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Essential Accessories for a Roof Top Tent

Camping with a rooftop tent is already a comfortable experience, especially when you factor in the fast setup time, elevation, and luxurious sleeping foundation. However, that’s not to say you can’t make it even more comfortable than it already is. When you want to experience a camping trip like no other, it can sometimes be worth making the following purchases for your rooftop tent.

Essential Accessories for a Rooftop Tent

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A Self-Inflating Air Mattress

As the name suggests, self-inflating air mattresses are air mattresses that inflate on their own. There’s generally no need for any type of inflation device. When you purchase rooftop tents from leading suppliers like iKamper, you can often find such mattresses designed to suit their exact rooftop models. When the dimensions of your mattress are similar to your rooftop tent, you don’t need to worry about purchasing the incorrect size and trying to squeeze into a bed that doesn’t fit how it should.  

A Sleeping Bag

Even when you’re camping in the heat of summer, you still need comfortable bedding to ensure a peaceful night’s slumber. Don’t forget to purchase a sleeping bag to sit on top of your self-inflating air mattress.

Down-filled sleeping bags are among the most recommended options due to their lightness, easy compression, longevity, and breathability. When your goal is to reduce weight, save space, or enjoy insulation in cold and dry conditions, down-filled sleeping bags can easily fulfill your needs.

A Ramp

Nearly all high-quality rooftop tents for a luxury car camping experience come with ladders, which are convenient for children and adults to access their sleeping quarters. However, providing your pets with access to your tent can sometimes be much more challenging.

If your pet cannot use a ladder confidently, consider purchasing a dedicated ramp or ladder cover. A simple fold-up ramp might be more than adequate for your four-legged friend, or you might decide to buy a robust cover for your ladder to transform it into a temporary ramp.

Accessory Storage Bags

Many campers store their torches, car keys, water bottles, and other essentials on the ground next to them while they sleep, but there’s potential for them to be lost under bedding or damaged underfoot. Rather than take that risk, purchase accessory storage bags. These can hang inside your tent and have pockets for all your nighttime essentials.

A Locking System

Most people get out in the wilderness to go hiking and enjoy their surroundings, but some people take advantage of campers’ inferior security measures to take what isn’t theirs. You might not be able to protect all your camping equipment from opportunists, but locking systems might make your setup less desirable to would-be thieves.

Invest in security nuts or a bracket-locking system to keep your rooftop tent safe. Security nuts come with unique matching tools, making it almost impossible to undo them without that tool. You might also purchase mounting bracket locks for specific mounting brackets that come with a set of keys.


Most rooftop tents already come with all the necessary accessories for a comfortable camping experience, but there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself to a few extras. A comfortable sleeping bag and mattress, a ramp for your pets, storage bags, and a locking system are just a few of the many ways to enhance your next car tent camping adventure.

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