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Best Outdoor Adventure Books on Audible

Do you know that with Amazon Audible membership you could enjoy unlimited access to lots of interesting best outdoor adventure books? Actually, Audible provides readers with great outdoor entertainment experience in the form of audio books and other audio-driven meditation and fitness programs and lots more.

Best Outdoor Adventure Books

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Audible members are also allowed to roll over unused credits so that the rolled over credit is used for future transactions. As regards whether the unused credits expire, well, I can guarantee that at least, up to 6 credits could be rolled over, and your credits don’t expire after cancellation.

Are Audiobooks free on audible?A Free 30-Day Trial

By subscribing to a Free 30-Day Trial, a reader gets access to 2 audiobooks plus 2 Audible Originals as well as unlimited access to exclusive audio-guided fitness and meditation programs.

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Top 10 Best Outdoor Adventure Books on Audible

Our Top Rated Audiobooks

#1st Rated

My Side of the Mountain: Michael Crouch

  • Written by Jean Craighead George and narrated by Michael Crouch.
  • Fed up with city life, Sam Gribley counts the cost of survival in the woods of the Catskill Mountains alone by himself. There he flees with just a penknife, a ball of cord, 40 dollars, and some flint and steel, to learn about courage, danger, and self-sufficiency during the year that changed his life forever.
  • #2nd Rated

    Dead Mountain: Donnie Eichar

    Written by Donnie Eichar and Audible Studios. It features the survival true story of the nine-man hiker's group in the Ural Mountains of Russia and the forms of their mysterious deaths.

    #3rd Rated

    Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life: Jason Hanson

    Written by Jason Hanson and Penguin Audio. Jason Hanson a former CIA officer unleashes the tactics he used for surveillance, protection, and counter-intelligence as they find relevance in everyday civilian struggle for survival.

    You’d agree with me the best stories of survival are told by those who went through the ordeal; even better stories are told by those who were trained to go through it and actually experienced it. This cannot be less of those great survival series you’re looking out for!

    #4th Rated

    AWOL on the Appalachian Trail: David Miller

    • This book is an account of an interesting adventure from Georgia to Maine. It consists of full descriptions of the Appalachian Mountains, which inspired his adventure and the prospects in going the unconventional way in life.
    #5th Rated

    Finding Ultra: Rich Roll

    Finding Ultra is loaded with just a lot for those who desire inspiration for their physical transformation.

    This book shows that poor physique at forty might not be poor forever, and that’s if there is resilience. Join Rich as he shares the experience of how he started at forty and becomes one of the world’s fittest men.

    #6th Rated

    Grandma Gatewood's Walk: Ben Montgomery

    In a bid to satisfy her desire for a thrilling outdoor experience, and that, to the top of Maine’s Mount Katahdin, 67-year-old grandma Gatewood had told her family she was going on a walk.

    She would realize this dream in September 1955, when after walking 800 miles through the Appalachian Trail, she found herself proclaiming, “I said I’ll do it and I’ve done it.

    #7th Rated

    BUSH CRAFT 101: Dave Canterbury

  • For every adventure, whether anticipated or an emergency, there are always chances of survival. But the chances get bigger when basic instructions are received from those who are specially trained to thrive well in such situations. Dave Canterbury, a survival specialist, and Travis Tonn are a good choice to make. Their Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival is a useful guide for anticipants of situations of emergency.
  • #8th Rated

    100 Deadly Skills: Clint Emerson

    Do you wish to know how to manage today’s emergencies as they come in diverse forms? Some hundred skills have been adapted from the field operations of Special Forces.

    Think about the dynamics of the day-to-day challenges we all face, there are times you have to take cover from raining bullets, fire and other dangers; think about the many brawling frenzies you’ve found yourself in. To put things straight is to say all of us are in need of such a book. Nothing is as thrilling when civilians also do it the way the boys do it.

    #9th Rated

    UP: My Life journey to the Top of Everest :Ben Fogle

    In the greatest challenge of their life, the adventurers, Ben Fogle, Victoria Pendleton, and Kenton Cool accepted to climb the highest peak in the world in an attempt to examine the environmental challenges faced by mountains for the British Red Cross. This book contains the account of the adventure as narrated by Folge.

    #10th Rated

    Way of the Warrior Kid: Jocko Willink

    The Way of the Warrior kid is the story of the young boy, Marc, in his fifth grade which as he felt, was the worst year of his life, as the boy got completely tired of the fictitious environment he found himself at the gym class, in math, and even the class field trip was spoilt with irksome restrictions – he couldn’t swim.

    And above all odds was his biggest threat – Kenny “the king of the jungle”. Marc wanted the most realistic life he could get. What happened as his uncle showed up? Check out how the wimpy kid took the Navy SEAL Way to become a warrior.

    What is a good Audio Book?

    The world we live in demands that every second of the day counts for he who would get the best out of every revolution of a clock. Actually, the days are gone when the load of work for the day; the hours spent in long road trips; the need to engage in other outdoor adventures meant the foregoing of our reading culture.

    No other word than “odd” better defines flipping the pages of books during outdoor adventures. Amazon Audible is incontrovertibly foremost in making our outdoor adventures more interesting, and truth to this abound in the quality of Amazon outdoor books.

    In other words, it requires a special condition which the natures of most 21st century jobs don’t permit to actually read-up all of those traditional books in your shelf, but with Amazon Audible, even much more can be read within a short space of time and with greater ease!

    best outdoor adventure books

    best outdoor adventure books

    Why should you drop all those traditional books and get audio books at once?

  • Should the inability to read be the end of your reading culture? No! Even though the wildfire of education has engulfed almost all parts of the planet today, the importance of audiobooks still cannot be over-emphasized. 
  • Anytime narration which allows for effective management of time. Let me quote myself here: “The days are gone when the load of work for the day; the hours spent in long road trips; the need to engage in other outdoor adventures meant the foregoing of our reading culture. No other word than “odd” better defines flipping the pages of books during outdoor adventures. Amazon Audible is incontrovertibly foremost in making our outdoor adventures more interesting, and truths to this abound in the quality of Amazon outdoor books.”
  • Maybe some people read written books while taking a walk, well, I have no doubt such readers have yet to come across audiobooks. Why glue your eyes to the book on the road when your ears can garner all of those pieces of information with the eyes focused on the path?
  • Narration is the most important factor. By narration, I mean the combination of the voice and the tempo. The quality of the narration goes a long way influencing the view of a reader about a particular book and not just the content.

    Final Verdict

    With all that said, I have no doubt your questions about which the best is between audio and traditional books; the world best provider of audio books; the things to consider when looking out for the best audio books and a few examples of audio books you may wish to try out, have all been answered.

    And so, if you are satisfied as I hope, sign-up for a free membership on Audible with your existing Amazon account, but if you don’t have one, you could register an Amazon account. Once you have created your Amazon account, you can proceed to sign in to Audible using your username and Amazon password with the link below.

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