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The 7 Best Travel Insurance Covering Hiking

Like any other hiking tip, insuring your adventure is also important. One big draw of travel insurance is safeguarding you from financial risks. Besides financial risks, travel insurance also covers medical risks as well as flight disruption. How would you feel when your loss of checked-in baggage, loss of personal belonging, and passport is covered by an organization? Great, right?

With a variant of travel insurance available on the shelves today, picking the best hiking insurance might be a little bit tricky. Fortunately, the post is here to help. It reviews the best travel insurance for adventure travelers.

Best Travel Insurance Covering Hiking

Best Travel Insurance Covering Hiking in the US

1. World Nomads

Since its existence in 2002, World Nomads is the best USA travel insurance for hikers. With the brand’s flexible and affordable satisfaction, you can confidently explore the world with a stress-free mind. Whether you are going on a single or family adventure, World Nomads got you covered. The organization offers the best travel security to keep you safe and healthy.

Are you hospitalized, or lost a close relative, perhaps your partner is unfit to travel, you got no worries. World Nomads provides maximum protection from unexpected cancellations. It doesn’t stop there! The company offers coverage to individuals’ medical or dental costs.

On emergency medical transportation to home and hospital, the brand is unmatched. Regardless of your hiking activities, it provides the essential shelter to fit your needs. More importantly, these benefits come with certain restrictions and plans. So, check for the terms and conditions applied to its explorer and standard plan.

2. VisitorsCoverage Travel Insurance Solutions

Next on the list is this outstanding travel insurance in the heart of Silicon Valley. With 14 years of vast experience in the insurance world, it is best known for providing innovative solutions to all traveling problems. Users who love mountain climbing, trekking, or hiking will never go wrong with this brand.

Without losing count, it offers thousands of mountaineering and hiking insurance to people in over 50 states in the US. Unlike the previous brand, it provides amazing coverage in death cases. If you want AD$D or repatriation benefits, look no further than this insurance company.

There’s virtually no way you would climb mountains time after time without sustaining any injury. Fortunately, VisitorsCoverage Travel Insurance Solutions covers mountaineering injuries sustained below 4,500 meters. Likewise, it provides up to $1, 000000 emergency medical evacuation insurance. Besides, it offers trip cancellation coverage.

3. INSUREANDGO Travel Insurance

For all passionate hikers, this scheme is worth checking out. InsureandGo has been in existence for over 20 years. It guarantees more than 50 sports activities including hiking and trekking. The brand offers a black, gold, and silver insurance policy. Aside from this, it comes with terms and conditions for all hiking enthusiasts. Just pick the one that is of most preference.

Whether you want to rearrange, cut off, or cut short your trip, you can always trust this brand. It provides trip protection. InsureandGo insurance also covers up to 2000 meters altitude. Moreover, it protects between 2000 and 6000 m altitude medical expenses of all travelers. However, any distance above 6000 meters is excluded.

In case you destroy other people’s property, this brand got your back. What else? InsureandGo trekking insurance covers personal accidents including death, blindness, or any form of disability. One great deal of the brand is that it offers free kid’s insurance.

4. Allianz Travel Insurance

Irrespective of how you search for the best travel insurance covering hiking, you’ll always find this company on the list. If you are a lover of adventure who travels frequently and wants to save some trip costs, Allianz Travel might be the right plug for you.

In a nutshell, it is one of the cheapest travel insurance for hikers and backpackers in the United States. Like other brands, its reasonably priced coverage policies differ in their benefits.

If you cancel your trip for an important reason and don’t want to lose the non-refundable funds, Allianz Travel provides the best trip cancellation benefits. It compensates you for any additional travel costs. Also offers trip delayed relief.

Also, it covers emergency dental and medical expenses during your hiking trip. What more? Allianz Travel offers variant emergency medical transit to help you get adequate care.

5. INSUBUY Travel Insurance

For lovers of recreational activity, this is another best travel insurance to partner with. It was established in the year 2000 and is situated in Plano Texas. INSUBUY offers exceptional hiking and mountaineering insurance across the states.

It also offers trip protection coverage including trip delays and interruption. The worst thing is to travel, get injured and spend a splash of money on medications from your pocket. Fortunately, INSUBUY travel insurance provides fantastic health insurance. This benefit covers an individual’s medical charge and medical evacuation satisfaction.

That’s not all! Note that the medical insurance coverage is not more than 15000 feet. The protection price and coverage limits depend on age, destination, and trekking distance. If your plans require hiking trails for several days, it is better to subscribe to hazardous sports travel insurance.

6. BIG CAT Travel Insurance

If you ask why many opt-in for this brand, I would have unlimited reasons to give. As one of the top traveling insurance covering hiking, it provides amazing benefits to lovers of adventurous experiences. BIG CAT Travel Insurance Standard Policy offers hiking insurance up to 2,500 meters. On the other hand, the Activity Pack does not cover walking more than 4,600 m. Nevertheless, the brand’s Extreme Activity Policy offers above 4,600 meters of trekking coverage.

Another luxury feature of these units is that the premier policy offers up to €10m medical and repatriation costs. On the flip side, the standard policy provides up to €5m. That’s incredibly enough. Also, it offers €2m for affordable policies.

Likewise, it ensures baggage protection and provides a 24/7 emergency helpline. If you need an urgent vehicle, BIG CAT Travel Insurance backs you up as long as you are within the United States.

7. Travelex Insurance Services

travel insurance backpacking

Leave it or take it, Travelex Insurance Services is one of the best travel insurance for adventure travelers. Since 1996, it has offered cost-effective insurance to users across the states. For any missed connections, and flight delays, you can always trust the brand. It reimburses you for additional traveling costs.

With Travelex Insurance Services’ three policies, you can effortlessly choose the one that best fits your travel plan. It designs its travel select options for a family foreign trip up to $50,000 medical expenses. Also, it’s ideal for sports activities coverage. Travelex Insurance Services’ travel basic policy is made for individuals who need a budget-friendly insurance scheme.

For users going on 14 days of holiday vacations, the travel America plan is the best for you. It provides you with the maximum hiking comfort you can ever imagine. This benefit comes with emergency medical coverage, roadway assistance, $250,000 in lost gadgets, and others.


1. Which Travel Insurance is best for backpackers?

Without any debate, World Nomads is a great brand in multiple worlds. It is the best travel insurance for backpackers across the globe. It offers phat insurance benefits including unplanned trip delays or cancelation, medical payments, stolen luggage, and all. Nevertheless, it also has some coverage restrictions. You can always check the page for additional information.

2. Does Travel Insurance cover hiking?

Yes! Most travel insurance covers hiking to an extent. Aside from the fact that travel insurance for hiking comes with different plans, it also comes with variant benefits. Generally, the minimum travel insurance for hikers is up to 2000 m. If there is any need to insure more than this, you’ll need to apply for in-depth coverage.

3. Who offers the cheapest travel insurance?

When it comes to dirt cheap travel insurance with variant interest, Allianz Travel Insurance is the right one for it. Even with its variant functions and features, it is very economical. Like other travel insurance covering hiking, it also offers baggage delay benefits, emergency transportation coverage, and many more.

4. What is backpacker travel insurance?

Backpacker travel insurance is also known as extendable travel insurance. It refers to insurance designed for coverage of longer adventure activities. Moreover, it is ideal for users planning to travel to multiple places for up to 18 months.

5. Does travel insurance cover trekking?

Sure! Like hiking, travel insurance covers trekking. Primarily, insurance policies cover trekking up to 2000 meters altitude with exceptions to distance limits. Nevertheless, some companies offer up to 6000 meters of coverage. All you need to do is to check the terms and conditions applied to a specific plan.


Hiking is an exciting and pleasurable outdoor activity for nature enthusiasts. Regardless of the destinations, getting insurance is beneficial. If there is a derail in your trekking expenses, travel insurance got you covered. It safeguards from all unforeseen circumstances and unplanned disbursement. Here are the best 7 travel insurance for adventure travelers. All brands selected are of great qualities and features. With these units, you will have a tension-free voyage.

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