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How To Measure Torso Length For Backpack

Have you ever explored the woods and forests with your family and friends or did you go alone? Either way, I am sure you have memories saved up in your archive of adventures. Going hand in hand with hiking is camping and most of all, backpacking. Of course, when you have the intention of navigating the woods or mountains, you have to go prepared. Here comes the importance of knowing how to measure torso length for a backpack for your comfortable hiking.

Some of the things you need to take along are your hiking gear, water, proper clothing because of the weather, a fez cap, binoculars, your camera, hiking boots, camping tent if necessary, insect repellents, and all other things you need to be comfortable out there. Need I remind you that all these should be safely tucked away in a bag-not a traveling bag, suitcase, or a handbag, but a hiking backpack; it is that important.

A great outdoor adventure is fully experienced when you are all geared up and prepared; thus, the need for a comfortable backpack to get your hiking started. Also, you must be sure that the backpack is not only comfortable but also the correct size for your body and weight. In simple terms, we speak of your torso size, which also includes your shoulders and hips.

Good torso measurement is important when packing for hiking because you cannot stand the idea of slouching under the weight of your load when you are only halfway into your hiking expedition. When we talk about torso measurement, it simply is the measurement of the length of your back, along with the spine. Importantly also, you must know that people come in different sizes, and so do their torsos. So even when people have the same height, they may have different torsos, hip, and shoulder measurements. Now, we would be addressing the numerous questions that fleet your mind about torso measurement and backpacking.


How do you measure torso length for a backpack?

Measuring the length of your torso is very easy. It is even easier when you have a friend giving you a helping hand, and before you know it, you are done. Here is how to go about it:

Get a flexible measuring tape.

Make sure you are relaxed as you stand in an upright position, just as if you have the backpack on and you are about to put it off.

Lower your chin towards your chest. This would give your spine allowance to protrude from the top of your shoulders to the base of your neck.

With your measuring tape, measure your back, starting from the nape of your neck, down to the vertebrae to the top of your hips (also known as the iliac crest). Make a stop right there.

Point your thumb inwards to the love handle (iliac crest) so that your friend knows where to stop.

Please note that a man’s torso is very different from a woman’s.

How do you measure a woman’s torso?

Measuring a woman’s torso is not much different from that of a man. We may only add that the measurement of the length of the vertebrae may vary slightly, as it may be narrower. So as a woman, you should get a backpack that is narrower and allows greater freedom so that you can be properly balanced, especially by lowering the backpack to the center and supporting it with your hips along with the structure of your back.

What is an average torso length?

With an average man’s height at the back of our minds, a man’s torso is usually between 17-21 inches, while a woman’s average torso may range from 14-to 18 inches. However, we must note that this measurement is not fixed, as we are all different. So, having known your torso measurement, will help you choose the right size for your backpack.


How do you measure your hips?

Your hip size, to a large extent, determines the kind of backpack that will suit you. Normally, the hips of maximum women are conically shaped when compared to that of a man. Thus, the waist and hip measurements are not alike as you think. This is how to measure your hips:

  • Get a measuring tape
  • Wrap it around the top of your iliac crest. This is where the top of your hip bones is noticeable. This is your hip measurement.

Now, use this hip measurement to get a proper hiking backpack. Also, most backpacks come with hip belts which are adjustable for your comfort and better fit, especially when the belts are padded. Note also that 80% of your backpack weight should be on your hips and not on your shoulders.

How do you properly fit a backpack? 

Backpacks for hiking come in different sizes.

1. Check whether it suits your body size

Always, you have to get the right one that suits your body size. Since most backpacks are adjustable, you can adjust its straps to either lengthen or shorten them; and just in case it comes in Velcro, you can either adjust it to tighten or loosen it until you are comfortable.

2. Position the hip strap properly

Secondly, if you want to fit your backpack at the hips, you need to position the hip straps on top of your iliac crest.

3. ِAdjust the load lifters and sternum straps

Finally, adjust your load lifters and sternum straps until they rest one inch below your collarbone. Please remember not to over-tighten it so that you do not obstruct your breathing and add pressure to your chest. Also note that for a proper backpack fit, your backpack must not exceed two inches above your hips, which means it should end at your waist.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, hiking is a pleasurable experience. Not only does it have the effect of an exercise, but it also soothes your mind and body, while serving the purpose of relaxing your mind and giving your family and friends great bonding moments. However, you may put a strain on the time spent when you weigh yourself down with too much load as a result of a wrong backpack. Bet you would avoid that mistake next time. Fix this by knowing your torso length and getting the right backpack. Not even a backpack should stand in the way of an amazing adventure.

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