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Best Blanket For Backpacking And Camping

While venturing, you must have the right gear at all times. This means from your attire to what is in your pack. While on the trail and while you are getting your sleep. You want to have all of the essentials, so nothing goes wrong.

If you plan on sleeping along your hike, you will need the right overnight gear. You will need gear that does not cause any inconvenience along your way. If you keep reading you will learn more about the best blanket for backpacking and camping.

best blanket for backpacking

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If properly equipped, you can enjoy your trip to its fullest potential. Let’s talk about the advantages of having a camping blanket.

There is specific attire gear made for hiking. In particular, there are blankets made specifically for taking along on your trip.

These blankets are different from normal blankets. There are many benefits of carrying along with this specific gear instead of a normal blanket.

One advantage is the ability to pack it. Most camping blankets will come with attachable straps. This means it will be attached to your pack without you even having to notice. It will also leave room for other items in your backpack.

These blankets also are made with the intention of on a hike. Meaning, most of them are not focused on looks and instead on how they can benefit the hiker.

A normal blanket will not benefit you. If you are not resting properly in between your treks, the hike will be miserable. Therefore, your experience will suffer. It is so important to be equipped in the best manner possible.

There are different styles available. There are camping blankets, quilts, and sleeping bags.

Different Styles

Best camping blanket

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Having the best style for your needs is important. There are a few versions that you will have to choose from. It will be beneficial to know the difference between the styles.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are the most original form of blanket equipped for hiking. It is all in one, your blanket, and what goes underneath you. They came long before the other special blankets and quilts.

The sleeping bag has come a very long way from where it began. Originally, there was only one style of the sleeping bag. It was easy to pack, kept your body heat close to you, and provided the perfect coverage.

Now, there are numerous different styles of sleeping bags. You can pick the bag that will be the most beneficial to your needs.

For instance, most sleeping bags will have a warmth rating. You can choose which bag will be best for you by determining how warm you will need to be.

There are also different shapes and sizes. A few common styles are rectangular, mummy, and even a style for couples.

The Quilt

A quilt is a bit of a new move for hikers. This style of quilt is going to be lightweight without losing heat.

You can find these specific quilts quite easily. Some believe they are for more experienced hikers, or for those who will need extra warmth. This is not true though. These specific makes are very versatile and great for all hikers.

Camping Blankets

Camping blankets are quite similar to quilts. They tend to be lightweight and have the most stylish options available.

Don’t let the name fool you- these blankets are great for indoor use as well.

These specific blankets will range dramatically in price.

Let’s take a closer look at the difference between these forms. Each style has its pros and cons to keep reading to find out exactly what they are!

Comparing The Styles

Best camping blanket for winter

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There are differences between the various types of blankets. All of these specific blankets will be more beneficial to you than a normal blanket. Some will just be better for specific situations than others. Each style of camping blanket has its own set of pros and cons.

Sleeping Bag Pros And Cons

Sleeping bags are the most original form of this equipment. This is important to know because most other options will have been made to work along with this style or in place of it.

One of the benefits of a sleeping bag is that each has a guide. Each bag will have a description.

For example, sleeping bags will be labeled for adults, children, and couples. Some will even go more in-depth as to mention a gender that the bag would suit well.

The description will go even further as to giving a guide to the temperature that the bag will be most beneficial in. Some styles will be better for a summer hike while others will successfully trap the heat keeping you as warm as possible.

There are different shapes and sizes of sleeping bags.

The most common is the rectangular shape. This will be your most basic and common shape and it will be the most affordable.

There is also a shape by the name of “mummy”. This will be a very snug fit, in order to keep the heat inside your bag.

A couple’s bag will give enough room for two people to share a bag. This style can be very beneficial for a pair who wants extra space on one’s pack.

The price range of a sleeping bag truly depends on the style as well as the durability. You can find a cheap bag at your local athletics department store. This of course may not be your most beneficial option but is one.

The main downfall is it can be hard to decide on the proper bag due to the extensive amount of options. It can be difficult for someone to choose when they don’t know exactly what they need. There are certain things a shopper can consider when looking- More on this later though.

Quilt Pros And Cons

Hikers are often concerned that a quilt will not be properly effective. This is a misconception though. They are extremely versatile and effective.

A quilt will work in both cold and warm climates. It provides nice coverage on a warm night. If the night is cold, it can be tucked or strapped down to ensure the heat stays close to the body.

The quilt is different from a sleeping bag because it does not have a back layer. They have an open design and are meant to lay over top of a person and not go fully around a body. This means the hiker would need something with them to go underneath them. Some see this as a disadvantage because it would be an extra thing to carry.

Hiking quilts in reality are best when paired with a sleeping bag. They will provide that extra layer of warmth in cold climates so that you stay snug all night.

They can be nice in warm climates paired with a sleeping pad or cot.

Quilts are a less expensive option than a sleeping bag. This is due to the need for less material.

Camping Blanket

A camping blanket will be most similar to the quilt style. This in terms of the fact that they are meant to lay over top of a person to cover the body. They are not made to stay fully wrapped around the body.

They are most often always lightweight. This option will be the most similar to a normal blanket. There are many different material options when it comes to this style.

The price range varies largely. This can be due to thickness as well as the design.

Lightweight camping blankets are useful. They may not be the absolute best option for anything other than an extra layer of comfort or hot climates. This can also depend on the material of the blanket.

There are many things that one should consider when looking for these lightweight blankets. Keep reading to find out how to choose the perfect lightweight camping blanket.

How Do You Choose Lightweight Camping Blankets?

When choosing a lightweight blanket there are a few things to look for. You want to ensure that it will easily pack.


The material you choose is very important. Lightweight styles will often be made from fleece or synthetic fibers. Sometimes you can also find lightweight ones that have an outer shell made from one material with a certain filling on the inner portion. For instance, a nylon outer layer with synthetic fill would be a great option.

Choose a material that will not irritate your skin and that will be durable.


It may seem obvious to choose a blanket that is the right weight, but it is easy to overlook this.

Just because you are searching for a lightweight blanket does not mean you want one that does not properly do its job. Some blankets are so lightweight that they end up being useless and a waste to bring.

Realistically choose a blanket that will still be effective but won't weigh you down on your trip.


When choosing a lightweight camping blanket, choose a style that will easily pack away. Some of these forms will have a “puffy” outer shell to remain lightweight.

Unfortunately, this can result in the blanket being bulky and taking up too much space.

Be sure that the blanket you choose will properly pack away.

What To Consider While Choosing Blankets For Hiking?

Best blanket for backpacking

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There are a few things one should consider when making this purchase.

First, you must consider the climate that you will be sleeping in. This way you can properly decide on what style of blanket will be best for your trip.

For example, if you were to be sleeping in a cold climate your best option would be a sleeping bag. Also, you could bring along a quilt for extra insulation!

Next, you must consider your priorities regarding weight. If your top priority is having a lightweight trip at expense of your sleep, you may opt for just a simple sleeping bag or a lightweight camping blanket. If your top priority is getting a good rest at expense of a heavy load, you may choose multiple sleeping layers.

Last, you should consider durability. If you intend to use your sleeping gear for a long time to come, durability should be your first thought.


Having the correct sleeping gear on your hike is crucial.

There are a few different styles of this gear. There are sleeping bags, quilts, and camping blankets.

It is best to choose the best option for your needs. When purchasing this equipment there are a few important things to consider. You should think about the climate you will be in, your priorities regarding weight and durability.

Make sure you have the proper sleeping equipment so that you can get the rest you need for your trip!

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