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Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet Women’s

Having the correct footwear while hiking is important. Wearing the correct footwear can determine how successful a trek can be. Hiking boots are designed specifically to protect your feet and ankles. This is especially important for women with wide feet. The width of your foot is just as important as the length. To assure maximum protection and comfort you will want to have the correct footwear. Luckily, there are many types of hiking boots for women that are specially designed for women with wide feet. Here we will discuss few aspects of best hiking boots for wide feet women's.

Importance Of Hiking Boots For Wide Feet

They are structured to provide protection and comfort. This form of footwear has traction and is often waterproof. This is very beneficial while walking along trails.

This type of footwear is stiffer than most. The stiffness protects your ankle. The ankle support is crucial to avoid injury.  Due to the stiffness of the boot, they tend to fit quite snug around the foot.

Your hike can only be as good as your boots. As stated before, the width of your foot is just as important as the length. A shoe may become painful if it is not the proper fit. This being especially true for a foot that is large in width. There are many types available out there. In particular, types for women with wide feet are very accessible.

Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet Womens

Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet Womens

How To Choose A Hiking Boot For Wide Feet

Upon choosing the correct type it is important to keep a few things in mind. Of course, the width being the first. It can increase your comfort level to choose a wide version. This is if you identify with having wide feet or not.

Personal Needs 

You will want to think about your personal needs. It is important to think about the types of trails you will find yourself on.

Some styles are more lightweight and specifically made for short trips. Though this form is durable, this type of design is for easy trips.

Some styles are better for long and hard treks. This type is much more durable and sturdy. 


After you have determined what types of trails you will be on, the material is next.

There are different leathers and synthetic materials to choose from.

Keep in mind the type of terrain you will be on. This is important when deciding upon a material. If you plan to hike in a warmer climate you should consider footwear made with mesh panels. This can also aid in the comfort of a wide foot. Leather material will benefit those who hike in colder climates. It may be hard to find wide versions of leather. 

Most hiking boots are waterproof. Some are more waterproof than others though. Consider the amount of water you will come across along your trip.

The Fit

Of course, the most important thing to think about when choosing is fit. Having comfortable footwear during your hike is crucial. Simply choosing a size larger than your normal size will not benefit you. There are many types out there for wide feet. These types have a lightweight design but are durable.

The toe box is another important aspect of the fit. There are many benefits to having a wide toe box. Typical hiking boots have a tapered toe box. This style will force your toes together. The obvious benefit of a wide toe box is comfort. A few other benefits are increased balance, improved toe alignment, and protection against injury.

You will want to try it on before purchasing. As previously stated, this footwear does fit snug. A tight fit will benefit you on your hike. You will want it to fit snug but not feel a sense of discomfort.

Different Boots For Backpacking

boots or shoes for hiking

boots or shoes for hiking

The differences between standard hiking boots and backpacking ones are often subtle. Though the differences are subtle they are important. Footwear for backpacking is typically more sturdy than standard hiking footwear. This difference is because a day hike is often milder than a backpacking trip.

There are a few different styles that are great for wide feet while backpacking.

The Styles 

These styles vary. All of the styles have both benefits and downsides. Let’s explore the various styles.

Water Shoes

While backpacking, you may want to bring along a pair of water shoes. If you plan on water throughout your trail, water shoes are a good option to have.

You can use this style for your hike. They are versatile regardless of their main purpose.

They tend to have holes on each side of the shoe. This can cause issues while hiking due to rocks and debris.

This style will not provide maximum protection along your hike. It is best to have these shoes in addition to your main footwear. Using them when you come across water.


The low-cut style is simple and flexible. This results in a lightweight form. The form is great for simple trails.

Flexible midsoles are a part of this style. Making them excellent for a simple day hike. They require a little break-in time.

The low-cut style does not offer a good amount of ankle support. This can be helpful when on steep hills with a flexible fit. 

These shoes can have the purpose of a casual setting, as well. Meaning you will not have to bring an extra pair of shoes in your backpack. Resulting in less weight on your shoulders!

Backpacking overall may be more difficult with this style. This is due to the lack of ankle support. Also, it makes it easy for rocks and other debris to enter your shoe. 


Mid-cut is more beneficial when it comes to backpacking.

This style has better ankle support. Carrying a heavy backpack will be a great help. The extra ankle support will lend to a sense of balance.

Mid-cut aids to extra protection. This is protection against injury on your ankles and legs.

It helps in protecting against injury such as a sprained ankle. The higher the cut the more ankle support.

The style can aid in keeping your feet dry. The higher cut results in fewer things entering your boot.


High-cut style is a staple to a backpacking trip. The high-cut boot is overall the best option.

The ankle support and protection is the greatest with this style. They have a structure that supports heavyweight. Besides, the style is great for easy or rough terrain.

Hiking boots should fit snug everywhere. You will notice this most with a high-cut style.

High-cut boots have a stiff midsole. A stiffer midsole requires a bit more time to break-in. Overall, they are the most durable and supportive style available.

Overall Buying Guide

Hiking Boots For Wide Feet Womens

Hiking Boots For Wide Feet Womens

Boots have a different structure from any other footwear. They are structured to provide protection and comfort throughout your travels. Comfort is one of their purposes, it is crucial to have the correct fit. Hiking boots and shoes are easy to find for women with wide feet.

It is good to keep a few things in mind when choosing this particular footwear. First being what you will need them for. Some are better for backpacking while others are perfect for a simple day hike. Next, you should consider the best material for you. There are different types of leather and synthetic materials to choose from. Certain materials even benefit wide feet more than others. Last, you should assure you that it is the right fit for your foot. You should try a hiking boot on before purchasing.

The overall best style for backpacking is a high-cut boot. A high-cut style will provide you with the best protection and durability.

Merrell is a great brand to consider for your footwear. Merrell has a whole line that is specifically for those with wide feet.


Your hike can only be as good as your footwear. Luckily, there are many options out there for women with wide feet. Happy hiking!


Below are a few frequently asked questions with answers. Hopefully, the answers found will help to clear up any questions you might still have.

Should I buy wide ones?

If you identify with having wide feet, you should buy ones that are meant for wide feet. This will assure the proper comfort level.

Are Merrell’s good for wide feet?

Merrell’s are a great option for wide feet. They have a specific line just for wide feet.

What is the most comfortable type?

Overall, high cut hiking boots are known for being the most comfortable.

Are hiking shoes or boots better?

Whether you should purchase hiking shoes or boots depends on your personal needs. Hiking shoes are softer and more flexible than boots. Boots are more sturdy and durable.

Should you buy them half a size bigger?

Many people prefer ones that are a half or full size larger than their normal shoe size. It especially a good choice if you have a wide foot.

What shoes have the widest toe box?

The toes tend to be the widest part of the foot. Hiking shoes tend to have a wider toe box than boots.

Do Merrell shoes have a wide toe box?

Both regular and wide versions of Merrell shoes have wide toe boxes.

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