7 Best Hiking Underwear For Women


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Have you ever wondered what the best hiking underwear for women should entail? Well you are not alone. Most people have made hasty decisions when selecting hiking under-garments. They ended up with bad underpants. The last thing you need is a pair that will get you itchy, sweaty and utterly distressful.

Remember, hiking is something that comes once in a while. You should make the most out of every chance that pops up. That being the case, it is imperative for you to choose an under-garment that will remain warm, fresh, stylish and comfortable all day long. Below is an insightful review for you:

premium pick
SmartWool Women's PhD Seamless Mid Rise Bikini Black Bikini XS


Women's PhD Seamless Mid Rise

Cut: Bikni
Fit: Slim fit.
68% merino wool, 20% polyester, 8% nylon, 4% elastane

Merino wool, Tagless label, Full back coverage, Mid-rise model, Free for movements and hiking, Comfortable to wear, More breathable.

premium pick
SmartWool Women's PhD Seamless Mid Rise Bikini Black Bikini XS


Women's PhD Seamless Mid Rise

Cut: Bikni
Fit: Slim fit.
68% merino wool, 20% polyester, 8% nylon, 4% elastane

Merino wool, Tagless label, Full back coverage, Mid-rise model, Free for movements and hiking, Comfortable to wear, More breathable.

7 Best Hiking Underwear Women In 2021

What To Wear Hiking





Arc'teryx Phase SL Brief Women's 

4.0 out of 5


Arc'teryx brand, Moisture control enables dryness, superior design features, Perfect for hiking and trekking, Ultra lightweight and stylish design, Gives confidence for extra activities, Smooth,

Material : Phasic SL- 100% Plyester

Design : Boxer. 

Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short

4.0 out of 5






Fit for all sizes, Excellent comfort, Laser cut edges offer smooth edges, Lightweight , Improved style for movements, prevents odor and microbes, Reliable,

Material: Merino Wool 84%, Nylon 12%, and Spandex 4%.

Design : Boy Short


ExOfficio Women's Give-N-Go Bikini Brief 

5.0 out of 5







With 94% Nylon, Prevents odor to keep fresh while wearing, Allows airflow with breathable mesh, No stretching waistband, Durable and comfortable.

adidas Women's Seamless Hipster  

4.5 out of 5



Polyester cloth, Moisture wicking material, perfect fit with laser cut edges, Cotton lining for more comfort, Fit for hiking and sports

1. Smart Wool Women's Seamless Boy Short Cut

Great base layer for cold weather hiking!”

Main Features

  • Fits superbly and incredibly cozy
  • Seamless design and quality construction
  • Stress-free maintenance
  • Top of the range insulation

Premium Choice

Smart Wool Womens Seamless Boy Short
"The perfect underwear cut to a woman’s liking!"

Smart wool Women’s underwear is a great choice if you are looking for women underwear that will keep you warm even when temperatures take a nosedive. Yet that is just a tip of the iceberg with regard to what the model can do. Check out more flattering attributes here:

Next-to-skin Comfort

The seamless design is a unique attribute of the Smart wool Women’s Boy Short Cut design. The exceptional design yields next to skin comfort. On top of that, this design comes with a merino wool interior. 

Versatile Wear

This model offers all-round protection from adverse conditions in the jungle. Apart from yielding next-to-skin comfort, this brand grants optimal temperature regulation. Moreover, it has merino wool, which provides high insulation not to mention unparalleled odor resistance.

Cozy fit

This Smart wool undergarment is super soft. Therefore, it feels great next to your skin thus creating extra coziness all day long. It features an elastic waistband lined with merino for elevated support. 


  • Sizing favors hikers with smaller butts
  • This brand is premium and outstanding for its superior quality as well as a unique performance.

    2. Icebreaker Merino Women's Siren Bikini

    A great choice for hikers who prefer narrow bikinis or adventurers with small rears!”

    Main Features

    • Incredible thermal insulation
    • Ultralight weight and dries quickly
    • Athletic fit and no itching
    • Natural odor repulsion
    • Excellent moisture wicking

    Top Pick

    Icebreaker Merino Womens Siren Bikini
    "Where comfort meets functionality!"

    The Icebreaker Merino Women's Siren Bikini is a fan favorite for a couple of reasons. Some of its revolutionary properties are broken down here:

    Luxurious structure

    This design guarantees unrivaled durability. It has firm stitching at pressure points to reinforce its thin structure. Furthermore, the model is stretchy to eliminate the hindrance of movement. The stretchy fabric also offers a body-hugging fit.

    Machine washable

    This garment is easy to wash and maintain. This makes it adventure-ready. Besides, it dries quickly, an attribute that is crucial in combating sweat. Its breathable fabric elevates airflow as well.


    You risk itchiness and bad odor for wearing underwear during hiking for a long period. However, this is not the case with Icebreaker Merino Women's Siren Bikini. Its premium merino wool fabric is naturally odor repellent. In the same way, it curbs itchiness that may arise from harmful microorganisms.  


  • Extreme high cut limits coverage
  • Might be too thin for cold weather 
  • It is great merino design well worth the price due to astonishing odor control, incredible thermal insulation among others.

    3. Under Armour Women's Pure Stretch Hipster

    "Suitable for hiking as well as swimming or working out!”

    Main Features

    • Pocket-friendly price point
    • Stretchy fabric and great fit
    • Reliable anti-odor technology and quick dry
    • Sper comfy and lightweight

    Best Value

    "An unbeatable blend of comfort and invisibility!"

    The Under Armour Women's Pure Stretch Hipster is a pioneering model, gaining traction among female hikers for the following reasons:

    Impressive Temperature Regulation

    You no longer have to worry about sweating. The Under Armour Women's Pure Stretch Hipster incorporates super-breathable fabrics. Additionally, the fabric possesses excellent moisture-wicking abilities to keep the skin dry. To top it off, the model offers more coverage, which improves temperature control. 

    Superb Anti-microbial Capabilities

    The model boasts of the anti-odor technology which curbs microbes that cause a bad smell.  Still, the technology relies on an anti-microbial fabric to keep the skin fresh.

    Feminine Design

    It is designed to catch the feminine eye. Its fabrics are extra stretchy to elevate free movement. That aside, the undies include a tagless design to boost coziness. In like manner, they feature a soft cotton gusset for heightened comfort. Plus, they show no panty lines under other clothing.


  • Rolls down due to absence of a waistband
  • Has an uncomfortable seam down the back
  • A great buy for hikers looking for seamless undergarment with decent performance and functionally.

    4. ExOfficio Women's Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs

    It is also a great substitute for hikers who do not like merino fabric!”

    Main Features

    • Easy to wash and maintain
    • Machine washable and dries fast
    • Top class odor control and highly breathable
    • Long lasting and comfy

    Reliable Pick

    ExOfficio Womens Briefs
    "An undergarment that does not disappoint!"

    An exemplary feature set alongside quality construction makes this model a must-have for most hikers. Let us delve into other attributes:


    You can count on the ExOfficio women’s give-n-go bikini briefs for any outdoor occasion. To begin with, its quick-drying fabrics ensure that you can wash, wear, and hit the trail at any time. In like manner, the model is quite light. Thus, you can move around with ease. Finally, it is very economical on space as it packs small. 

    Pleasant to wear

    The bikini briefs provide a great fit. You do not have to worry about slipping. That is not all; the undies have incredible moisture wicking to counter any sweating. Breathability is worth dying for thanks to diamond mesh that elevates airflow. Most importantly, the pair has the odor-eliminating Silvadur technology for better odor control. 

    Quality construction

    For support, the briefs come with a five-star waistband that retains its shape. Plus, its constructed out of nylon, which is not only durable but also outdoor-oriented. The fabric boasts of antimicrobial aspects vital for odor control. Also, it is soft and gentle on the skin hence forms no pant lines.


  • Poor stitching at pressure points
  • Mesh snags easily while washing
  • An ideal choice for amazing odor control, exquisite style, and enviable comfort.

    5. adidas Hipster Underwear

    A versatile outdoor gear, well suited for workouts and outdoor excursions.!”

    Main Features

    • Good price point
    • Unrivaled odor control
    • Perfect fit and super comfy
    • Commendable moisture wicking

    Reliable Pick

    adidas hipster
    "Your go-to budget-friendly undergarment!"

    For once, here is a pair of underwear crafted to match the needs of avid female hikers out there. It delivers top of the range performance courtesy of the qualities below:

    Epic climate control

    The model is made of a blend of spandex and polyester. As a result, the two yields exceptional moisture wicking to keep the skin dry at all times. That is not all; the materials are breathable for heightened airflow.

    Stress-free maintenance

    Very few underwear models can boast of being machine washable. Nonetheless, the adidas Women's Seamless Hipster is one of kind. It makes maintenance stress free thanks to its machine washable fabric. 

    Stylish finish

    Nothing spells style like the adidas Women's Seamless Hipster. It is specifically cut to the liking of female hikers. Apart from breath-taking color choices, the model incorporates laser-cut edges. They make it invisible under other clothes. Moving on, the underwear includes a tag-less finish not to mention a soft cotton liner for optimal comfort. 


  • Rolls at the edges
  • A little stiff
  • Definitely one of the best brand for the price.

    6. Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short

    Ideal for any outdoor activity and can be worn under anything throughout the day!”

    Main Features

    • Natural odor resistance
    • Super soft fabric and extra breathable
    • Long-lasting construction and effortless cleaning
    • Reliable sun protection

    Reliable Pick

    Ridge Merino Wool Womens Ridge Boy
    "A reliable hiking companion!"

    Hiking enthusiast deserves a baselayer that guarantees exceptional comfort, durability, and top-notch performance. This model offers that and more:

    Fantastic Odor Control

    You can forget about irritations and foul-smelling odors with the Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short. Similarly, chemicals are unnecessary when dealing with odors for this model as it is naturally odor-resistant. 

    Unrivaled Moisture Management

    Quick-drying is one aspect that makes merino wool perfect for hiking gear. Other than that, its moisture-wicking capabilities are impressive.

    Outdoor Oriented

    Of course, you expect outdoor gear to include reliable protection features. The Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short comes with dependable sun protection. Besides, it boasts of superior climate control. The model incorporates natural temperature regulation for added ventilation and breathability. 

    Effortless Care and Maintenance

    Every hiking gear needs regular care and maintenance to last long and remain functional. This model is not exceptional. In fact, it makes your work easy as it is machine washable. What’s more, merino dries in a nick of time.


  • Tiny inseams make it saggy
  • The top band may be tight for thicker hikers
  • The Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short is fantastic design for its price.

    7. Arc'teryx Phase SL Boxer Women's

    Well suited for high performance and daily use!”

    Main Features

    • Super lightweight and dries quickly
    • Quality construction and versatile usability
    • Superb moisture wicking
    • Extra breathable and easy to maintain

    Reliable Pick

    Arcteryx Boxer Womens
    "You number one choice for exquisite comfort and top-class functionality!"

    Your long search for a premium underwear is over with Arc'teryx Phase SL Boxer Women’s underwear. Here is why


    For a memorable hiking experience, you need a pair of underwear that will grant you the freedom to move unrestricted. Fortunately, the Arc'teryx Phase SL Boxer for women accounts for that. Created out of super light fabrics, the model guarantees an easy time in the jungle. 

    High-Performance Construction

    It's design and construction are unlike any other. Furthermore, the model features the phasic technology defined by anatomical patterning for a better fit. On top of that, it has a gusseted crotch as well as cotton insertion for minimal chafing. Unique waistband lamination yields a soft touch. To achieve unrestricted mobility, its material is highly stretchy.

    Adapted for Daily Use

    Indeed, you can use this model daily owing to a couple of things. First, it is super light. Second, the model’s ergonomic design curbs discomfort. Excellent breathability is another reason to try out the Arcteryx Phase SL Boxer Women’s underwear. 

    Impeccable Moisture Control

    The last thing you need to worry about is moisture management with regard to this model. This is why it a preferred base layer by hiking enthusiasts. Its moisture-wicking is next to none. That is not all; it dries at an awesome rate as well.


  • Relatively pricey
  • Lacks antimicrobial treatment
  • Might be a little heavy on price but its performance, functionality, and durability are worth it.

    What is the importance of underwear for women while hiking?

    hiking underwear womens

    A quick view of importance:

    Extra storage room 

    Anti-microbial traits

    Keeps you dry and comfortable 

    Maintains and distributes thermal heat

    Extra storage room:

    Some of the underwear for women comes with extra pockets which offer more storage room. This helps to keep your things safe. Moreover, storing things in your underwear makes it more convenient to retrieve them whenever needed.

    Anti-microbial traits:

    Normally, underwear can protect you from bacterial or fungal infections. While hiking you are likely to come into contact with some unsafe surfaces. This makes you more susceptible to disease and infection. Similarly, hiking involves a lot of physical activity that might leave you sweaty. Sweating is responsible for odor build up. A good hiking under pant with anti-microbial properties will keep you safe from such problems.

    Keeps you dry and comfortable:

    No doubt, sweating is inevitable when touring the countryside or climbing a mountain. You need something with top notch sweat wicking properties to get rid of excess sweat. On top of that, most them have breathable fabric. Such fabrics provide freshness in nether region.

    Maintains and distributes thermal heat:

    In fact, underwear aid in maintaining body temperature. This comes in handy during the cold season.

    What is the best material for women’s underwear?

    Always, an underwear for women should be made of a material that is soft, breathable and hygienic. Another key aspect of the material is anti-microbial properties. They work to eliminate the risk of bad odor and infections.

    Merino Wool

    One of the best recommended material is Merino wool. It is extracted from the Merino sheep breed. It is highly effective as it features fine and smooth fibre. Nonetheless, merino wool is very breathable reducing the rate of sweating in the private region. Its moisture wicking traits ensure perfect odor control.

    Merino Wool

    Merino Sheep Breed


    Another remarkable material for panties is nylon. Nylon is quite durable. It can withstand any pulling or stretching. Furthermore, it does not absorb sweat that would rather promote growth of bacteria and bad smell. 


    Polyester also stands out as a good material for women's underclothes. The material is almost similar to nylon in terms of strength and durability. It has remarkable breathability in addition to handling sweat in a good way.


    However, cotton material is a throw when it comes to good undies material. Despite leaving you smelly, cotton is not breathable. This culminates into discomfort and poor hygiene. It does no dry fast too. When the absorbed sweat stays for some time, it turns your underwear into a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

    Things to consider while choosing hiking undergarment

    Best Hiking Underwear For Women

    Comfort among other features should be considered when selecting the perfect panties for your next hiking trip. Below is a detailed breakdown of the features that you should look for in lingerie for women:

    1. Material

    2. Anti-microbial Properties

    3. Comfortable Seams

    4. Durability

    5. Moisture wicking properties

    6. Breathability

    7. Cut

    8. Style

    9. Care and maintenance


    There are several materials that are used to make underclothes for hiking as we have seen above. You can choose wool, polyester or nylon. However, the most vital aspect is comfort provided by any of the materials. Nonetheless, the material should be breathable. It should also bear essential anti-microbial properties. They guarantees freshness and top hygiene for your nether region. To add on that, the ideal material should be light enough to facilitate quick drying. In order to eliminate chaffing, scratching or itchiness, the material has to be soft and gentle to the skin. Finally, the material ought to have the capability to maintain the body temperature regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

    Anti-microbial Properties

    Hiking underpants with anti-microbial properties prevents bacteria from infecting your nether region. As much as Merino wool is naturally anti-microbial it lacks that soft, gentle feel. Nonetheless, synthetic material like polyester or nylon can be treated with anti-microbial agents. This is normally done during the fabric making process.

    Comfortable Seams

    Flatlock seams enhance comfort. The undergarment for women should feature flatlock seams that are gentler on the skin. Seams which stick will only result in chafing. On the flip side, try to avoid seams that descend to the mid-section of the underwear. They wear out easily resulting in pure discomfort.


    Of course you need to buy undies that will serve you for a long time for hiking. This is quite essential owing to the fact that hiking is not an everyday exercise. Therefore, the material should be able to stay intact during machine washing. Loose and worn out underwear materials trigger bunching and chaffing. Synthetic materials are more durable.

    Moisture wicking properties

    The underpants with moisture wicking features will naturally get rid of sweat from your body while hiking. Hiking can be very tiring leading to immense sweating especially on a hot day. Thus, you need undeclothes that will remain dry and lock out the sweat.  This is why you are advised to avoid cotton-made designs. They absorb sweat from your body rather than getting rid of it.


    Actually, underwear with adequate breathability will dry faster when you sweat during your outdoor excurssions. It is important for you to look for a material with good breathability. It allows for aeration within the fabric. A dry undergarment bolsters comfort alongside a priceless cool breeze down there.


    Good underwear should fit right. They ought to remain intact even when you undertake rigorous activities also. This is why you should buy one that is perfect for your size. Tight fitting underclothes will exert too much pressure on your waist. They wear you down easily when hiking as well. On the other hand, loose fitting panties will not be kind. A smart move will be to get snug-fitting intimate things. One that enhances thermal efficiency, prevents irritation, chaffing and among forms of distress.


    It is advisable to buy undies that covers most of the region down there. Thongs might look sexy but they are not meant for hiking. You need something that will keep you warm and comfortable.

    Care and maintenance

    Ease of caring and maintaining your base layer should be your top priority too. The ideal lingerie should be easy to wash by hand or machine and also dry in time. Synthetic materials tend to wear out. They also loose treated anti-microbial properties if not washed under the appropriate conditions. Merino wool is perfect in terms of retaining anti-microbial properties after washing. Still it takes a relatively longer time to dry when compared to synthetic materials.

    Essential ideas for choosing women's underclothes:

    A quick view:

    1. Avoid high-waist undies

    2. Consider synthetic material

    3. Look for quick drying

    4. Odor reducing

    1. Avoid high-waist underclothes

    Hiking undergarments that are high waist are known to trigger chafing and discomfort. They rub on the waist while you walk. When shopping, you should consider purchasing midrise cut hiking underclothes to boost comfort.

    2. Consider synthetic material

    Consider synthetic material for your hiking under clothes- Always, synthetic materials feature great wicking properties, drawing sweat away from your skin. They are also very breathable leaving your skin dry and healthy.

    3. Look for quick drying materials

    Merino wool, polyester and nylon are the most common materials used for making underwear. These materials are soft and light not to mention that they dry superfast. While hiking, you surely need an undergarment that you can wash at sundown and have it back on by dawn.

    4. Odor reducing

    This is a nice feature to put in mind when buying a hiking undergarment. Some hiking underpants are designed with special odor reducing materials. Be on the lookout for such.

    Check out our women specific guides below:

    Before going for your next trail,  Choosing the best women specific gear can be a gruelling task. It demands quality time and attention.

    Type of womens underwear

    Women hiking undergarments come in different shapes or sizes both traditional and contemporary.  A suitable style should enhance your hiking experience. On the same note, the right pair of undies have to offer optimal comfort and functionality.  

    Always, fabric is a crucial aspect of underwear. Every seasoned hiker will agree that the best material must be breathable and quick drying. Chaffing and bad odor are the results of choosing an inappropriate fabric.

    Some of the popular styles for female underclothes are hipsters, boy-briefs, classic bikini cut among others. 

    Final Verdict

    I hope you are now conversant with what to look for in the underwear for women.  Generally focus on the material, anti-microbial features and the style when making your choice. It is all about comfort and hygiene. Finally, remember to check out the reviews and comments made by other buyers before buying a pair online

    The final choice is based on personal preference. By and large, go for a design that provides exceptional comfort and breathability.

    Let us discuss some exclusive FAQs on underwear for women:

    Which type of hiking underwear is best for women?

    Every underwear style is unique in its own way. A quick view of our best picks for you:

    1. Smart wool Women's Seamless Boy short cut (Premium Choice)

    2. Icebreaker Merino Women's Siren Bikini (Top Pick)

    3. Under Armour Women's pure Stretch Hipster (Best Value)

    4. ExOfficio Women's Give-N-Go Bikini Brief

    5.  adidas Women’s Seamless Hipster

    6. Ridge Merino Wool Women's Ridge Boy Short 

    7. Arc'teryx Phase SL Brief Women's

    What is the best moisture/sweat wicking underwear?

    Normally, panties made from synthetic materials have proven to be great at sweat moisture or sweat wicking during hiking. Merino wool is also fine but not as good as nylon and polyester. Therefore, you should opt for underclothes with synthetic materials. That is if you need to stay fresh and dry while having outdoor fun.

    What is anti-microbial underwear?

    Underwear with anti-microbial properties prevent bacteria from colonizing the tender skin in your private region. Bacteria are known to thrive in warm and moist areas. They are linked to bad smell as well. Hence is wise to buy underpants with anti-microbial properties. A perfect choice in this scenario would be to go for underwear with Merino wool material. It is naturally anti-microbial. Synthetic materials can also be treated with anti-microbial agents.

    Do you wear underwear when hiking?

    Wearing underwear while hiking has its advantages and back draws too. The right kind of underwear will keep your body chafe-free, dry and comfortable. Such models are crafted from fabrics with quick-dry and moisture wicking properties. However, some people avoid underwear while hiking owing to insufficient breathability.

    What is the best fabric for women's underwear?

    Hiking demands undies that dry fast and wick sweat superbly. Synthetic fabrics like merino wool make the best material for women's underwear. They are cherished for their excellent breathability and quick drying properties. One would expect cotton to take the top spot due to its breathability but its anti-moisture wicking capabilities make it a bad choice. 

    What are the different styles of women’s underwear?

    At the top of the list are the boy shorts, a highly functional style that is designed similar to men’s boxers. Classic briefs come in next. They feature the traditional underwear style. Moving on, we have hipsters which incorporate a wide coverage on the sides alongside a low rise. Thongs are awesome as well. They are perfect for outfits. Still, we have the French-cut panties that are high cut for improved circulation. Others include the G-string, control briefs, Brazilian briefs, and briefs.

    How do you prevent chafing when hiking?

    First, you need to avoid cotton fabric as it absorbs sweat and sticks to the skin rather than drying up. Aside from that, lubricate your skin with Vaseline to prevent friction. Another option is to soothe or protect raw areas with zinc oxide. Similarly, it is wise to avoid tucking your shirt into your hiking pants. Sweat from the back drips into the underwear soaking it up. Aside from that, opt for ventilated backpacks and remember to keep your undergarments as well as nether regions clean.

    What's better cotton or polyester underwear?

    Cotton is better thanks to its breathability and absorbent nature. It is also great for sensitive skin because of its hypoallergic properties. On the flip side, polyester is not breathable in addition to producing odors.

    What are the side effects of not wearing underwear?

    It makes you prone to chafing as a result of rough contact between the skin and stiff fabric. Going commando also makes your skin vulnerable to clothing issues due to acidic body discharge.  On top of that, you will have to deal with skin stains and more laundry. Alongside that, going underwear free means a stronger vaginal odor and elevated risk of infection.

    Should I sleep with underwear on or off?

    It all about personal preference and whichever option you find comfortable. Some people sleep better without underwear while others do not feel okay without it. Yet, there are a few exceptional cases where going underwear-free is actually good during bet time. This includes when you have a yeast infection and if the undergarment causes irritation or is too tight.

    Is it bad to wear underwear two days in a row?

    A good number of folks admit to wearing their undergarments at least two days in a row. It is okay. Nevertheless, it is recommended for one to wash their underwear after each wear or change it on a daily basis. This prevents bad odors as well as unwanted infections.

    Why is nylon underwear bad?

    Nylon is not good for underwear because of poor breathability. The fabric traps heat and moisture within the nether region. Heat and moisture provide a perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacterial infection. It is also associated with skin irritation and bad odor.

    Is it bad to wear silk underwear?

    Silk does not offer optimal underwear conditions owing to its poor breathability. Poor breathability increases the moisture content retained under the nether region. This creates ideal conditions for bacterial and yeast infection.

    Why does my bum chafe?

    Your bum is likely to chafe if you take a long hiking trip in tight-fitting jeans. It happens when tough fabric rubs against fat deposits on the butt. The constant rubbing can turn into skin-irritating friction when sweat comes into play.

    Does pubic hair cause chafing?

    Pubic hair in its natural state does not cause chafing. On the contrary, it acts as a cushion that protects the skin around pubic hair against friction which triggers chafing. Chafing is only caused by pubic hair stubble. It is vital to keep the hair well depilated(removed).

    Is Vaseline good for chafing?

    Vaseline helps the affected area of the skin to heal. So it is good for chafing. Additionally, it is a great form of lubrication that can be applied around areas that are prone to chafing.

    How often should a girl change her underwear?

    A girl should change her underwear at least once each day. If she engages in rigorous physical activity that involves a lot of sweating then it might be great to change the underclothes twice. It helps to keep bacteria and stale odor at bay.

    How many pairs of underwear should a woman own?

    It is advisable for women to change their underwear at least once in a day. If this goes on for a week, she needs seven pairs to cover the seven days. The drill is convenient as most people prefer to do their laundry once per week. Besides, it is healthier when the undergarments are replaced after six months.

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