Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Affordable Backpack


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Buying a backpack like Teton Sports Scout 3400 is just more than buying one that looks authentic. You have to put considerations like what you will use the backpack for, design, comfort as well as the amount of hiking gear you’ll need.

Since, Hiking is a tiresome sport. Thus you’ll have to carry a hiking backpack that well suits you making you enjoy the hike without causing bruises and injuries to your shoulders. Even though there are three backpack basic styles, there are differences in each category. 

TETON Sports Scout 3400

“Best Suitable as Compared to Quality with Price!"

Main Features

  • Lightweight design and comfortable
  • Best gear organization with multiple access points
  • Adjustable harness with adjustable torso length
  • Capacity : 55 L, Lightweight : 4.5 lbs( kg).

Reliable Pick

TETON Sports Scout 3400

In short, this is perfect for the money spend on it, it can be coined as “you get what you pay for”. Happy hiking!!!

From price, size, stability, brand, utility and durability there are several products on the market. But none matches this design. This is just one of the most significant works by Teton Sports, US.

Actually, what makes it outstanding and fabulous from the other kind of packs is its versatility, size and affordability. A lot of hikers find this gear an excellent starter for the newbie hikers and an impressive partner for the professional hikers too.

Why you should choose this backpack?

Teton Sports Scout 3400

So what is this Teton pack that everyone is talking about? If you aren't aware of this pack, it is a backpack made by Teton Sports ideal for trips for as long as you want. It comes in four appealing colors. The available colors are, Black, Mecca orange, Coyote Tan and Hunter green.


It is made of polyester that is rugged with canvas shell. This design proudly boasts adjustable shoulder straps that are thick padded, foam lumbar pad, molded channels which maximize airflow and comfort, and adjustable fit in torso and waist. This possesses an integrated rain fly, strategic packing compartments, multiple pockets and not to forget roomy sleeping bag compartment. If you happen to see the backpack, grab it very first!

Why go for Teton Scout 3400 for hiking?

This pack is an incredibly lightweight gear. It will provide you with a sparkling idea of the things backpacks can do without burning available resources up.  The material choice and general quality are excellent. Thus giving implications that you’ll get considerable utilization before the backpack gives out on you.

With the intention of meeting your requirements at pocket-friendly costs, this design gets adaptable attempting to address your issues at hand during hiking.  

The backpack has several features cushioning advantageous for a happy trekking. Moreover, considerable space is provided on the outside so that all you need is well stored. An appealing selling point of this product is it's yellow rain fly. It is shrouded and concealed, and it’s invisible till the rainy season. That way your gear has good coverage keeping apparatus dry when the season is wet.

It weights 4.5 lbs (2 kg), providing a capacity of 55 litres and 3400 cubic inches. It also features adjustable torso length, that’s adjustable from 15 inches to 19.5 inches.

Things to consider while buying:


The capacity you require in a bag is dependent on the gear you have to carry. Other packs are lightweight reasonably but they take 30 to 40 lbs.

For gear-intensive multi-day trips such as mountaineering, look at 70 liters or more extensive. Bigger packs built for heavier loads have a more substantial suspension and more features — thus, they are typically heavier.

Should you need to do ultralight backpacking, perhaps for long distance hikes, it is likely that you will need a backpack which is about 46 to 50 liters and one which does not weigh more than 2 lbs when it is empty. No doubt, this means it possesses minimalist features. This backpack style demands compact, lightweight gear that may be costlier.


What can you get for additional cash? Simply put, in unison with every backpack, it is usually a design as well as an intensive dialled-in fit which results to extra comfort. Okay, what I am saying here is that get something you really can afford though when you’re able it is better to spend on more performance, durability and comfort.


The backpacks come in various shapes, opening style, designs, pockets and other features. Why should settle for a backpack which meets none of your requirements?


You are growing so go for packs that have adjustable suspensions which adapt well to one’s body. Making a pack fit well is substantial for your comfort and what that implies is that you should know the length of your torso

How to measure torso for backpack?

If you do not have any idea here is how you can measure its length:

Stand upright. Put your hands on the top hipbone part that looks shelf-like. The thumbs are going to point to a lower spine spot. Request somebody to extend tape measure from the thumbs to the protruding bone from the neck’s base when you’re forward tilting your head. Now that is the length of your torso.

Now if the length of your torso falls at the bottom or top end of the fit range of a pack, then neither the larger or smaller size is not for you. A suitable hiking backpack is that which the torso length of a person falls at the center of the fit range of a backpack. However, if you still need that pack attempt on both of the sizes.

best hiking backpacks


Coming from a United States company, this product is lightweight, low cost and comes with features you’ll appreciate to have when you go for hiking. It has a lot of pockets, mesh lumbar support, and bendable aluminum stays. Other features that make selling points for this are as below:-

Adjustable Torso Shoulder Straps:

The adjustable torso length makes it possible for this backpack to be compatible with several various body sizes. It does not matter if your back is slender or well-built, it’s definitely for you. Hand in hand with the adjustable Velcro come to the adjustable shoulder straps. When you remove the Velcro, it will be easy to have the harness shifted in accords to the length of your torso.

Actually, it’s a onetime process, what else can be more interesting. You are even guaranteed of more comfort with the shoulder straps that are well padded. Besides, it has several side pockets to as well as other zippered side pockets to keep essentials ; the front mesh may be used to carry maps.

Compression Straps:

The backpack provides duo compression straps which are used for compressing the loads to ease the hike and make it more comfortable.  Apart from the bungee cord which is used to compress load, there are other two compression straps at the bottom that you can use to attach your camping tent, sleeping bag or sleeping pad. A backpack that assures you of total comfort is your hiking saviour.

Accessibility to the main compartment

It is top loading pack having entrance to the main compartment under the top lid. Top collar offers you about some extra volume of 3 to 5 litres if need be. For this purpose, you will find two drawstrings having clips. One is for the normal load while the other one is for when the collar is extended upwards.

The lid contains zippered pocket which is accessible from the inside after you have the lid lifted.  At the top of the lid, you will get an essential compression bungee mesh for putting a fleece, hiking jacket or anything it is similar to such. That is not all; there is another external zippered pocket at the lid. Authentic features indeed.

In the main compartment, you possess water bladder sleeve to 3 water –liters. One water hose opening is at the back.

Padded hip belt:

On hipbelt, you are provided with very thick padding for comfort additionally during haul. This hipbelt is adjustable, and it is possible to fit it well to your body during hiking. The padding ensures maximum airflow. It is possible to hang walking poles or ice axe on attachment loops that are provided by the hipbelt at the bottom.

Hydration reservoir 

The backpack has a water reservoir that you can use to steal quick sips of water without having to stop to get a water bottle out.

Different pockets and compartments:


At the top lid, there are two small separated compartments. Under the top lid is the main compartment which is reachable from top and bottom. Two barrel-lock drawstrings close the main compartment. In the main compartment, you are provided with a hydration pocket. One of the two drawstrings is used for the standard load while the other one when the collar is extended. 

In addition, It’s offered with sleeping bag compartment found at the bottom side of a backpack. Opening it with front zipper is possible. To keep the rainfly which is water resistant when it is not in use, a separate compartment that has zippered pocket is available.  The mesh pocket on every side is given to carry water bottles. The enormous zippered pockets on every side can carry several gears without necessarily taking central compartment space.

Integrated Rainfly:

It’s given with an inbuilt yellow rainfly to cover the whole backpack during a rainy day when you are hiking. It may be used when the season is wet. Folding it back is possible to the compartment’s bottom which is meant for that purpose.

Pack sides and a front face

The clips of the lid go frontwards of the backpack. Again here there is a compression bungee mesh for storing things when you’re on the go.

Furthermore, farther below there is another mesh pocket which is quite small perhaps for holding items such as maps. At bottom, you’ll find a zippered entrance to the compartment’s bottom.  In between the compartment is a divider which is zippered thus you open it when you need. This gives you a larger compartment. Two compression straps on top of the bottom compartment can be used for attaching a sleeping bag or sleeping pad.

Scout  3400 : Know Your Backpack

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Affordable Backpack 1


  • It is comfortable
  • High quality for the price
  • Perfect for younger generation


  • Few zipper complaints
  • Suitable for lightweight backpacking

The Final Verdict

In enumeration, the Scout 3400 is just a perfect companion for hiking. Designed with an intention of lightweight backpacking, it is ideal for the younger generation. It is very impeccable looking, popular and too comfortable that you will be taken aback by its cost. As a matter of fact, with its jaw-dropping features, this is one of the best backpacking backpacks among campers and hikers. What are you waiting for, grab yours today!

FAQs :

Are Teton backpacks any good?

These backpacks are good because they are made using quality material. They tend to be big and bulky. Nonetheless, they last longer giving you more service.

Where are Teton Backpacks made?

These backpacks are made in the USA, specifically in Utah. That is why they are popular among many Americans.

How do you adjust a Teton backpack?

The backpack has adjustable straps that you pull or let out to properly adjust it.

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