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7 Best Hikes In The UK To Experience

When planning your trip to the UK, the best hikes in the UK are not necessarily essential, or just want to do something on the weekend, but it is one of the best ways to understand the UK!

There are many amazing places to go for hiking in the UK, some of which are easier to reach and are full of enjoyment. 

After all, this is the UK, so it’s continuously a decent plan to bring a raincoat (checking the weather is additionally an awfully good decision, although it is getting ready to leave your home/hotel) however as long as you’re ready, the most effective hikes in the European country are simply an incredible thanks to getting away of all things English.

You will find small towns and villages that you would otherwise miss, incredible British wildlife you will never see (don’t worry, there are no dangerous animals in the UK-avoid badgers, but they are likely to be in Escape before you arrive), you can find so many hidden gems and truly appreciate the natural beauty of UK.

Anyway, enough about why you should hike in the UK, here are 7 of the UK’s best hiking experiences.

Best Hikes In The UK

Image Source: pixabay.com

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01. Blencathra

A beautiful place, situated near Keswick. The distance of Blencathra is 8.5 km which is relatively, but extremely challenging. Also, this hiking place will take you on a delightful tour of the Scotland and England border.

In Blencathra, there is a village named Threlkeld. In this village, you can find a ruggedly beautiful Hall’s Fall Ridge through beautiful English forests. Moreover, it is a spot that provides spectacular views of lack, mountains, and lush green and brownish grass of the Keswick countryside below.

Here is one thing that you need to keep in mind, there are very technical skills required to walk safely. There are many reasons for that like the rocks are very unstable and the narrow ridge. Furthermore, a wrong step could prove to be catastrophic. We would like to suggest you not attempt to ascend the rock or scramble to get to the top if the weather is bad.

The best part is, you can enjoy the beautiful view of this place from far lower viewpoints which is a good option to prevent danger.

02. Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrians Wall

Image Source: pixabay.com

This is one of the well-known places in the UK, situated in England. This place is best to visit for those who combine gorgeous natural scenery with a fair bit of English history. The trek is about 135 km and starts from Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway.

Historically, Hadrian’s Wall has a significant value in the era of the Roman Empire, serving as a defensive fortification. There are a lot of sites to view nearby the Hadrian’s Wall like ancient Roman forts or the museums where you can see the historic handy crafts and many other things related to the era of the Roman Empire.

By reaching the site, a lot of people think that Hadrian’s Wall is at the border of Scotland and England. So, we would like to clear it for you that it is totally in England.

03. Helvellyn


Image Source: pixabay.com

A place full of lush green mountains with clean and beautiful lacks, Helvellyn is located in the well-known Lake District of Cumbria. The area of this place is around 14 km in length. This site needs well-prepared people because of its tricky ways to ascent. There is a very steep exposed area.

Furthermore, there are many dangerous drop-offs on the hills of Helvellyn. There is a requirement for quality shoes that provides a strong grip on the surface. In simple words, we could say that tolerance of height is pretty necessary for this one.

Once you arrive at Helvellyn, you will understand why we have picked this site as one of the best hikes in the UK. There is a beautiful lake named Red Tarn having an eye-catchy view, a perfect place to go for a picnic before beginning the loop back to Glenridding.

04. The Lizard Coastal Walk

The Lizard Coastal Walk

Image Source: pixabay.com

The Lizard Coastal Walk is located on the southern coast of Cornwall. The total distance of this place is almost 11 km. There is a rich, beautiful beach where you can experience fresh air and a beautiful view of the ocean. Nearby the beach, there are a lot of mountains having grass at the top. These mountains enhance the beauty of the beach. In fact, this beach is considered one of the best beaches in all of England.

Starting from the bay, follow the coastal rocky path, which is usually full of fragrant heather, then pass an abandoned Victorian building, and then arrive at the Lizard Lighthouse.

It is a short drive from here to Pen Olver, where you can not only enjoy the beauty of the coast but also have two small houses that were once used by Guglielmo Marconi himself. (For laymen, Guglielmo Marconi is a famous inventor and Nobel Prize winner). Today, the cabin is a small radio museum that pays tribute to Marconi’s work and will attract travelers from all walks of life. (This is a good time to rest).

In addition to the beautiful scenery, one of the highlights of this hike is the wild animals around you! Here, you can almost certainly catch a glimpse of Chauk, a crow that was once extinct in most of England.

At the end of your journey, you will pass Pistol-Ogo-Wiese, which is believed to be the final resting place of more than 200 souls drowned in rocks when the Royal Anna sank in 1720.

This is a somewhat haunted reputation because visitors report hearing strange noises from the beach as if someone is trying to ask for help.

05. Malham Cove

Malham Cove

Image Source: pixabay.com

One of the best hikes in England so far, even in the whole of England! This 4-mile, moderate-intensity day hike is located in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, an area known for its breathtaking beauty.

On this hike, you will pass Janet’s Foss, a pristine area perfect for shooting beautiful waterfalls and admiring natural scenery, and then head to Gordale Scar, which is a canyon surrounded by huge cliffs on both sides.

Malham Cove is also very amazing, it is a perfect idyllic environment, and the water flows smoothly on the beautiful green hills.

06. North Downs Way


Image Source: pixabay.com

This is a 150-mile (150-mile) spectacular scenic hike between Farnham and Dover.

Although it is not a very challenging hike, it will take you about two weeks to complete this hike because you want to explore many amazing places at any time.

An absolutely beautiful and historic path that takes you through medieval castles and cathedrals, ancient Roman fortresses, trenches, and other refugees from World War II.

At the end of your trip, you can reward yourself for your hard work by having lunch at the Dover waterfront restaurant overlooking the English Channel and Dover Castle.

07. Pennine Way

This long walk of more than 420 kilometers will take you through the most beautiful scenery in England.

If you want to boast that you have successfully traversed the English countryside, this hike is perfect for you, as it starts in Erdale, heads to the Scottish border, and ends at Kirk Yetholm.

Not only will you experience the extraordinary charm of England’s famous peak area, but you will also experience the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales, and even a short walk through Hadrian’s Wall!

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