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Fun Camping Activities For Adults

Camping with friends and loved ones is the right way to unwind and do fun things that you weren’t able to do while working. The great outdoors provides many different activities that you can attend to and enjoy.

Do you know what will you do at the campsite? If you still didn’t plan the activities that will make your trip worthwhile go ahead and check this article as you will get fresh ideas of what to do together to have wonderful camping full of laughter.

Fun camping activities for adults

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What can you do at the campsite?

I will split the activities that you can do day and night. Daily activities are more adrenaline-like while night activities are more calm and more relaxing. Let’s take a look at both activity groups.

Active daily activities

At day you will have to organize and do some work regarding setting up a campsite, cooking your meals, setting a campfire and so on. However, I won’t discuss these types of activities today. I will focus on the activities that will speed up your heart rate and make you more alive.


Do you have a lake or a river nearby your campground? Water is energy so why don’t you take advantage of it and start paddling? If the campsite you are staying at offers canoes or kayaks, borrow some for paddling to the other side of the lake or river. You might find something interesting on the other side.

Use stand-up paddle board (SUP)

A stand-up paddleboard is very popular these days and we can see people using it often. If you get a few of them and paddles you can have a competition about who will be the fastest individual who will cross the finish line. If you will be lucky you will be able to borrow them at the campsite.

Use stand up paddle board

I like my paddleboard since I love water. It can take me to different locations and provides great upper-body exercise. Just be careful where you go with it as I don’t recommend using it in turbulent water unless you are an adrenalin type of person and a good swimmer.

Tug o’ war

This is a well-known classic but everyone loves it. Spread into two groups. Grab a long rope that you have packed for the trip. Each group should go to one side of the rope and start pulling it. The winning team must pull the rope over the marked spot on the ground.

Want to make the game even more interesting? Try Tug o’ war in the water!


Who doesn’t love paintball? If you have the option to play it go ahead and make your adventure full of adrenaline. Test your tactic skills and courage by playing this adrenaline field game.

Ball games

As you will be camping as a group you can play ball games. There are plenty of games that involve a ball like volleyball, football, basketball, and others. I like to play badminton as you don’t need extra equipment, just some rackets, and a feather/plastic ball. Ball games are fun, will make you laugh, and will test your sports skills.


I shouldn’t forget about hiking which is one of my favorite activities when I go outdoors. Pack your daily backpacks with some food and water and head to the trail. National parks have trails where you can explore nature and see beautiful sights.

Boost Your Hiking Stamina

You can also go hiking in the wilderness but make sure you pack a first aid kit, a map, and a compass so you won’t get lost. If you will have a phone you can install a digital compass on the device that supports longitude, latitude, and direct addresses.

I advise you to learn how to use the compass before heading to your outdoor destination.

What can you do for fun at night?

When a day is coming to its end you will want to relax a bit and socialize around a campfire. These are some of the ideas that will make you comfortable and relaxed. The activities are great before you go to bed.

Socialize around the campfire

The easiest way to relax before you go to sleep is to set up a campfire and talk. You can make marshmallows over the campfire while you talk about your exciting solo camping trip. I am sure your friends will have plenty of questions.

Socialize around the campfire

You can also tell jokes and play some instruments that will make the evening even more fun. Getting a few camping chairs will be an awesome idea around the camping fire to keep you more comfy and relaxed.

Night swimming

How about a night swim? Many campers love to experience it at least once in their lives and it is so much fun! Set a campfire and jump into the water. When you will came out you will be able to sit around the fire and warm yourself.


I love stargazing as it clears my mind of any ballast. If the night is clear you can watch the stars with your friends while lying on the blankets. If the grounds are wet you can place a tarp on and then blankets to minimize the feeling of the cold. The camping chairs can also keep you off the ground.

Play activity

Did you ever play the activity board game? I am sure that you heard about it or played it before. It is a great game that includes creative game elements like drawing, presenting, and describing something. Your friends will have a great time playing it.

What to do if it rains?

If you won’t have a lot of sunny days and the rain will stop you from being active outside you can play games inside the tent.

Board games, cards, and watching a movie on portable devices is a great way to spend a fun time even if the rain surprised you.

Make yourself a music evening

If it started to rain while you were enjoying a campfire you can grab your stuff and proceed with fun in your camping tent. When inside a tent leave the ground and (covered) roof vents open so the air will circulate through the shelter and minimize condensation.

Canvas camping tent

Image Source: pixabay.com

The best tent that you can opt for in this situation is a canvas camping tent. It is made of natural fibers that shrink while in contact with moisture. It still provides enough ventilation due to the natural fibers that breathe. This is very important as you will breathe out more air as a group.

Pick the songs that the majority knows, grab an instrument and make yourself a music evening.

Going on a rain hike

The rain can’t stop you if you have waterproof gear with you. Put some waterproof hiking shoes or boots on, grab a raincoat and flashlights, and head to the forest or on a trail. This is a great idea of how to make your camping in the rain more interesting.

Go to the town

A rainy day is perfect for going to the town. If the forecast is bad go to the nearest town to have fun. You can go to the cinema, eat lunch, visit local museums and stores, you name it. This way you won’t spend your precious time being bored because you played games for the entire afternoon due to the rain.

Make yourself an active camping trip

Camping in a group should be fun and interesting. When you set up your campsite and make all things organized it’s time that you take care of the fun part of the trip. Take my advice about daily and night camping activities that won’t leave you bored.

I am sure that each of your friends will find an interesting activity on the list. When you decide on a specific activity make sure that everyone is pleased with playing or doing it. If some of them are not so happy about the activity you proposed they can do something else in that time.

Try to make your journey active since you will experience nature best this way. Listen to your buddies and make sure they will enjoy camping as much as you. Be creative and have fun!

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