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Five Must-Visit Spots To Visit In Utah

Traveling within the U.S is one of the most liberating experiences you can take part in. there are so many places to see, things to do, and people to meet that we sometimes take for granted what the great states have to offer.

Sure, traveling overseas has a special charm, but how would you know what your country has to offer if you never gave it a chance. The mountain state of Utah is one of the most overlooked parts of the country.

People generally don’t give Utah a second thought, with Aspen, CO to the east, Nevada in the west, and Arizona in the south.

This article reminds you that Utah is right up there with the best as far as travel destinations are concerned.

By the end of this piece, you should have a fair idea about all that is Utah and what you can do to keep yourself occupied when visiting the state.

Pack your bags, book your reservations, and get moving. Utah 101 is in session, and here are five must-visit spots to visit in Utah state.

Spots To Visit In Utah


1. St. George

If you are a fan of the outback yet plan on staying in a metropolis city, St. George is the place to be. Just west of the Mohave, you can expect a fair degree of heat from this place.

However, we assume you were prepared for that, considering you are traveling to the hottest part of the country. The red rock landscape of St. George leaves you in awe at the majesty of nature. With that said, finding the right place with the best amenities would be a wise plan. Living in the heat can be problematic; therefore, make sure you find a place to stay with adequate cooling facilities.

Check up on the best St George Utah rentals and find the one that suits your needs and budget requirements.

Finding comfortable accommodation is one of the most important parts of your travel vacation. We recommend pushing your budget a bit because staying in a sub-par place can ruin the experience.

2. Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the most scenic locations you might ever see. Especially if you are used to city life, something like this can take you off guard and make you realize what you are missing.

Living close to nature is a joy that only a few people know. Though we would never recommend living here due to the high temperatures, it’s still a place that you should see and enjoy at least once.

Please ensure that you have adequate water supplies and sunscreen. It can get hot in these parts, so try to avoid dehydration as best as you can.

Moreover, it may seem strange but try to travel in the shade or use an umbrella if you can. The sun can catch you off guard, especially if you aren’t used to hot climates as this national park has.

3. Park City

A short drive away from Salt Lake City is the amazing little town of Park City if you are looking for a more active vacation rather than sitting in your room all day.

Not only does it have a ton of stuff to do, but it’s also an extremely beautiful and scenic location. The place became considerably more popular after the 2002 Winter Olympics that took place here.

If you are looking for a fun and engaging experience, consider hot air ballooning, skiing, bobsledding, and horseback riding.

These are all little adventures that you can take part in, especially if you have a family you need to keep entertained.

This is going to be the most fun part of your journey. Therefore, out enough time to engage in these activities and don’t rush yourself.

Consider finding a place to stay in Park City for a few days so that you can see more things and engage in more activities.

4. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake is a metropolis in the state and neighboring states. The big city will always hold many things to do, see and experience. Therefore, make sure you spend time in the town and check out everything it offers.

If you are a fan of nature, consider visiting the aviary and botanical gardens within the city. This is a great chance to teach your kids the importance of respecting animals and protecting wildlife.

We need to realize that lessons like this from a young age leave a lasting impact on the kids and give them values to live by for the rest of their lives.

Other than that, explore the city and do what regular people do in new towns. Digest the history, landscape, and environment.

Have a couple of fancy dinners and explore the malls. Salt Lake is one of the most important cities in the Midwest. Take some time out to find out why.

5. The salt flats and lakes

Salt Lake City isn’t named that for nothing. The entire area is known to have great salt plains and lakes throughout the region.

Imagine miles and miles of nothing but dried-up salt and red rock. It’s extremely hot in these areas, so the salt is extremely brittle and loose.

The plains suggest that there was one saltwater in this region, hence why salt deposits are all over the area.

Moreover, these Salt Lakes are a couple of hours away from the state capital of Salt Lake City. If you want to explore the area, consider driving around the main city and seeing some of the natural landscape around the place.

There’s something new to see, from the wealth of national parks to the plains and lakes on every outing.


There we have it; some must-see places in Utah. Please consider giving the state a chance. There’s a lot to see and do in a place like this.

Take some real time out (more than a week) and explore what this state offers. We have covered places ranging from St. George to the State Capital and even national parks scattered throughout the area.

It’s not your turn to take a step and venture into these areas. Grab the family, fill up the car and get going. This will be an experience you won’t forget any time soon.

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