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What Kind Of Pants To Wear Hiking

No matter the region or part of the globe you are hiking, hiking pants are items you shouldn’t leave behind. These fabrics protect your legs from thorns, twigs, and other dangerous species. Also, it keeps you comfortable while you trail high mountains. Walking pants are easy to convert to shorts, unlike jeans and other clothing. They also come with a lot of pockets to keep your smartphones and other essential items.

However, there are a plethora of pants to hike on the market. So, picking the ideal pant to hike can be a bit tricky. This article reviews what kind of pants to wear hiking in the mountains. It also contains a comprehensive buyer’s guide to choosing the appropriate pant to hike.

What to look for in hiking pants

What Kind Of Pants To Wear Hiking

Don’t be amazed if you visit hiking stores, and they offer you hundreds of thousands of pants to buy. There is a slew of these pants available to purchase. However, you can get the ideal fabric by checking for some features in the pants. Let’s consider some of these features to look in the hiking pants.

Deep pockets

The deep pockets are essential features to look for in hiking pants. You can keep your most essential items like a passport in such a pocket. These pockets ensure that your items don’t slip out of the pants pocket. Make sure that there is a sufficiently deep pocket in the pants you are purchasing. You don’t have any cause to fear as long as the items stay in your deep pockets. Your materials are much safer with pockets that hang freely on the pants. The pockets stitched directly into the leg fabric are also cool.

Adequate protection

No matter what you do, don’t buy shorts in the replacement of pants. Unlike the former, pants offer you maximum protection from rocks, shrubs, and many branches. They also keep you safe from biting insects and the sun. Ensure that the pants are long enough to cover down over the head of your boots. Meanwhile, getting long pants for a tall hiker with a 36-inch inseam can be a bit tricky. Nevertheless, make sure the pants cover at least your ankle.

Map pockets

Often, several hikers love to hike with a map. These items help them navigate high mountains and deserts without any trouble. However, the map can be more unnecessary if you have to hold it all through the trail. Thus, with a map pocket, you can always keep the map safe. Therefore, check for pants with such features to trail. You would do better out there with a deep cargo pocket.

Factors to be considered while choosing hiking pants


Comfort is key to the game of hiking. As a result of this, you need to look for trekking pants that offer adequate comfort. Unlike other pants on the shelves, pants to walk are one of the most comfortable. These fabrics are light and easy to move around in. Avoid pants made with heavy materials. Also, make sure you aren’t buying a pant that crimps up or rubs against the skin. Also, ensure that the pants you are purchasing have an elastic waistband. With that, you can adjust to a motion that brings comfort.

Kinds of pants to hike

There are different types of pants to walk. The most important of them are good old-fashioned pants, convertible pants, and roll-up pants. Hikers must know the kinds of pants available. Likewise, they also need to be sure of which is ideal for their adventure. For instance, you can easily create a pair of shorts from convertible hiking pants. These pants are great for hikers who are walking for a long.

On the other hand, roll-up pants are ideal for trekking in hot weather. Whereas, good old-fashioned pants complete the look of your adventure.


Another essential factor to consider is the material. Pants to hike often contain synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. However, there are other materials on the shelves. These materials range from wool, fleece, silk, cotton to nylon jackets. Unlike other materials, wool clothing is moisture-wicking, breathable, and soft. In contrast to wool, cotton clothing is inefficient at wicking. Also, the fabric doesn’t dry quickly. Polyester and nylon, on the other hand, are affordable and also dry fast.

Whether hiking pants necessary for hiking?

Pants to the trail are not only important but also a must-have item. Here are some reasons you would be glad you had the fabric along on your adventure.

1 Pant to walk is lightweight and easy to move around in. This makes them ideal for any adventure.

2 The clothing dries very fast, even if you are putting them on. These pants are great to hike on rainy days.

3 Pants to trail don’t make unpleasant noise while you walk in them.

4 Trailing pants come with a lot of pockets to keep your valuable materials.

5 These pants offer you adequate comfort while you hike in them irrespective of the weather.


  • These pants are comfortable to move around in
  • You can quickly convert them into shorts if you need
  • The clothing doesn’t make unnecessary noise
  • These pants come with a lot of pockets
  •  The pant offers you adequate leg protection out there


  • Not ideal for cave exploring
  •  The shorts offer more convenience than these pants


Hiking pants allow you to hike, anywhere, and anytime you want. This clothing provides adequate safety, comfort, and fun you need out there. You can always pick the right pants with the factors and features explained in the post. We wish you safety hiking out there!


1. What pants do you wear for trailing?

Pant to walk should be lightweight, convertible, easy to dry, and comfortable. The clothing should also be durable and breathable.

2. What kind of clothes to wear for walking?

You can choose a t-shirt in a material like polyester. Also, you can hike with a moisture-wicking base layer.

3. Can you wear jeans on a hike?

Walking in jeans might be inconvenient. This is because most of the clothing contains cotton, which holds on to water.

4. Do you need trailing pants?

Pants to walk are essential items to trail in any location. The clothing is comfortable, safe, and a great item to hunt in any area.

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