Pick Your Best Hiking Watches Under $100

If you have been strict about your sport and perhaps you favor running, hiking, cycling, climbing mountains, skiing, windsurfing, even exciting sports like bungee jump and skydiving. In fact, the GPS watch absolutely can be the best choice of apparatus for tracking, measuring as good as guiding your further performances.

Best hiking watch under 100

What is A Hiking Watch?

A hiking watch has got so many features comparing to normal watches. The purpose of a hiking watch is to help to know the position, climate, altitude and time etc. while hiking. No doubt, a hiking watch displays accurate time, air pressure, height of the place, etc. It depends upon the features included by the manufacturer.

What's more, most watches with GPS can tract 3D maps over the trafficked lane which can after be downloaded to the personal computer. No doubt, a top advantage of a GPS wristwatch is the fact that in this format, it is a hands free device. Some cell phones are equipped with GPS technology, however, even the smallest cell phone must still be held in one's hand.

Hiking is taking a long walk in the countryside, usually for pleasure or exercise. There are many hiking trails in our Country Parks, and they are all managed by the Country and Marine Parks Authority. To manage backpacking trails in a remote areas is an extremely demanding, task, so you can help by taking your litter home after hiking. To maintain the naturalness of our countryside, we promote the use of natural materials in our trails. Most concrete footpaths to remote villages which are linked with our footpaths are managed by the Home Affairs Department.


Casio Triple Sensor Hiking Watch.

Timex Expedition Shock Digital Compass Watch.

Casio 100 MB G-Shock.

Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch.

G-Shock G Rescue Casual Digital Watch.

Why Go For A Hiking Watch?

Know the weather

You will not need a barometer if you are going for short hikes. However, if you are planning to go on on an extended backpacking tour, then watch with a barometer is a must. This is important as the watch will let you know about any changes in temperatures.

Also, a barometer can alert you if the storm is just about to begin so you can grab all your Goretex waterproof gear, including your rain jacket and waterproof boots. You do not want to be on the trail's top, climbing ahead if there is a massive storm rolling towards you. A barometer will alert you about these weather changes so you can know when to turn around or seek shelter.

Know your direction

With the advances in technology, it makes no sense to carry around a compass. If you take a look at the hiking gadgets on sale, you will realize that some watches come with in built compasses. This is a must for the backpacker. When hiking, and you happen to go off trail, then the compass can help you find your way back to your destination.

Especially in huge forests and parks, you do not want to lose track of your bearing. A compass is an excellent way to get you back on track. Do not forget to fix your start position. This will make it easier for you to know your bearings.


The GPS is a super compass. Most hiking watches under 100 have this feature installed. When considering a GPS, think brands such as Garmin. These are suitable since you can identify your point of entry and locate it using the GPS. This feature is easier to use compared to the compass and is a must have when you are hiking deep in the wood.

Accurate Timekeeping

In fact, a hiking watch that loses its accuracy is of no use for an everyday hiker. When you are out in the wilderness and trying to complete your outdoor missions, it is always easier to forget about timing. However, you need to understand that in a bug out situation, accurate timekeeping is crucial to your survival.

For instance, in a situation where you want to grab your food, before it's dark, or you need to wake up very early in the morning to begin your journey, being able to get accurate timing makes a huge difference. When thinking about the best outdoor watches, you should consider the quartz or digital ones.


After assessing all your needs and wants, briefly, consider the weight and size of the gadget you want to have. By far, the above aspects are the most crucial to consider. However, in the end, weight and size could be the tiebreaker.


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    Stainless steel
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    Robust in Construction
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    Long battery life
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    High durability
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    Easily Portable


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    Small face
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    Highly reflective

While there are a lot of benefits to owning and using a hiking watch under 100 whilst on the trail, there are also some downfalls. First of all, a hiking watch runs on a satellite. If there's a obstacle in the way, the accuracy of the watch can sometimes be affected. It's also important to remember that in general, the GPS equipment inside the watch isn't always precise. This can be frustrating if you're trying to figure out how long it takes to get somewhere, or how little time it took you to complete trail. They can also be a risk if someone is relying on this information too much, as it could result in you getting extremely lost.

Final Verdict :

In conclusion, the primary function of a watch is of course to tell the time, but hiking watches under 100, should be able to do much more than that. Any good hiking watch should feature a barometer, which can help you predict the weather and determine altitude. It should have an altimeter, which will tell you the altitude attained. There should also be a thermometer, and of course, a compass. Many hiking watches also come with a complex GPS system, so that you can navigate your way around the wilderness.

We all know that some smartphones are better for taking photos than others. Some computer operating systems are better for making movies than others. The same goes for hiking watches. While some watches are better for hiking or everyday use, others are designed for long term treks or mountaineering. It's essential that you look into these credentials before purchasing a watch, and knowing which one is better for the type of outdoor activities you're planning on doing.

This might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how often consumers overlook this. A hiking watch needs to be durable. After all, you're going to be climbing mountains with it in all sorts of weather conditions, so you need to be sure it can hold up, regardless of what you may face. Not all watches fit this criteria, so make sure you buy one that has good reviews in the category.

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