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The Hamilton Pool Preserve And Why You Need To Go

If you’ve closed on one of the Austin houses for sale, then you know just how hot the Texas sun can get. Temperatures can reach over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, making it almost impossible to get anything done outdoors. On days like these you likely just want to stay inside with your air conditioning, completely forgoing venturing into the heat.

However, one thing you should strongly consider during a hot Texas day is going to the Hamilton Pool. Many people are unfamiliar with what the Hamilton Pool Preserve has to offer, and as such, they don’t frequent the location. So what exactly is the Hamilton Pool, and what’s so great about it? Here’s why you need to visit the Hamilton Pool Preserve Trail.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

Hamilton Pool Preserve

Cool Off

The most obvious reason to visit the Hamilton Pool is to cool off on a hot summer day. Many people will rush indoors when the Austin heat sets in, but that isn’t always the best option. Sometimes all you need to cope with a hot day is some cool refreshing water.

Thankfully the Hamilton Pool is known for having chilly water, making the spot the perfect place to escape the Texas heat. By cooling off at the Hamilton Pool, you can still be outside even when the Texas heat is at its worst. If you’re looking for a fun way to cool off when the summer gets too hot, then The Hamilton Pool is the perfect place.

Clear Water

A common concern that people have with public swimming locations is the safety and clarity of the water. Over time things like pollution have muddied once beautiful water, turning crystal clear water into murky browns and algae greens. Although many other natural swimming pools have had to grapple with this problem, the Hamilton Pool has not.

The water at the Hamilton Pool is a beautiful jade-green and is clear enough to see fish swimming below the surface. Such natural beauty and clarity are rare these days, especially so close to an urban setting like Austin. However, this clear water and beauty are just one of the many reasons why you should consider visiting the Hamilton Pool.

Amazing Wildlife

Another great reason to visit the Hamilton Pool is to experience the amazing wildlife that is in the area. Actually, the Hamilton Pool is a nature preserve, meaning that wildlife is abundant in the area. There are plenty of amazing sights that you can see at the Hamilton Pool, ranging from interesting animals to gorgeous plant life. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can explore the area by yourself, otherwise, you can utilize one of the many guided tours in the area to look for wildlife. One thing is for sure though, if you want to get out of the bustling city and see some wildlife, then this is the perfect location to do it.

Family Friendly

Sometimes finding an attraction that is family-friendly and welcoming to children can be quite the hassle. Thankfully you’ll have no such worries at the Hamilton Pool, as the area is extremely welcoming to families. Going to the Hamilton Pool for a day can be a great way to spend time with your entire family and cool off for the day.

There are no active lifeguards on duty, so you may have to keep an extra on very young children, but otherwise, your family will have an amazing time. There’s not a lot of opportunities to go to a place like the Hamilton Pool when you’re in a large city, making it a truly unique and special way to spend time with your family.

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