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How To Use Trekking Pole Tips

When walking or hiking, stability is needed whether on the park paths or sidewalks. Trekking poles come in handy to help out with stability. To begin with, you must be aware of how to use trekking pole tips while hiking. A trekking pole is popularly known as an assistant hiking accessory to help walkers or hikers achieve stability and rhythm when moving on tough terrains. It could also be called a hiking pole or a walking pole or a hiking stick.

Normally, a typical trekking pole has a maximum length of about fifty-four inches, with a handle padded with rubber, a strap for the wrist, and a basket at its base. It can be made from lightweight materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, or composite materials. It could also have two or three sections that could be extensible or retractable for easy use, transport and storage.

However, some poles come in a fixed fashion. A pair of trekking poles will give you the needed stability for your activity including the confidence you need. The use of trekking poles affects your health positively such as reducing strains on the knees, normalizing the heart rate, reduction in blood pressure, and lots more.


Useful hiking tips 

When you are just starting out with hiking, it could be weird but it is not as complex as it seems. The first thing you should know among others is how to walk. The next is familiarity with the region before you set out. This means you should know the bends and turns, what to expect, and a rough estimate of the total hiking time. Other things you should know when hiking will be mentioned briefly.

Always, pick the hike of your ability. This means a beginner should pick the hike for beginners and so on. Another thing is the appropriate gear- hiking requires clothes and footwear specially designed for workouts. In the same vein, you need a hiking backpack containing at least, a water bottle and maybe snacks.

The timing of your hiking should be such that will suit you. If you want to go alone, start out early when the population is low. However, if you are afraid of hiking alone, then move to a popular hiking time for that region. In addition to the tips mentioned, always remember your hiking etiquette and that hiking is not a race.

The proper way of exercising with walking sticks

How do you use walking sticks for exercise? You would enjoy your walking sticks if you use them the right way. When you use them, ensure you hold the pole vertically with a firm grip and the tips on the ground. You should bend your elbows to at least ninety degrees in a relaxed way. The poles come in pairs- for the left and for the right hands.

When you want to use them, get the correct side and grip them firmly but lightly. If yours has a Velcro strap for extra grip, use them around the wrists. Depending on the surface, use the appropriate tip for the sticks. This means rubber tips for paved areas and ordinary tips for areas with snow, sand, grass, etc. Now that you know how to walk with the sticks, ensure you focus on making firm contact with any surface.

How tall should my hiking stick be?

It is also important to know how tall your hiking stick should be. The reason is that an appropriate height will help you get the maximum benefits from your exercise. The choice of height of the pole differs from one user to the other.

However, generally, your pole should be as tall as the height right from the top of your palm to a flat surface when your arms are by your side. The height of your walking pole depends on your height and the surface of the terrain of your choice. Varying the pole height is quite easy because some walking poles are adjustable from a height of twenty-four inches to as much as fifty-five inches.

Can walking sticks help when hiking?

This question might arise but the answer is not far-fetched. If you have ever felt pain around your joints and muscles, the work of the sticks will be deeply appreciated. There might be more difficulty in walking when you are in the older age group. There could also be increased tension when hiking down steep terrain.

Normally, Sticks help to reduce the negative effects of walking on the joints and muscles around the knee and leg. The poles are highly effective in their unique way to eliminate strain on the legs. On the other hand, you can also use the sticks to defend yourself from certain annoying animals that could come your way.

Nordic walk and trekking poles

You could have heard about Nordic walking and you keep wondering if trekking poles can be used as well. Nordic walking is a kind of fitness walking that helps burn more calories than mere walking. Nordic walking poles are quite shorter than skiing poles. Therefore, it is not advisable to use trekking poles for Nordic walking.

Even though the poles for the activities look similar, they should not be confused. The major difference lies in the wrist strap. You can, however, use Nordic walking poles for trekking. So if you want to get a walking pole, you might consider the Nordic walking poles.

Why do you need a trekking pole?

Do you really need a trekking pole? You might need a pair of trekking poles when you have a heavy backpack or when the terrain is quite rough. This would help you to be stable. The pair can also boost your confidence while you go hiking because of that feeling of safety. A sense of security is associated with the proper use of trekking poles.

The poles can be useful in testing the depths of water. This will help you when you are hiking in a region with water or a frozen stream. It is also advisable to always have your trekking poles when you are hiking in a region with animals. Hence, you are not defenseless.


On a final note, you cannot be doing the wrong thing by including a pair of hiking poles in your hiking activity. This is because they increase the health benefits attached to hiking on their own. You are also able to connect to nature and exercise your body effectively.

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