other weather conditions. However, adequate insulation is imperative for outdoor lovers to avoid health hazards like pneumonia and hypothermia. To this end, staying warm for winter camping depends on more than your four–season tent. As a result, there are different ways to keep a tent warm in unforgiving temperatures. This article covers how to insulate a tent for winter camping and highlights some FAQs on the same.

how to insulate a tent for winter camping

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How do you insulate a camping tent?

A quick view action list for winter camping:
1. Pitch your camping tent in a good spot
2. Find a natural windbreak
3. Incorporate a ground tarp
4. Do not forget a rain fly tarp
5. Bring in-floor blankets
6. Set up your air mattress or sleeping pad
7. Have all wet gear outside the tent
8. Prepare a tent heater
9. Build a campfire

i. Pitch your tent on a good spot

Location is key for numerous aspects of life. Camping is not exceptional. The best spot for a tent ought to shelter it from direct winds. In this case, the tent will stand a better chance of retaining its efficiency with regard to insulation. Equally important, do not set the tent in low areas particularly when it is snowing.

ii. Find a natural windbreak

In the event that a camping area is not sheltered from the wind, find a natural windbreak. A rock shelter is excellent. Identically, gather a thick clump of trees around the tent.

iii. Incorporate a ground tarp

A ground tarp plays a crucial role in keeping the tent warm. By the same token, it is waterproof. This is fundamental in barring any moisture from sipping through the tent.

iv. Do not forget a rain fly tarp

Every tent needs a rain fly tarp to maintain its warmth. Opt for rain fly tarps featuring a polyurethane coating. Such tarps are waterproof. It boosts insulation.

v. Bring in-floor blankets

Another way to insulate a camping tent is to lay down floor blankets. The camping ground emits more cold than any other part of a tent. For this reason, spread wool blankets on the floor once the ground tarp is in place. Apart from insulating the floor, the blankets will keep off any water.

vi. Set up your air mattress or sleeping pad

A good sleeping pad or air mattress should provide insulation against the cold ground. In like manner, sleeping pads and air mattresses offer top-class comfort. They also pack small.

vii. Have all wet gear outside the tent

Wet clothing and other dump gear are likely to compromise the warmth of your tent. With that in mind, keep all wet stuff on the outside. Everything has to be perfect for exceptional insulation.

viii. Prepare a tent heater

There are several safe ways to heat up your camping tent. Most people prefer battery-powered heaters owing to their convenience. Nonetheless, making use of other ingenious ways like heating stones or water bottles.

ix. Build a campfire

It is unwise to get into your tent when your body is cold. That is why you need fire to warm up. Therefore, set up a campfire in a spot that will leave your tent out of harm’s way. Remember to keep it small so that it can burn for long.

What is the best way to warm up camping tents?

It gets extremely cold at night when camping in the jungle. This even gets worse during winter. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your tent warm even in freezing conditions:

1. Electric blanket
2. ​Pitch the tent over a campfire
​3. ​Insulate the tent properly
​4. ​Hot water bottles
5. ​Heated stones

a) Electric blanket

Electric blankets are quite safe unlike what folks would lead you to believe. Most people fear the risk of overheating. On the contrary, electric blankets come with an automatic switch-off mechanism to tackle this problem. The main drawback associated with this option is that you must have access to a power source.

b) Pitch the tent over a campfire

You are probably wondering how this is possible. For the record, do not erect the tent on live burning fire but rather after, it dies out. The best way to do it is to dig a trench proportional to your tent dimensions. Moving on, burn lots of wood to produce a huge volume of coals. Upon the completion of your campfire fun, fill up the trench then raise a camp over it. Underground coals will end up heating your tent.

c) Insulate the tent properly

The reason for doing this is to trap warm air within the tent. Indeed, this option compliments any other tactic of this list. Apart from that, it banks a lot on your body temperature.

d) Hot water bottles

All you need is a boiling pan and a couple of bottles. The most suitable bottles are made of metal or hard plastic to accommodate hot water. After that, spread the bottles in the tent and enjoy the heat. Pull the bottles closer in case tent temperatures go down. Nonetheless, hot water can sustain warmth in the tent for over six hours.

e) Heated stones

Just like water bottles, heating big stones will keep your tent warm. In fact, stones will heat up the tent much faster than water bottles. Nail it by simply placing large stones close to a big fire. Moving on, you can find stones by a river or stream. Wrap them in cloth once they heat up for about half an hour. The clothes provide insulation as the stones lose heat fast. Still, it keeps them from melting your tent. Afterward, spread them in the tent away from your reach.


Pitching a tent accordingly does more than just provide insulation. In addition, it keeps hikers from wild animals, bugs, and ticks. Ticks are a big menace in the jungle. A great tent will put this problem to bed.


1. What is needed for winter camping?

First, you will need a navigation tool such as a compass, map, or hiking GPS. Likewise, you must pack sun protection including sunglasses or sunscreen. On top of that, bring along illumination, first aid supplies, fire lighting equipment, repair tools, water, and food. Most importantly, you need a tent for shelter. Do not forget to pack extra clothing, gloves, and proper hiking boots for optimal insulation.

2. How can I keep my tent warm without electricity?

To begin with, use a portable gas heater. Another solution for the same is to utilize hot water bottles. Again, try heating stones. Apart from that, invest in a decent sleeping bag. Also, remember to dress accordingly for the occasion. Finally, ensure you have a quality tent. Pitch it in a good spot and insulate it well.

3. How do you stay warm when camping in a tent?

Primarily, layer up in time before your body temperature plummets. On the same note, avoid slipping into your sleeping bag while still cold. Similarly, get proper down insulation, great thermals, sleeping bag liners, and disposable heat packs. It is also wise to insulate your tent sufficiently with the help of some rugs or tent carpet. Lastly, pack some hot water bottles.

4. How cold is too cold to camp in a tent?

Hiking and camping do not depend on prevailing weather conditions but rather on the quality of your gear. Nevertheless, nighttime brings a major challenge with temperatures falling below 10 degrees Celsius. Despite that, you can camp at any temperature – with the exception of children – as long as you cover up well.

5. Are electric heaters safe in tents?

Electric heaters are safe to use in tents. Unlike their gas counterparts which pose a carbon monoxide risk, electric heaters are totally safe to use in confined spaces. As a matter of fact, they will heat a tent quicker than any other model. Additionally, they curb condensation build-up as they emit warm air into the tent. Yet, you need access to electric hook-ups to power them up.

6. Can you use a heater in a tent?

You can definitely use a heater in your tent. There are different ways to warm up a tent, heaters being among the most efficient options. Actually, heaters come in different models depending on the fuel used. Electric heaters are the safest as compared to gas-powered heaters that produce toxic carbon monoxide.

7. Can you survive winter in a tent?

Surely, you can survive winter in a tent as long as you are equipped with the right gear. Your first line of defense is your clothing. Get winter-oriented boots and gloves too. It is advisable to dress in layers for proper insulation. Besides, you need to invest in a great canvas tent. To top it off, you must find a way to heat up the tent.

8. How do you heat a tent?

Your very first option is to use hot water bottles. Metal or hard plastic bottles are ideal for the task. Next, go for the good old heated stones. If that is not possible, simply insulate your tent sufficiently to prevent heat loss. In the same way, pitch your tent over a campfire. Electric blankets, electric heaters, underfloor heating carpets, and portable electric radiators are great options as well.

9. How do I keep my feet warm in winter camping?

Get synthetic socks liners to keep your skin dry. Thereafter, put on a quality pair of synthetic or merino wool socks to enhance insulation. Eventually, bring in a pair of insulated and water-resistant hiking boots.

10. What’s best to sleep on when camping?

Sleeping pads should be your go-to option for camping. Not only are they comfy and ultra-light, but they are also suitable for outdoor conditions.  They come in three types; closed-cell, air cell, and self-inflating foams.

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  1. My son, who did boy scout winter camping as a kid, asked recently if I wanted to go with him to winter camp some day. I’m not really into cold weather, especially in a tent. Yet I’ve really enjoyed hiking and backpacking in all the other seasons so winter may bring another kind of delight and challenge. We’ll see….. 🙂

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