Best Camera Straps For Hiking


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It is very common to bring a camera on a hiking trip. Many choose to do so to capture a moment and document the experience. It is crucial to have a camera strap attached while hiking. There are many forms to choose from especially when there is a backpack involved. There is one out there for you. While looking for the right type it is important to keep your personal needs in mind. In this article, we will review the importance of them while hiking. We will also discuss the best types for backpacking.


It can be difficult to find the best way to store your camera on a hike. It should be in an accessible and safe manner. This is where the importance of a strap presents itself.

It helps to prevent any injury to it, makes it much more accessible, and makes it easier to capture a photograph quickly and safely. You can grab it at the same, ideal, place every time. While your mind is at ease regarding taking photos, you can enjoy the experience while capturing documentation!

Overall, when it comes to choosing one it depends on personal needs. There are many forms of them out there. Some are more stylish than others. Some are more sturdy, and some that just check off everything you need for success!

Best Camera Straps For Hiking

Best Camera Straps For Hiking

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

How do you choose a strap for hiking and backpacking?

When it comes to choosing one for hiking and backpacking there are various forms. If you will be bringing along a mirrorless camera, a wrist one would do. If you have a larger lens on it, the clips would work best.

While backpacking, you might want to just save some extra space for it. Storing it in your backpack will only make your hike more difficult. A con of using this method is it is not accessible. If using this method, you must remove your backpack and sift through it. With a strap, it is already where you need it to be.

Many types will benefit you while backpacking.


Best Camera Straps

Best Camera Straps

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Various types of them can be used for backpacking. Steer clear of a neck one due to the strain it can put your neck when backpacking.


While backpacking, clips keep your camera in the most ideal placement! With these clips, it can virtually hook on to anything- most importantly, your backpack! This form makes it simple to add to a weight that becomes unnoticeable. The clips are also not only for lightweight cameras. They are a great form to take even the heaviest one. With it attached to your backpack’s straps, your neck and shoulders can feel a bit at ease.

Some may not fancy the idea of having it bouncing off of their torso. Though, with this placement, the clips create the absolute ideal positioning for easy shooting.


Shoulder/ cross-body ones are the most common for hiking in general. The shoulder/ cross-body style gives you the freedom to shift the weight of the camera while you hike. Shifting the weight often can help to avoid any type of pain from the pressure. The versatility of this style is also very beneficial.

The worrisome aspect of this style is the security due to the fact it is not attached to you in any way. It can also feel like a bit of overload to have to worry about the camera as well as your backpack.


The wrist form is best for when you are only carrying around a lightweight camera. This can give you the feeling of having it in hand at all times while still having it secure. Wrist straps are convenient if you have some extra space to spare in your backpack. When you choose to not have it in hand you can stow it away in your backpack. Overall, the wrist strap is to assure safety while taking photos and that is it.

The only bad part about this one is that it can only be used for lightweight cameras. You will also need to invest in a case for the times that you choose to store it away in your backpack.


Some holsters are considered to be a strap. This form can provide you with more versatility and comfort than some others. The holster style can give you the convenience of accessibility. It also can assure you of the security of your camera.

One unfortunate aspect of this form is that is oftentimes costs more. The holster style often includes more features than just holding the camera. Some other features include places to hold the extra lens or extra pockets. The holster style presents itself as another backpack.


As previously stated, the neck ones are not the ideal form to use while backpacking. Though they are not ideal they are an option! This type places your camera at the perfect placement for usage.

The classic neck style is the best option if you are on a budget. The neck style varies in material as the others do. If you do choose to hike with a basic neck style you will want to assure that it has padding.


Best Camera Straps For Hiking

Best Camera Straps For Hiking

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

First things first, it is important to consider what type will best suit your needs. The most common are neck, wrist, and ones that can attach to your backpack. These different forms all have their perks and downfalls. It will depend on your personal needs when deciding on what type is best for you.

After deciding the type, you will acquire, it is important to keep quality in mind. Various types of material can make them. Though there are different styles, typically either nylon or leather is the material. Upon purchasing one it is crucial to keep the quality in mind. Quality is important to assure your camera will not see damage due to a weak material. If it is made from quality material, you can also expect that it will last you a very long time.

Alongside quality, comes comfort level. All of them have different factors. Some of the sizes can be adjusted while others are “one size fits all”. Some of them have padding while others have no padding at all. The level of comfort that one may need can depend on the amount of time it will be on. If your camera will be on a strap for long periods you will want to guarantee that it is comfortable to use.

Lastly, pricing is something to consider. Knowing how much you want to and are willing to spend can help while choosing one. The cost can at times be shy of $50 while others exceed the price of $200. Often you can expect to pay for what you get. It is a smart investment for photographers at all levels of experience.

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It is very common to bring a camera on a hiking trip. Many choose to do so to capture a moment and document the experience. While hiking or backpacking with one it is crucial to have it on a strap.

When it comes to choosing one for hiking and backpacking there are various forms. As stated previously it is important to think about what form will best suit your needs. There are the wrist, clips, and a few other styles. The clips will be the most convenient when backpacking.

Before choosing what type you want, it is important to consider quality, comfort, and of course pricing.


Below I have answered a few frequently asked questions regarding using a strap. Hopefully, these answers will help you clear up anything you have been wondering about them.

Q: What is the best type?

A: The best type will vary depending on personal needs. Overall, the most common style for hiking, in general, is shoulder/ cross-body. Clips are very useful when it comes to backpacking.

Q: Do professional photographers use them?

A: Professional photographers find them to be very useful. Typically, professional photographers choose not to use the “stock” or lightweight ones that come with the camera when purchased.

Q: Which type is best for DSLR?

A: A shoulder/ cross-body is the most popular option when it comes to a DSLR. Often this style is made to hold heavier models.

Q: What is a good length?

A: Most people prefer a length between 36 inches (91 cm) to 46 inches (117 cm). The most common length being 40 inches (102 cm).

Q: What are they made of?

A: They are made from various materials. Typically, though, they are made of leather or nylon.

Q: Should I bring a camera backpacking?

A: If you plan on bringing one along while backpacking you should put a strap on. This makes it easily accessible. While your mind is at ease regarding your photography you can have the experience while capturing documentation!

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