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11 Best Luxury Travel Gifts For Him

Are you looking for a hint of the best luxury travel gifts for him? Well, you have come to the right place. We understand the struggle that comes with shopping for an excellent bestowal for your dear man. Whether the special man is a son, friend, spouse, or father, you need to wow him with something fun and creative. The ultimate present should be personal with a slight touch of emotion to reflect how much you care for him.

Essentially, you have to be an out-of-the-box thinker when it comes to surprising your loved one. Rather than going for boring offerings like a pair of socks, we have handpicked top gifts that any man who enjoys traveling will find adorable. Additionally, the article outlines crucial tips to observe when choosing a proper bestowal as well as where to purchase a worthwhile gift. Read on to find out more.

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11 Best Luxury Travel Gifts For Him 1
Best Luxury Travel Gifts For Him

  The Best Gifts For Men of 2022

1. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarer Square Sunglasses

Ray Ban Wayfarer Square Sunglasses

Every traveler requires a great pair of sunglasses for superior UV protection. Sunglasses are also a stylish accessory that can complete any look. Men who love adventuring through the outdoors will appreciate a good pair of sunglasses. The Ray-Ban Sunglasses provide enhanced night vision and premium eye protection. It is ideal for traveling, cycling, hiking, and playing golf.

2. Time Piece – Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph

Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph

Nothing speaks class on a man like a luxurious timepiece. Still, men are traditionally drawn to watches. One such eye-catching timepiece is the Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph. The watch features solid minimalistic steel construction with a simple but fashionable design. It has a big face with luminescent paint for elevated visibility. The world-class timepiece includes a stopwatch function and comes packed in a beautiful box to crown it all.  With quick-swap straps that are available in different colors, this watch is an absolute treasure to the guy lucky enough to receive it. Check here for the most popular gift sets from this Scandinavian Design with a two-year warranty.

3. Outwear: ABC Joggers

ABC Joggers

Joggers are known for their uncommon versatility. They are ideal for casual wear besides being super breathable and easy to style.  Try the ABC Joggers if you want to buy your loved one superb outwear that guarantees superior comfort and unsurpassed style.

4. Footwear: Nike Blaze Low ’77 Sneaker

Nike Blaze Low Sneaker

A lot of men tend to be less keen on their footwear. It might be a great idea to get your favorite man a fresh pair of shoes. Not just any pair of footwear, but one that he will treasure for a long time. The Nike Blaze Low ’77 Sneaker ticks all the boxes for an outstanding pair that will wow your special man. It is a sleek pair of sneakers excellent for traveling, weddings, night outs, and even work. The pair features a low cut with multiple color selections too.

5. Gloves: Fanvince Winter Gloves

Gloves are a vital accessory during the cold season. Men who enjoy traveling will need an exceptional pair of gloves to keep their hands warm while sojourning during winter. The Fanvince Winter Gloves are a luxurious pair that is water-resistant and Smartphone-friendly.

6. Power Bank: Anker Portable Charger

Anker Portable Charger

The power bank is another remarkable offering idea for a man who moves around regularly. Traveling for long hours, particularly in remote areas, makes it difficult to charge phones and other crucial electronics. However, with a portable power bank, you can put the problem to sleep. The Anker Portable Charger is a powerful unit encased in a lightweight structure that is effortless to carry around.

7. Headphones: Beats Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Beats Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Who does not enjoy a little soothing music while traveling? Getting your man brand new headphones would be a dream come true. If you are in search of a well-made unit with a sleek design and long battery life, consider the Beats Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. It comes with pioneering noise-canceling technology and an incredible battery life of up to 22 hours.

8. Portable Camera: Go Pro Hero 9, Black

Go Pro Hero 9 Black

Cameras are an awesome way to keep precious memories of places visited and so on. Therefore, it is a gift that a man who enjoys adventuring cannot turn down. Go Pro Hero 9 Black is an exceptional camera meant for travelers and outdoor junkies. The model is small and light besides having a structure that is shock-resistant and water-resistant. It is easy to use as well with the ability to record videos in 4K and capture crystal clear pictures with its 20 megapixels. Most importantly, it has a long-lasting battery life for extended fun.

9. Shaving set: Harry’s Holiday Shave Gift Set

Harrys Holiday Shave Gift Set

Grooming and manscaping are part of every man’s routine. Whether he needs to take care of beards or nether regions, a quality shaving razor comes in handy. How thoughtful it would be of you to surprise him with Harry’s Holiday Shave Gift Set. It is a set of quality razors that are fairly priced. In case your man likes to utilize multi-blade razors for grooming, the Winston set would be an accurate pick. It is an incredible way of taking your dear one’s shaving experience to the next level.

10. Work Out Accessories – CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

We live in an era where everyone is encouraged to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. How about getting him a professional heart rate monitor for motivation? It is an ingenious invention that your active husband or father will appreciate. It is light and accurate. The unit can be linked to a fitness app or smartwatch where it relays real-time information.

11. Massage Gun: Theragun Mini

Portable Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

Hardworking folks deserve to relax and unwind after moving up and down the whole day. There is no better way to do that than through a good old therapeutic touch from a massage gun. You could buy him the Theragun Mini massage gun to help your man calm down those tense muscles after exhausting outdoor adventures. The unit is light and portable yet extra efficient at what it does.

What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Travel Gift for Him

11 Best Luxury Travel Gifts For Him 2

i. Gift Quality

Quality is everything when it comes to presents. It is a measure of how much you mind him. Plus, quality gifts tend to last longer and will leave a long-lasting impression on the beneficiary. Gifts should incorporate a little element of luxury. Ideally, it should be something that your dear one longs for. Yet, luxury does not necessarily imply that the present must be expensive. It is all about the little things such as watches, hats, shoes, and so on. You can still get a premium razor and other smaller but valuable gifts without breaking the bank.

ii. His preferences

When choosing a gift, it is crucial to go for what the recipient likes instead of what you like.  As much as it seems like an obvious thing, a lot of folks fail to nail it for that. You need to keep the taste of the beneficiary in mind when considering the type of gift to purchase. Do not try to widen their preferences either. To ascertain their taste, look at what they like wearing, what they have, or what they use regularly. Essentially, what you choose to get for them should remind them of you. It is that simple.

iii. Gender

Gender is another variable you need to factor into your consideration. First, you need to understand that men like women love and deserve to be gifted. Yet, what most men like is far more different from what women like. If you want to get a gift for your man, ensure that it is personal and sentimental. Men tend to gravitate towards tools and electronics rather than clothing and bodily accessories. The general thumb rule is to get him what he fancies but has not thought of getting for himself.

iv. Gift’s Value

The gift’s value speaks volumes about how thoughtful you are and how deeply you know the beneficiary. A perfect gift ought to be something they will utilize time and again. The last thing you want is to gift them something they will eventually dump in a corner. Similarly, it is not prudent to give a gift that is more likely to be re-gifted.

Places to Buy Gifts

a. Flying Tiger – New York City

The Flying Tiger is a Danish-inspired chain store featuring other locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. It comes with numerous kinds of customized gifts for people across all age groups. Prices within the store are affordable as well. 

b. Moma Design Store – Online

Moma Design Store is a one-stop shop if you need a creative present or an art-inspired gift. The store is exceptional, incorporating modern art with colorful and fun aesthetics. Whether you need a customized knife or you are in search of a recreated antique painting, the shop has your back. Orders are delivered within five days with reasonable shipping fees.

c. Burro – Los Angeles

It is a specialized gift shop with multiple chain stores in Santa Monica, Westlake Village, and Malibu. The spot has something for everyone with gifts ranging from kitchenware to tech gadgets and much more. For added convenience, the store incorporates an online store.  

d. Uncommon Goods – Online

As the name insinuates, Uncommon Goods is an online store that focuses on the rarest gifts. They sell anything from personalized leather wristbands to BBQ spices and rubs. They also stock clothes, hats, and other accessories. With inspiring gift collections and an expedited shipping process, you can expect nothing but the best from them.

e. Foursided – Chicago

 The Four-sided is not only a popular framing shop but also offers a variety of presents as well. All gifts from the shop are wrapped in framed puzzle pieces and customized flashcards. You simply have to place an order and your gift will be delivered to your address. It is the place to go if you are in the market for personalized books, ornaments, and Chicago-themed prints. 

Things to Avoid When Buying a Gift for Him

Gifts with no personal touch

The perfect gift ought to have a personal touch. Whether customized or not, the gift should have something very specific to the recipient. If you cannot have the gift engraved with the loved one’s name or so try to wrap it in a manner that connects you to one another.


It is never good etiquette to give a present that was meant for you to someone else. Traditionally, gifts come along with emotions that give them sentimental value. Therefore, regifting contravenes that ideology. You simply have to research what your loved one likes and surprise him.

Going for what you like

You need to think about the needs and preferences of the beneficiary before purchasing a gift. A lot of folks tend to go for what they like when it comes to gifting. You need to understand that we are all unique in terms of what we find appealing at any given time. If you do not know the person deeply enough, it might be prudent to ask. 


Gifting is an art. Not everyone has a gift for gifting. However, we hope that this article will grant you the inspiration you need to find the perfect gift for him. Presents are simply an indication that you care and you know him well enough. The best gifts are not about how the cost but rather about the sentimental value they will impart to the beneficiary.

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