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Explore 8 Best Hiking Trails On Long Island

The desire of every avid hiker is to explore some of the most renowned and awe-inspiring trails. Long Island turns out to be one of those top-class hiking grounds. This is owing to the amazing number of attractions that it hosts. In addition to exquisite hiking trails, the spot has serene shorelines, hilly paths, wildflowers, epic wildlife, and a lot more fun. You cannot imagine how vibrant this place gets during summer. Rather than wandering aimlessly, here is a list of the best hiking trails on Long Island to help keep you on course. We will also unravel other interesting facts about this remarkable island.

1. Mashomack Preserve Hiking Trail

A View From Mashomack Preserve...

Mashomack Preserve hiking trail sits on a 2,039-acre of land. It features a 10-mile hiking trail that meanders through an oak-hickory forest. The trail borders salt marshes and freshwater ponds. Alongside that is a one-mile trail that is specifically designed for wheelchair users. Similarly, there is a little Braille boardwalk to improve the experience for everyone.

2. Long Island Pine Barrens Trail

It offers over 50 miles of hiking trails and footpaths. Additionally, the trail overlooks the magnificent Shinnecock Canal and goes through ponds as well as swamps. The area has several car parking lots such as the Pine Trail Preserve parking area.

3. Nassau- Suffolk Trail

It is located 20 miles between Cold Spring Harbor and Massapequa. This Greenbelt trail is accessible through Merrick Road at Ocean Avenue and is moderately crowded. There is another access point through a parking lot at the picnic area on the west side. The area around is hilly and is mostly covered with wildflowers and trees.

4. Caleb Smith State Park

Situated within the center of Smithtown, it’s made up of 543 acres of green land consisting of wetlands, ponds, streams, freshwater, and upland wood. The park offers a one-of-a-kind view of what nature has to offer which is truly refreshing to relaxing visitors.

Nonetheless, the spot hosts a wide range of plant species such as oaks, shrubs, and wildflowers. It is still home to different kinds of animals and birds. Moving on, the park consists of a number of highly accessible trails including the 1.8-mile trail in Willow Pond and the 3.1-mile trail in Caleb Smith Park Loop.

5. Fire Island Wilderness


The path leading to the historic Fire Island Lighthouse, Long Island

It gives hikers the freedom to enjoy the barrier island beaches and explore the wilderness from west to east. The wilderness has a 10-mile path and a three-mile hiking trail that goes through the wilderness breach and all the way to Wilderness Visitor Center. The wilderness is accessible by car and ferry. For your future camping permits visit: https://www.recreation.gov.

6. Cold Spring Harbor State Park

The Cold Spring Harbor State Park is set on a spectacular 40-acre piece of land. It is mainly composed of hilly terrain. In addition to that, it is home to different plant species such as oaks and thickets. Nonetheless, it has the Cold Spring Harbor Trailhead to Lawrence Hill and the Nassau Suffolk Greenbelt trail which extends to the Bethpage State Park. The hiking trail in the park extends 1.8 miles long and it’s close to a lake not to mention the fact that it is moderately crowded.

7. Trail View State Park

Trail View State Park covers a 400-acre land running between the Cold Spring Harbor State and Bethpage State Park. The park is made up of forests, fields, and marshes. It’s a perfect spot for bird watching, cross-country skiing, horse riding, bike riding, and hiking.

8. Hempstead Lake State Park

This park features a 3.1-mile hiking trail. It has minimal traffic which makes it for nature walks, road biking, and trail running. Furthermore, hikers can have fun with their furry friends while in the Park. Dogs have to be on a leash though.

Lastly, the trails in the park are accessible by wheelchair making it friendly to everyone.

What are the best places for hiking trails on Long Island?

There are plenty of great hiking trails on Long Island, and this list covers some of the best. If you’re looking for a challenging hike with beautiful scenery, one of these trails is sure to fit the bill. So get out there and explore — you might just find your new favorite spot on one of these hikes!

The following is a compilation of some of the most prominent hiking trails on Long Island:
1. Mashomack Preserve Hiking Trail
2. Long Island Pine Barrens Trail
3. Nassau- Suffolk Trail
4. Caleb Smith State Park
5. Fire Island Wilderness
6. Cold Spring Harbor State Park
7. Trail View State Park
8. Hempstead Lake State Park

Where can I walk my dog on long island?

Long Island is dog-friendly. Some of the areas where you can walk your dog include the Belmont Lake State Park with a large undeveloped dog walking trail.  Besides that, there is the Blydenburgh County Park with a whole 1.8-acre enclosed park set aside for your furry friend.

In addition to that, the island has other areas dedicated entirely to pet recreation.  They are listed below:

  • Camp Hero State Park
  • Christopher Morley Park
  • Heckscher State Park
  • Westhill’s Park
  • Shadmoor State Park
  • Bickerson Beach Park
  • Wantagh Park
  • Montauk Point State Park
  • Hither Hills State Park
  • Hempstead Lake State Park
  • Town of Huntington Park

Does Long Island have mountains?

Long Island is mostly flat although it has a few hills. The topmost point is Jayne’s Hill which is found in Suffolk County. It has an elevation of 400 feet above sea level.

Where can I ride my bike on Long Island?

Long island boasts a wide range of bicycle trails spread all over. To begin with, there is the Bethpage Bikeway runs for a 12.5-mile distance. Alongside that is the Belmont Lake State Park featuring a stone bridge and waterfall.  The Bethpage State Park is another fine bicycle trail characterized by flat terrain. Other exceptional areas that provide bicycle tracks are the Connetquot Shared-use Path, the Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve as well as the Cathedral Pines County Park.

How many miles is the Jones Beach Bike Path?

The Jones Beach Bike Path stretches a whole 17.3 miles. It is located close to Massapequa, New York, and is characterized by light traffic. Moreover, it offers one a clear glimpse at the wildlife around the island. Most importantly, the bike path accommodates riders at all skill levels. It is excellent for road biking, walking, bird watching, and trail running.


There are plenty of amazing hiking trails to explore on Long Island, and each one offers its own unique beauty. Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike with stunning views or an easy stroll through nature, you’ll find the perfect trail for you on this list. So grab your hiking boots and water bottle and hit the trails!

Over the years, Long Island has been rated as the best spot for hikers. This article has highlighted some of the best hiking trails on Long Island. You should definitely try them out for an impeccable experience!

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