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Best Camping Mattress For Couples

Underneath insulation is critical during camping. However, most people underestimate the importance of a sleeping mat.  It cushions you from the cold ground. Regardless of whether the temperatures are moderate or low, the earth will still be cold. It’s impossible to warm up soil and rock below you, with your body heat considering its massiveness. 

Most people start camping while they are still single and young. At that time, a single mattress suits them. Then a time comes when you have your adventure partner. You will need to find one that suits the two of you, there comes the importance of best camping mattress for couples and family.

Best Camping Mattress For Couples In 2020






TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Pad 

4.5 out of 5

Outfitter  : 82 x 38 inches

Pack Size : 38 x 13 inches,

Weight : 9 lbs.

R-Value : 6.2

Color : Brown

Thickness : 2.5 inches

KingCamp Double Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad Mattress Triple Zone with 2 Pillows

KingCamp Deluxe Series Thick Self Inflating Pad

4.0 out of 5

Large : 78 x 51 inches

Pack Size : 27.6 x 7.9 inches

Pack Weight : 9.7 lbs,

Thickness : 1.6 inches,

R-Value : 4.0

Material Polyester 75D Micro brushed,

Two camping pillows with pack,

Self Inflating,

Filling Foam,

Best Camping Mattress For Couples

Best Camping Mattress For Couples

Before going to the details of this buying guide, let us see few best picks for your best camping experience:

Most Comfortable Double Sleeping Pad Reviews

1. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad

It is a multi-functional design suitable for cold weather and uneven surfaces!”

Main Features

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Top notch insulation and suitable for couples
  • Outfitter - 38 x 82 inches
  • Thickness : 2.5 inches and R-Value : 6.2
  • Weight  : 9.0 lbs

Couples Pick

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad
"The TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp brings home comfort to your campsite!"

Teton is a brand that is synonymous with quality products and the Outfitter XXL is not exceptional.


Self-recovering open cell foam provides a soft resting surface for users. On top of that, it has thick padding, superior support as well as unmatched insulation.

Easy for carrying

You can forget about bulky designs as the TETON Sports Outfitter packs away small. It will take minimal packing space. Of course, with the help of roll assister and compression straps you can pack it fast.

Extra innovative features

It is packed with extra features that improve efficiency and convenience in the jungle. This includes multiple compression straps and integrated assistors for effortless packing. Alongside that are a pillow pocket and an additional sewn-in pocket for keys or other accessories. Similarly, this model incorporates end bar attachments which make sure the pad stays intact.

It is a reasonably priced, world-class model that is meant to live up to your expectations.


  • Fairely priced
  • Premium quality
  • Available in different sizes


  • Limited life time warranty

2. KingCamp Double Self Inflating Pad with Pillows

Good for all outdoor activities and easy to use!”

Main Features

  • Self-inflating with sturdy construction
  • Comfortable and Suitable for 2 person
  • Size  - 51.2  x 78 inches thickness: 2.95"
  • Thickness : 1.6 inches and R-Value : 4.0
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Weight  : 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)

Couples Pick

KingCamp Deluxe Self Inflating Pad
"Try out camping with the best of the best."

If you are an ardent hiking and backpacking fan, this should be your go-to companion for several reasons:

Quality materials

This KingCamp is constructed out of quality and long lasting materials. This is headlined by the heavy duty 100% polyester 150D Oxford fabric that is damp-proof.  Likewise, the model comes with jet stream foam which makes inflation and deflation smooth.  

Innovative design

To begin with, it is self-inflating, an attribute that very few models in this class brag of. For rapid inflation and deflation, the pad features dual non-corrosive brass valves. Moreover, the pad has other convenience aligned features including a repair kit, a carrying bag, and compression straps.


Comfort comes first for any sleeping products and the KingCamp does not disappoint. Its material is super thick to eliminate the risk of punctures on rough terrains. Furthermore, it has superior patterning that eliminates squeaky noises and prevents slipping.  

For warmth and five-star comfort, the KingCamp Double Self Inflating should be your number one choice.


  • Comfort adapted design
  • More durable
  • Fairly priced
  • Proper insulation


  • Most suitable for two persons
KingCamp Double Self Inflating Pad


Importance of a double sleeping mattress

Exploration is fun to everyone, from trekking to other enjoyable outdoor activities. However, sleeping is unavoidable at the end of the day.  The excursion might have been so pleasurable, but how you spend the night might make all the difference. Besides, it determines how your next day adventure will be. 

The two significant benefits


One of the most significant benefits is the provision of warmth. Some explorers ignore its importance and decide to use a sleeping bag alone. However, despite the thickness of a sleeping bag, you will compress the insulation with your weight, which leads to heat loss.


It also cushions you and your family from anything underneath. Depending on the type you choose, it is often a substitute for an ordinary mattress. Though you may be trying to evade creature comforts, you don’t have to spend your night time uncomfortably.

How do you choose a double camping mattress?

Consider your comfort level

Sleeping pads are usually available with varying levels of comfort. There are contoured, pillow tops, firm, personalized, etc. It will be difficult to catch sleep in unfamiliar and distressing conditions. When choosing, ensure that it is accommodating and well-cushioned.

Consider your sleeping position

You will need to consider the sleeping condition for both of you. Are you stomach, back, side, or front sleepers, or do you frequently move around the whole night?  You will need to find one that suits your needs. A plush mat will offer side sleepers a better sleep that supports the natural curve of the spine.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Camping Mattress

1. Height and body size

The size is essential and can bring a massive difference in the quality of sleep for your family. Consider both your height and body size, together with that of your partner. Of course, you don't want a situation where one can comfortably fit while the other has body parts hanging throughout the night. If it is too slim, then it becomes uncomfortable.

It is recommendable for the couple to test the mattress before moving out for the adventure. That will ensure that it fits your body sizes before you move for the adventure.

2. Construction

You need to consider how you will travel to the destination. Will you carry it on your back or use a car? If you have a car and it is accessible with it up to the site, then the weight will not be an issue for you.

However, if the destination calls for some trekking, you will need to choose a lighter type. Besides, you will always need to choose one that is convenient to construct.

3. R-Value

The R-Value represents resistance. It is a measure of resistance against the cold temperature. You will be spending the night in the cold air and ground. In case one of you is vulnerable to harsh air, you will need to choose one with higher resistance. It is possible to find designs that trap your body heat and maintains it in the fabric, thus keeping the body warm.

The season in which you are going for the excursion will also determine the mattress's appropriate R-value. An R-value of five is ideal during winter and three during summer. It is essential to know that quality has an impact on the price. Therefore, you will need to dig deeper into your pocket for a top-notch mattress. However, you will have an assurance of value for your money. 

4. Inflation & Deflation

The mattress should not drain your energy as you try to fill it with air. Besides, it should not take your entire morning as you try to deflate to pack. Therefore, as you choose it, you have to consider the convenience of inflating and deflating.

You will need to check the specs on the package for the equipment that accompanies it. Check whether it comes with a pump, or you will have to inflate it manually. With modern technology, you will find self-inflating types. They come with air and cell foam that allows it to self-inflate. Besides, you can use a tire compressor where you plug it into the car and inflate the mattress automatically. 

5. The Intended Use

Knowing the type of camping will help you in the determination of the kind of mattress to select. For a car camping, you don’t necessarily require one that is light and compact. However, the case is different for backpacking. 

Car Camping

Car camping has no restrictions on weight and size. You can go for the most comfortable mattress. You can choose a self-inflating or an air mattress for a restful night.


If you carry the gear on your back for some distances, a lightweight type will be ideal. An air mattress will be a perfect fit unless you come across a self-inflating one that is of the lightweight.

Winter Camping

If you wish to go for an excursion despite a snowy forecast, you need a well-insulated dual mattress. It may be a down or synthetic insulation type. Down insulated ones provide more warmth. However, it is not suitable for damp climates.

Carrying a Double Sleeping Mattress


They are  more versatile

Therefore, if you are spending one or two nights on the ground, then it will be the best option for the couple.

They are lighter in weight

You can easily find a variety of compact and light ones. Therefore, a backpacker will not have inconveniences in terms of portability.

A double is better than two singles

It would be ideal to purchase a double than two single mattresses


They often shift at night

A restless sleeper might find the shoulders, feet, or entire body off the mattress. It tends to slide and may even move out of the hammock completely. 

They are often narrow

People with broad shoulders might find them cold since most of them tend to be slim. 

They tend to be short

Tall people may find it challenging to find one that they can fit entirely. That might subject parts of your body to the cold. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Let us check few FAQs related to these pads :

What is the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent?

An air mattress or a cot is the most comfortable way when sleeping in a tent. A cot is suitable for firm surfaces, while an air mattress is good if you want some little bounce. Therefore, you will choose according to your preference.

How do you get a good night's sleep when camping?

You need to find the right spot free from distractions. Other than that, you will need to have a comfortable sleeping mat. After that, you can enjoy your outdoor sleep as you recharge for the next day.

What is a good R-value for a sleeping pad?

The R-value for a sleeping mat usually ranges between 2 and 5.5. A higher R-value gives you more insulation from cold surfaces. If the destination is experiencing winter, you will choose a higher R-value because you need more warmth.

Is sleeping in a car warmer than a tent?

A car retains the heat available during the day in the parts such as the dashboard and seats. When released, the heat won't easily escape a sealed vehicle. The tent consists of a thin material that does not retain heat. Therefore, you will find it warmer to sleep in a car than a tent.

Can a sleeping pad be too warm?

The bed in your house has an R-value of 25 or even more. Therefore, it can't be too warm.  Its R-value rarely exceeds 5.5. However, it may feel warmer in case you are sweaty.

Are Sleeping pads necessary?

There are two crucial roles in the outdoor sleeping experience. They offer a comfortable sleeping surface and insulate you throughout the night. Until you have a terrible sleeping experience, you will realize its importance.

Does the sleeping pad go inside the sleeping bag?

It's possible to place it inside a sleeping bag. It increases the temperature of the sleeping bag. However, it confines you such that you won't have enough space to move around.  Therefore, you will feel warmer but might have an unpleasant sleeping experience. 


A sound sleep is an essential part of your camping. Picking the correct mattress will give you an enjoyable and comfortable night experience. Once you shop for the mattress, ensure to try it out to have an assurance that it is the right one for you. You may also need to do some research to choose appropriately.

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