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Post-Holiday Tips to Ensure You Return to Work & School Safely

The holidays are a joyous time filled with friends and family gatherings, gift exchanges, sumptuous meals, and a sense of nostalgia and gratitude. For many people, the December holidays are their favorite of the entire year and are highly anticipated. After all, it isn’t simply one day of celebration; it’s all of December that is marked by elevated levels of enthusiasm.

But, January and the New Year eventually arrive, and it’s at that time when the holiday dust starts to settle and the world veers back to normal. After a long holiday break, it’s important to keep in mind that your mind and body may need some time to get back to their usual state.

Post-Holiday Tips to Ensure You Return to Work

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Be Aware of Post-Holiday and Seasonal Depression

The intense emotion and activity that goes along with the holidays can spark a sense of sadness and grief once they are completed. Holiday lights are coming down; the season of “goodwill to men” is no longer pervasive in the culture. The potential hours of sunlight are a bleak minimum. It’s natural for people to feel post-holiday blues when January hits, so treat yourself well and get the right amount of sleep, eat with good nutrition in mind, exercise, and concentrate on your new year’s resolutions.

Review Your Car Insurance Policy

Do you have a solid handle on your existing car insurance policy? Do you know when you’re covered, when you’re not, and how much you are paying every month? Go online and research affordable car insurance so you can have peace of mind when you and your family get back to work and school. While you may be prepared, this is a time of year with significant distractions – and having good coverage in case of unavoidable collision is important.

Be Sure Your Car is Properly Serviced

With all of the holiday stress and chaos throughout December, it’s easy to neglect any necessary car maintenance. Before heading back to work or school in January, schedule an appointment with your mechanic for a proper tune-up, or check items yourself such as tire tread and air pressure, windshield wiper blades, fluid levels, lights, mirrors, battery, and brakes.

Be Kind to Yourself

After a big break from the intense pace of work, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things immediately. Be sure to take breaks when you need them. This might include walking around the building to get fresh air or even sitting in your vehicle to listen to some of your favorite music. Both your body and your mind have become accustomed to a more leisurely pace, so easing into the daily grind instead of jumping into the frying pan will help you assimilate more peacefully.

Be Reasonable with Your Priorities

Although you might be headstrong and want to jump right back into the thick of things right away, keep in mind that you won’t be able to make up for all of the time you were away in one or two workdays. Make a list of your priorities and go through the list one by one. This holds true for both work and schoolwork, so be patient with yourself in the transition process.

Update Yourself on Covid Guidelines

Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

In the middle of a pandemic, rules and guidelines are always changing. This is also true for schools and businesses. While you were away for the holidays, it’s possible that there have been changes made in mask and vaccination policies. Look into this before your return so there are no big surprises waiting for you.

Take Time to Yourself

The holidays are a time when people say yes to more functions and opportunities than are normal. People may be run ragged with social activities, late nights, credit card spending, and a general feeling of detachment from normalcy. After the holidays, it’s time to recoup your own schedule and get back to the activities you love. It’s a great time to recharge yourself before returning to work and school so that you can feel rejuvenated instead of drained.

Allow Yourself Extra Commute Time.

With more people on vacation from school and work during the last few weeks of December, the less congested the highways. Returning in January, it may come as a bit of a shock to encounter more intense traffic levels, which can cause delays. This, coupled with the possibility of snowy weather conditions, can put you far behind your regular schedule. Leave 15 to 30 minutes ahead of time so you have a good idea as to how long you will need to reach your destination on time.


The holidays are a time when people come together and celebrate. But, just like going on an exotic vacation, the time comes when things go back to normal. Be aware of your new limitations and how you can work to expand them for smooth work and school transition.

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