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7 Best Water Shoes For Hiking Women’s

Treading through wet, muddy, or other tricky terrains can be a daunting task without proper footwear. The last thing you want on an adventure is squelching noise from water-soaked shoes. That is why outdoor enthusiasts need water shoes. Female hikers should get the best water shoes for hiking women’s. Not only are they light but also breathable and protective. Also, they feature a rugged design to enhance durability and thick soles for support.

Read on to understand more about water shoes as well as the features you should consider when buying one. Together with that, we are going to review some of the leading brands for women.

best water shoes for hiking womens

1. Merrell Women’s Hydrotrekker Water Shoe

“Great for hiking in less demanding terrains!”

Reliable Pick

Merrell Womens Hydrotrekker Water Shoe

Main Features

  • Odor eliminating Merrell M Select Fresh technology
  • Superb traction on slippery terrain
  • Quick-drying for dry cozy feet
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Long-lasting construction

A reliable hiking partner!

The Merrell women’s Hydrotrekker is a solid water shoe designed to provide protection, support, and confidence to wade through water or mud. Let us look at more features that make the model desirable.

Super Stable and Comfortable

The pair is serious about stability. It incorporates molded EVA midsole for a stable step. Contoured EVA insole elevates support and shock absorption.  Alongside that, it comes with traditional lace closure for a snug fit. For optimal comfort, the model has hydramorph midsole ports and channels, which enhance air ventilation. It also eliminates water efficiently leaving your feet dry.

Water Friendly Design

These shoes have meshed upper and water-friendly synthetic to enhance water evacuation. Exceptional Hydramorph Technology keeps water out at all times. This ensures that you can swim and walk through rain or a creek effortlessly.

Uncommon Traction

Great water shoes should have great traction. This pair lives up to that expectation. It features the M Select WET GRIP outsole that guarantees hassle-free trekking on slippery or wet surfaces.

They are a remarkable choice if you are looking for reasonable water shoes with dependable underwater traction and quick-drying capability.


  • Features quality material
  • Water-friendly uppers
  • Extra comfy


  • Not ideal for tough terrains
  • Not entirely waterproof

2. Salomon Women’s Techamphibian 3 W

“Suitable for hiking, cycling, and summer outdoor activities!”

Reliable Pick

Salomon Womens Techamphibian

Main Features

  • Great toe cap design for unbeatable toe protection
  • Provide good stability on uneven ground
  • The exemplary grip on any surface
  • Premium top fabric for durability
  • Unique water-shedding design

Suitable for hiking, cycling, and summer outdoor activities!

Whether you need to cross a river or trek through rocky terrain, the Salomon Women’s Techamphibian 3 shoes have your back. Just as the name suggests, they are equipped with the right facets to tackle the harshest environments.

Revolutionary Cabriolet Design

The design also delivers enviable adjustability thanks to a pioneering in heel strap and lacing system. You can take them off or put them on seamlessly.

Outdoor Oriented

This pair has a thick rubber sole that provides protection and boosts support.  The expertly treaded outsole is responsible for finer grip and traction on the ground or underwater. Aside from that is the ingenious mesh construction.  It elevates breathability besides getting rid of water to keep the shoe dry.

Technical Feature Set

It is engineered for use in water and on land. It comes with vents and mesh construction for sufficient water removal. Other than that, it dries quickly in addition to promoting air circulation to keep your feet dry and odorless.

The Salomon Women’s Techamphibian 3 meets all the requirements of a world-class water shoe and is worth the investment. 


  • Ultra-lightweight feel
  • Easy to get on
  • Dries fast


  • Heel cap tends to loosen fast
  • Lacing string is thin and uncomfortable

3. Astral Hiyak Outdoor Minimalist Boots

“Ideal for boat riding and kayaking!”

Reliable Pick

Astral Hiyak Outdoor Minimalist Boots

Main Features

  • Built from environmentally friendly materials
  • Fast-drying to keep it dry and appealing
  • Superior construction makes it durable
  • Phenomenal airflow design and holes
  • Effective traction on wet surfaces
  • High cut for adequate insulation

Meant for water, shines in the water!

Astral Hiyak Outdoor Minimalist Boots are one of a kind. They come with a rich feature set to give you the necessary balance, support, and protection in water and on slippery or uneven surfaces. Check out a breakdown of its pioneering features:

Hydrophobic and Quick Drying

Even after wading through a stream, these booties dry in no time. All that is possible with the help of quick-drying canvas upper and insulated air mesh. Still, its laces are water-resistant. On top of that, the booties have drain holes at the heel and top.

Ground-Conforming Grip and Stability

These Astral booties will keep you rooted to the ground at all times utilizing a sticky top performance rubber outsole. Moreover, the sole boasts of remarkable balance and grip on smooth surfaces. Additionally, a low durometer ensures better sole-to-surface contact. Top of it all, the booties include a wider toe box, which allows your toe to spread out accordingly and uplifts stability.

Superior Construction

It features the hydrophobic canvas fitted directly to the outsole for augmented durability. Likewise, its laces stay hidden in Velcro straps to keep knots intact and mitigate snagging. The entire shoe is light for a less strenuous hiking experience. The material used is waterproof in addition to improving airflow. To crown it all, the boots offer better toot protection owing to stiff outsoles.

If you are looking for dependable insulation, and better knee and ankle protection in a stylish and high-performing shell, the Astral Hiyak Outdoor Minimalist Boots should be your go-to choice.


  • Added foot and ankle protection
  • Unparalleled shock absorption
  • Abrasion-resistant outsole


  • Sand and grit may slip in through the drainage ports causing discomfort
  • Velcro straps need improvement for convenience

4. adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex CC Boat Sleek Walking Shoe 

“​Best suited for low-intensity hiking and less demanding terrains!”

Reliable Pick

adidas Womens Terrex Walking Shoe

Main Features

  • Provides a great fit for narrow feet
  • Adjustable for a customizable fit
  • Women-specific construction
  • Convenient lacing system
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The water shoes that suffice for all your wet terrain needs!

adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex CC is one of the most sought-after hiking shoes because of its stylish construction and exceptional outdoor performance. There are more reasons why the model is so popular among female hikers:

Highly Functional

This is a versatile pair great for summer thanks to the Climacool 360-degree cooling system. For wet conditions, you have the mesh constructions to drain out water.

Women-Specific Fit

The pair is designed to fit on the narrowest feet. It includes a stretchable heel insert that amplifies comfort and guarantees a better fit. You will also love its cute and stylish look.

Dependable Traction

Smooth surfaces like wet roads, beaches, and surfboards should not limit your fun as the shoes have a remarkable rubber outsole. The non-marking TRAXION outsole conforms better to the surface thus enhancing traction. Likewise, its gripping powers are out of this world.

adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex CC Boat Sleek Walking Shoe is a great buy for hikers seeking versatility, satisfactory wet terrain functionality, and a bit of style. 


  • Appealing sleek design
  • Top of the line quality
  • Simple and all-round


  • Inadequate cushioning limits support
  • Not very comfortable during winter

5. NRS Women’s Paddle Wet shoes 

“Amazing choice for boaters, hikers, and water sports!”

Reliable Pick

NRS Womens Paddle Wetshoe

Main Features

  • Less bulky for a likable experience
  • Quality stitching and construction
  • Women-specific design and fit
  • Supreme ankle protection
  • Phenomenal insulation

Undisputed wet terrain champion!

NRS Women’s Paddle Wet shoes make crossing cold water, slippery, or rocky terrain seem like a walk in the park. They bring forth cutting-edge facets specifically crafted to meet your needs in the most punishing conditions.

Protective Design

First, a silky underneath soak curbs rubbing and scratching. Other than that, every boot is long enough, resting above the ankle. Extra padding on the outer ankle area alleviates external pressure. Despite that, the shape of the shoes complements the natural shape of women’s feet for a secure fit. If that is not enough, the outer shell features premium stretchy rubber, which makes it puncture-proof and stable. It is shock absorbent too. Traction and grip are on the next level. Moreover, the sole wraps around the toe and heel area to keep your feet safe.

Outdoor-Focused Construction

Apart from being lightweight, the shoe has an amazing water drainage system. VaporLost lining that is soft and fleece-like works to repel water.  The shoe is equipped with gusset-backed YKK zippers for convenience.

Noteworthy Insulation

Freezing should be the least of your worry once you have the NRS Women’s Paddle Wetshoe. 3mm Terraprerne neoprene enhances insulation by reflecting heat via titanium layers. Ultimately, the shoe dries super fast to achieve superior warmth.

The NRS Women’s Paddle Wet shoes have the right features to take on the roughest and coldest conditions. It is durable and fairly priced as well.


  • Convenient YKK zippers
  • Enviable water repellence
  • Dries quickly for coziness


  • Might not be very breathable in warm weather
  • Might be a little tight at the ankles

6. KEEN Women’s EVOFIT ONE Water Sandal for Outdoor Adventures

Ideal for wet hiking conditions!”

Reliable Pick

KEEN Womens EVOFIT ONE Water Sandal

Main Features

  • Excellent stitching boosts durability
  • Made from top quality material
  • The extremely comfortable footbed
  • Adjustable for  a perfect fit
  • Easy to get on and off

Water shoes that make a joke out of the toughest terrain!

You can never go wrong with the KEEN – Women’s EVOFIT ONE Water Sandal. The pair delivers a combination of unmatched comfort, elevated support, and optimal functionality in the most unfriendly environments.  There is more:

Top of the range Comfort

Overall, you can rock the sandals for any summer activity thanks to the marvelous breathability offered by the open design.  The open design loses water fast. Onward, they fit without a hitch. Nonetheless, you will not have to worry about blisters and irritation owing to a comfortable inner construction. The lacing system is secure and adjustable for a personalized fit. Most of all, EVOFIT fabric is moisture-wicking and quick drying.

Naturally Flexible

Better flexibility on all surfaces means better stability. This is exactly why these sandals give you. They incorporate TPU inserts that ensure a steady movement on any surface.  By the same token, they have PU midsoles that are formulated ingeniously to improve stability.

Unbeatable AQUAGRIP Traction

With these sandals, you can delve into the most slippery, wet, or muddy terrains smoothly. The outsole features Keen’s propriety rubber blend that optimizes traction on wet or dry surfaces.

KEEN – Women’s EVOFIT ONE has proven to be one of the best water sandals for outdoor adventure. This is courtesy of an impressive feature set, a unique design, and quality construction.


  • Fast draining design
  • Wholesome protection
  • Extra breathable


  • Their clear-sealed tag rubs on the skin causing irritation
  • Color fades easily

7. ALEADER Women’s Water Hiking Shoe

“​Great for summer hiking and unforgiving wet terrains!”

Reliable Pick

ALEADER Womens Water Hiking Shoe

Main Features

  • Notable rugged terrain performance
  • Incredible water drainage systems
  • Outstanding shock abruption
  • Textile upper dries quickly
  • Provides a customized fit
  • Convenient lacing system

The pair you can count on in grim hiking conditions!

ALEADER is a prime women’s water hiking shoe for several reasons. Let us highlight some of the attributes that make the pair a top seller:

Superior Construction

The shoes feature the tennis shoe design that delivers added support. They are crafted to provide a snug fit. This way, you can walk for long without fearing blisters. Again, the pair is very light and you will barely feel them on your feet. Its lacing system is user friendly allowing you to slip the shoes on and off without breaking a sweat. In the same way, it is very adjustable to yield a snug fit.

Well-Engineered Drainage System

Mesh holes at the bottom of the shoes drain out water to keep your feet dry and cozy. The upper mesh also keeps out water, dries quickly, and wicks away any moisture.

Added Coverage and Protection

The pair gives you the freedom to tackle any terrain with unbelievable ease. This is owing to exemplary support generated by the synthetic ribbon lined on the sides. In a like manner, the toes are kept safe by PU reinforcement. A cleverly designed outsole and thick cushioning improve shock absorption.

As the name insinuates, ALEADER Women’s Water Hiking Shoe is a high-end product that guarantees value for your money.


  • Offers secure and snug fit
  • Five-star construction
  • Superb toe protection
  • Highly breathable


  • The mesh tends to be scratchy which causes discomfort
  • Holes in the sole draw in pebbles and other debris

Importance of Women’s Water Shoes While Hiking

This shoes can serve you in different ways. First, they provide dependable traction. This way, you can walk confidently on slippery surfaces. They also possess an enviable grip on rough terrains. Secondly, they do a remarkable job of regulating temperature. The footwear is available in different styles to keep feet cool or warm depending on prevailing conditions.

Another reason to hike with water shoes is added comfort and support. Ankles are particularly vulnerable on uneven surfaces. However, thick soles on these shoes guarantee world-class shock absorption to prevent injury. Moving on, these are quick drying. They drain out water efficiently thus keeping the feet dry and comfortable. Other than that, they are super light for a less strenuous hiking experience. Finally, they shoes are pocket friendly.

How to Choose the Best Women’s Water Shoes for Hiking and Backpacking

Go for the following properties when selecting a great pair for your next hike:

They should be easy to get on and off

A good section of hikers only uses these shoes for those parts of the trail with water or mud-like wading through a river. Consequently, they need shoes that are easy to get on and off. The shoes require quick-release buckles or laces.

Comfort should be next to none

Comfort for hiking shoes revolves around all the aspects of the footwear. To begin with, it must be lightweight and quick drying. Next, it should expel water quickly. If possible, the shoes ought to be waterproof or have a water-resistant membrane. Onward, it has to be breathable to alleviate bad odor and keep the feet dry. Thick soles magnify shock absorption and underfoot protection too. A snug fit guarantees improved support and better traction. Overall, these attributes amplify comfort.

Support must be on point

The design and structure of the water shoe on the arch of the foot and ankle determines its level of support. Top support comes in handy if you plan to use the water shoes for a long hike.

Ensure they are protective enough

Protection is among the leading reasons why you need this footwear. Your toes and underfoot are vulnerable to stones, thorns, and other sharp objects. You should avoid shoes with open toes if you are traversing potentially dangerous terrain. Thick soles also play a big role when it comes to shock absorption.

Types of Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Hiking Womens

Water shoes are available in different designs and construction to provide varied functionality. Here are several types of water shoes you can select to suit your purpose:

I. Water sneakers 

Water sneakers have a striking resemblance to actual sneakers except for a few modifications. This is mainly in the material, which is quick-drying. Additionally, the design is instrumental in draining water out of the shoe to keep the feet dry. Water sneakers are exceptional for their sturdiness and stability. They make good heavy-duty hiking shoes.

II. Booties 

Just as you might expect, booties are high-cut either at the knee or at the ankle. This makes them extra protective in unforgiving terrains such as muddy trails.

III. Mary Janes

They have an attractive design and outlook. If you want water shoes with optimal comfort, functionality, and a little bit of style, this is your go-to option. Apart from hiking, Mary Janes are ideal for casual wear. Yet, they provide unmatched stability owing to straps that stretch across the foot.

IV. Water sandals 

Water sandals offer heightened ventilation, drainage, and anchorage. To achieve that, the shoes feature open toes, straps, and thick soles. Water sandals are consummate for hikers with bunions, corn, and other foot problems owing to open toes.

V. Five-toed shoes

They boast of outstanding grip owing to their prominent design. This makes five-toed shoes an excellent choice for areas that might be too slippery.

Things to Consider While Choosing Women’s Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Hiking

Water shoes are crafted specifically for wet hikes with mud and water. However, not all water shoes may be tailored to suit your needs. Here are several factors you should always observe when choosing women’s water shoes:

a. Grip and Traction

They are vital elements of a water shoe anchored to the outer sole. To get the right pair, look at the tread pattern on the sole, and ensure it is multidirectional. The lugs matter too.

b. Breathability

The ideal water shoes for hiking feature a mesh lining or mesh panel on the upper part. It boosts breathability and air circulation. This way your feet dry fast and remain comfortable at all times.


Any hiking gear needs to be as light as possible for a hassle-free experience. Now that you might be walking through rocky, muddy, and wet terrains, you need water shoes that will be kind to your legs. You need the lightest pair of water shoes for that.  Nonetheless, they should not be too light as it limits the level of protection.

d. Laces

The security and fit of your water laces rely on the lace-up system. Traditional and bungee lace-up systems are the most prevalent. Nevertheless, bungee seems to be the most preferred as it is easy to adjust. Anyway, whatever you choose should be secure and comfortable.

e. Antimicrobials

You need to think about how the construction of the shoe influences functionality. The odor is a big challenge as it pertains to hiking shoes as they are exposed to wet conditions. As much as you need a functional pair, it is essential to get a ventilated one to eliminate bad odor. Antimicrobial treatment is very effective at reducing odors and keeping fungi and bacteria build-up at bay. In short, look out for shoes with microbial treatment. They are healthier and long-lasting.

f. Season

Water shoes feature different styles with varied breathability, insulation, and water expulsion capabilities. Sandals for instance might be great for hot weather but poor during winter and so on. Choose depending on the weather conditions.

g. Size and fit

When it comes to fit, you need to focus on the shanks and plates. Likewise, look at the outsole, midsole, and uppers. Water shoes that fit perfectly generate better support, and protection besides eliminating injuries and abrasions. They drain out water effortlessly as well. On top of that, ensure your shoe size is women-specific. Women’s shoes are narrow.

h. Material 

The sole and upper material defines how long your water shoe is bound to last. Similarly, the inner components affect how comfortable the shoe feels. Many of these shoes feature neoprene that is sturdy and long-lasting. Aside from mitigating abrasions, the material provides better cushioning and shock absorption. Rubber is great for outsoles. It augments traction and raises protection. Moving on, some water shoes have mesh, which improves water drainage and breathability.

j. Waterproofing

A wide range of water shoes come with waterproof or water-resistant outer material. To curb water absorption, they may include a waterproof membrane.

k. Water drainage

A great pair of water shoes expel water easily and fast. Mesh sides are instrumental in this function. Some designs have holes and ports to uplift water drainage too.


We have outlined some FAQs associated with the best women’s water shoes for hiking below:

1. Can you wear water shoes for hiking?

Yes. Their design makes them versatile for any activity including hiking. A thick sole provides protection while mesh upper spur breathability. Plus, they are super lightweight besides having a self-draining material. Elevated traction prevents slipping on rocky, wet, or slippery surfaces.

2. How do I choose water shoes?

First, make sure you buy water shoes that compliment your foot size. This way you will benefit from better support and traction in dry or wet areas. A smaller size would be uncomfortable while a bigger one will make you susceptible to slipping. Additionally, get a pair with a light, self-draining, and breathable material.

3. Are Crocs good water shoes?

Crocs make good water shoes. Their design is perfect with a thick sole and drain holes on the sides. They are also quick-drying, tough, and lightweight.  Constructed from a buoyant material, you will not have to worry about losing your Crocs in water.

4. How tight should water shoes fit? 

Ensure your water shoes fit snugly; neither too tight nor loose. Primarily, your foot length ought to match the shoe base. A tight-fitting water shoe would be uncomfortable. In a like manner, a loose-fitting one might float off when hit by a strong water wave.

5. Are water shoes non-slip?

Ideal water shoes have a flexible non-slip rubber material. Furthermore, vented or grooved soles boost traction for safe movement.

6. Are water shoes worth it?

Indeed, water shoes are worth wearing. They not only offer protection from injury but also feel comfortable. A sturdy rubber sole heightens traction. Finally, they are quick-drying to keep the feet dry.

7. What is the difference between aqua socks and water shoes?

Water shoes are footwear designed for waterlogged activities or activities that get the feet wet like swimming and kayaking. They incorporate a hard sole and a thin mesh cover to curb abrasions and cuts. Aqua socks are worn inside shoes. They feature thick durable plastic material. Unlike water shoes, they have no sole.

8. What is an aqua sock?

Aqua socks are protective footwear. You can wear them inside water shoes. They have no soul. Snorkelers use them to prevent snorkeling fins from rubbing the skin.

9. Can you swim in water shoes? 

It is okay to swim in your water shoes. However, you need to use them with the right design and fit. The best option, in this case, would be ones shaped more like water socks rather than actual shoes.


It is without a doubt that water shoes have an edge over ordinary hiking shoes. The ultimate water shoes should be comfortable on top of offering support and protection in adverse environments. Additionally, they ought to increase traction required in mud or water for a worry-free outdoor excursion. Finally, you can always come back to our buying guide in case you are unsure about anything regarding the best women’s water shoes for hiking. Have a great time and remember to stay safe!

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