The North Face Banchee 50 Backpack Review

The North Face Banchee 50 is considered to be one of the best hiking backpacks from The North Face in the lightweight category. The North Face is a well-known leader in manufacturing and designing of hiking backpacks and adventure gear. Similarly, TNF has got over fifty years of proud tradition in the exploration of outdoor adventure gear. 

“Best Suitable For Hiking, Trekking and Mountaineering”

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The North Face Banchee 50 Backpack

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    Easy gear organization
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    Great lumbar support
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    More pockets
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 All things considered, makes The North Face outstanding in the manufacturing field of the backpacks, technical packs, sleeping bags, hiking boots, jackets, hiking boots and sandals etc.. The North Face banchee is coming in 35 liters, 50 liter and 65 liter capacities. At this point, we will be reviewing Banchee 50 backpack.

The North Face Banchee 50 Backpack Review

This Banchee 50 is actually meant for hiking with less weight. Even with less gear storage capacity, you attain nimbleness, flexibility and great movement with this backpacking backpack. Those who don’t want to haul a heavy or big backpack may choose this backpack in their next hiking or camping outdoor. This North Face travel backpack is a good option for the backpackers intend to go for a long hike with limited hiking gear. Of course, the minimalists will enjoy backpacking with this pack.

Actually, this pack is smaller in size comparing to other hiking backpacks we reviewed earlier. However, The banchee 50 hiking backpack is a versatile backpack with enough storage capacity. It can carry 50 pounds with a less interior volume.  Actually, this feature helps you to carry heavier and smaller things comfortably. The hikers prefer to carry eatables and cooking apparatus in these backpacks comparing to larger packs.

The North Face Banchee 50 Backpack Review

Awesome Features

It comes with lovely attractive color of red clay / zion orange. The color pattern comes as a combination of two different colors for top and bottom separate. This color pattern looks very awesome. The backpack is available in large / X-large. Of course, you can choose according to your torso length.

The product is having a coverage of lifetime guarantee against any material defect and manufacturing defect. In any case, The North Face offers either replacement or repair against any defect in material and workmanship.

It has got the sternum strap with the adjustable facility to tight or loose as required. It comes with a whistle for emergency use during hiking. In addition to that, two external-access tool keepers are provided to keep, hang and secure the gears like tent poles, stick or tools. In the same way, there are a lot of special features makes this pack one of the best north face hiking backpack.

Following are some of the main features : 


The top floating lid is having a zippered deep pocket to store the things you carry. It is provided with a smaller mesh pocket with zip to keep smaller hiking gear. In addition, the lid pocket is even big enough to carry a helmet or many small things.

Main compartment :

The top-loading main compartment is accessible from the top side. The main compartment is not partitioned. Presently, there is no separation in the main compartment. Even though separator is not provided, the bottom side of the main compartment is accessible from the top. There is no separate compartment feature for the sleeping bag. In the meantime, for keeping sleeping bag, outside straps provided at the bottom side can be used. Due to the lumbar support and dynamic curved frame construction, the compartment looks like a bit curved. The compartment is provided with a water reservoir pocket inside against the backside wall.

8+ Pockets : 

This 50 liter capacity hiking backpack comes with eight-plus pockets.As a result, you can take for any multi-day outdoor camping. These many pockets make this hiking backpack famous for easy gear organization. The both pockets provided at front side are big enough to keep one-liter water bottles.


It has got a marvelous storage capacity. Both side of the backpack there are two water bottle pockets. Of course,  this can carry one-liter water bottle each even when the hiking backpack is with the full load, for which certain packs struggle. The longer and bigger outside pockets at backside known as beaver tail pockets got enough space to store any item. In addition, these pockets can be accessed without offloading the backpack. These easily accessible and separate pockets make gear organization fantastic.

OPTIFIT suspension: 

Banchee 50 backpack has engineered with the innovative OPTIFIT system. The OPTIFIT technology provides an incomparable combination of load stabilization. In addition to that, it features super ventilation with an adjustable hip belt and back panel combination. There are three important points to be considered for being comfortable in carrying a hiking backpack.

In fact, the points: the back doesn’t sweat more, the load distribution over and the backpack fits your body well. The OPTIFIT technology is a unique approach to achieving the best suspension design. By and large, that combines the best fits, ventilation and load stabilization. With OPTIFIT technology the hip and shoulder contacts are adjustable to fit length and width of your body.

Adjustable Hipbelt: 

The adjustable hipbelt is provided with two lumbar pads in line with forward hip pads. This supports an exceptional work of distributing and transferring the load on your hips while moving. Even with a full load of pack, the hipbelt doesn’t slip downward with this hiking backpack. As a result, the load transferring on this backpack is outstanding and very comfortable. The hipbelt is having two longer zippered pockets to keep quickly accessible things. These pockets were really deep enough and endurable to carry a smartphone, GPS or camera.


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    Easy and comfortable to carry for longer periods
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    Lighter in weight
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    Improved comfort with OPTIFIT Technology


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    No integrated rain cover
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    No separation in the main compartment

Final Verdict : 

Finally, this pack offer the comfort feature of bigger hiking backpacks with more comfort to haul. No doubt, this hiking backpack is best suitable for those suffer from back problems. This 50 liter backpack is a very comfortable and best hiking backpack while you compare some of your old backpacks. The OPTIFIT improves the comfort of wearing a hiking backpack and provides you a better confidence for longer days. Finally, The Banchee 50l set new high standard for the lightweight backpack.

All things considered, make sure to have a quick checkout on the Amazing Offers and shipping details from the above link.

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