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8 Reasons to Go Camping While Still in College

Camping is one of the best ways for students to relax after particularly hard exams or extended study periods. However, many students would rather spend their free time resting at home, playing video games, or watching TV.

Instead of doing that, you should consider camping while still in college. As a college student, you have enough spare time to go to national parks, mountains, and nature reserves for days at a time.

This is a privilege that most students aren’t aware of until they lose it in the wake of adult obligations such as employment or family. Let’s discuss camping, and why it’s one of the best ways to pass your free time while still in college.

Reasons to Go Camping While Still in College

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1. Unplug from a Digital, Urban Lifestyle

First, we’re all guilty of relying on digital devices on a daily basis. Whether you study on the computer, write papers, or “relax” by watching YouTube videos or using social media, digital devices are all around us.

By deciding to camp as a student, you will gain some much-needed rest, actual rest, from digital noise. This applies both to your gadgets and whatever city you study in. Being surrounded by thousands of people each day by commuting to college or living on campus can be mentally taxing.

Camping can help you, quite literally, unplug from that lifestyle for a few days. When you go back to college, you will feel rested and prepared to get to work until the next time you can head outdoors.

2. Bond and Create Memories with College Friends

While you’ll be able to hang out with your college friends around campus and in urban spaces, nothing beats camping together. Spending time under the stars and doing fun activities with college friends can help you bond. You will learn a lot about the people you study with by simply going outdoors with them for a few days.

Depending on where you study, you can even invite your professors and assistants for a camping trip and make it an official college adventure. If you have college friends who like the outdoors, invite them for a camping trip – none of you will regret it.

3. Learn How to Cook Outdoors

Camp Cooking Hacks

Cooking is one of the most useful skills you can pick up as a college student. You will undoubtedly be short on cash and groceries at some point, and you’ll need to improvise – camping can teach you how to do that.

Even if you pack cans and ready-made meals for your camping trip, you’ll still need to heat food, wash utensils, and keep your food clean. You can do better than that by packing raw fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and milk byproducts if you have a mini-fridge.

These can help you cook something outdoors for you and your friends. The process of cooking while camping is fun, and engaging, and teaches valuable lessons about food preparation and management. Don’t rely solely on dry snacks and sandwiches – get out of your comfort zone and cook up something new while camping!

4. Unwind from your College Assignments

College students are under a lot of stress when it comes to their daily university schedule. Endless lectures, assignments, essays, and paper writing can grate on your nerves, which is why camping is so perfect for students.

You can look for thesis writers for your academic papers to unwind from difficult writing assignments while you’re out and about, camping somewhere pleasant. By detaching yourself from daily college assignments, writing, and studying, you will rejuvenate your mental energy and be more pumped to work hard later on. This is what being in nature can do for your mind, body, and soul – don’t grind until you pass out from exhaustion and unwind outdoors.

5. Learn How to Plan your Time and Resources

Go Camping

Image source: unsplash.com

When you decide to go someplace outdoors, you will have to plan your time and resources very carefully. How many days are you going to be camping? How much food do you need to pack, and what about spare clothes and personal hygiene supplies? Camping, while enjoyable and memorable, is also an exercise in resource management.

This is exactly why a college student should consider going on a camping trip at least once in a while. You will learn to appreciate everyday commodities such as a refrigerator or a kitchen stove far more when you’re out there with only your rations to rely on.

Likewise, sleeping in a tent isn’t the most glamorous way to spend the night outdoors – but it is very worth your time. If nothing else, go for a camping trip to experience what it feels like to be away from a hot shower or a comfy couch. You’ll learn how to manage time and resources much more efficiently afterward.

6. Discover New Skills and Hobbies

Camping will open up your possibilities in terms of learning new skills and picking up exciting hobbies. You never know what you may be missing while outdoors, and you’ll need to use whatever tools or natural resources you have around you. This can lead to you picking up hobbies such as wood carving, cooking, fishing, or even drawing.

By limiting your digital footprint while camping, you will experience your surroundings in a more liberal and open-minded way. You will find interesting things and activities to do to pass the time everywhere you look. While it’s a good idea to pack a book or a radio, trying out new things while outdoors should be a priority.

7. Learn About Problem-Solving and Improvisation

Going to a distant nature reserve, mountain region, or national park with only your trusty backpack can be a life-changing experience. This goes double for students who are still young and lack the grit of older generations or ex-scouts.

Preparing for a camping trip takes experience, and you will often find yourself missing key items such as matches or a compass. Instead of heading back home with a sigh of defeat, you can improvise and solve your problems right then and there. Nature will often provide you with all the tools you need to not only survive but prosper while camping outdoors.

Don’t have extra batteries for your flashlight or haven’t packed an extra pair of socks? Talk to your camping buddies and try to come up with creative solutions on the spot. The experience you get from camping will serve you for the rest of your life and teach you valuable problem-solving lessons through practical improvisation.

8. Visit New Places You Otherwise Wouldn’t

Visit New Places

Lastly, one of the best reasons to use your free time as a college student to go camping is to experience nature as you never did before. Chances are that you wouldn’t head to a national park or a nature reserve on a whim. By deciding to go camping, you will deliberately plan a trip to a new region several weeks in advance.

This will enable you to see new places, create priceless memories, and tell tales of them to your friends and family. Whether you live in the US, Canada, Europe, or Asia, odds are that there are plenty of natural nooks and crannies for you to head to. Don’t wait until you’re employed and have to think about rent and bills before you plan a trip outdoors. Do it now to enjoy the prospect of being a college student with some free time to spare.

Wrapping Up

Camping is a net positive for college students. It can help you relax from hard college assignments, and you’ll learn valuable survival and improvisation skills while camping.

By going into nature with college friends, you will have a chance to get to know them better in a very personal and meaningful way. If you’ve had your eye on a particular camping destination for a while, go for it. Talk to your college friends and see if you can find a time that works for everyone and head out there sooner rather than later.

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