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Best Machu Picchu Hiking Tours

Machu Picchu is among the most famous exploration destinations in the world. The place is rich in deep fascinations. Besides, the mystery of the ancient lost city is an experience you would not want to miss. Read more here about Best Machu Picchu Hiking Tours.

It is a fantastic destination with a stunning maze of walking trails. Some peaks are more than 20,000 feet high around the site. It is a UNESCO world heritage destination for over 35 years. In 2007, it joined the list of the seven modern world wonders.

For many years, there have been few restrictions on accessing the site. Therefore, you should consider an organized adventure for an assurance of safety. It also allows you to unearth the most comprehensive option that will satisfy your needs.  Below are the best adventures for a reputable destination.

Best Machu Picchu Hiking Tours

Best Machu Picchu Hiking Tours

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1. Full-Day Trip from Cusco

machu picchu tours from cusco

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Most of the explorations of the site begin from Cusco. You can spend days enjoying all that is available in the region. But a full-day exploration is enough for most travelers. It gives you more time for other excursions.

It is a breathtaking experience bearing in mind that it is among the latest wonders of the world. It competes with the temple complex of the Angkor Wat.

2. Alternative Inca Jungle trip

machu picchu inca trail

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If you wish to discover something exceptional, the alternative Inca jungle exploration will be a good deal for you. It starts from Cusco. You can perform several activities along the trail. If you like zip lining, then you have an option for it.

Mountain Bikers can also ride through the thick bush. There is rafting as well along the route. If you consider trekking, you need to be physically fit. You will visit some reputable sites. Some of them rarely receive visitors in the more remote parts. It is thus perfect if you wish to avoid crowds.

3. A day-Trip by train from Cusco

Trip by train from Cusco

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The ruins on the site are among the world’s most marvelous engineering works. The high altitude makes the visit a bit challenging.

You will have an incredible experience when viewing the Andes mountains on a train. The 16 hours ride is comfortable beginning from Cusco.

4. Five-day adventure to the Sacred Valley and the site

The five-day tour is an excellent deal for those wishing to dig deeper into their pockets. You explore the Sacred Valley from Cusco. The tour gives you a spectacular experience of the culture than attracting visitors worldwide.

The excursion includes listed meals, site entrance charges, and accommodation for the four nights of travel. It is a great deal if you wish to allow experts to control all marginal details.

5. 15-Day trip from Lima

The excursion gives you a better comprehensive view of Peru than most adventures. You will have a 15-day visit to the most exhilarating sites.

It is a popular option for starters in international travel. Retirees prefer the alternative a lot too. You will have a tour of the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, Amazon, Sacred Valley, and  Colca Canyon.

6. Four-Day Trip nature and village walk

If you intend to avoid the crowds, the four-day excursion is an ideal choice. You will trek through a less traveled trail to a remote village. There are several stop points at the local highland villages. The excursion will offer you an abundance of exercise, as most places are inaccessible with a vehicle. You will enjoy the exhilarating view of the mountain.

7. Full-Day trip with Vistadome Train

Vistadomes trains offer a royal means of transport. Their construction is convenient for sightseers. The full-day adventure includes a guide who will narrate the rich history and culture of the famous site to you. The tour begins very early from the Cusco hotel.

8. A two-Day Trip to Moray Salt Mines and site

Moray Peru

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The Urubamba Valley is a convenient stop point to view a few towns around. Its location is on the way to Machu Picchu as you move from Cusco. The towns incorporate colonial architecture, which gives you a great historical touch.

The excursion takes you to the moray salt mines. You will have a ride to Aguas Calientes on a train. Besides, you will reach the entry point to the site.

9. A morning adventure

The early birds have a chance to visit the prominent site when there are few crowds. The excursion is a great day starter. You will have a local expert guide who will let you understand more about the ruins. You will learn about the culture that thrived in the ancient town. The exploration includes a trek through the snaky trails of the ancient citadel.

10. Small-Group two-hour trip

It is an alternative for a traveler who is on a shoestring budget. Since it takes two hours, it allows you to experience the site even when on a tight schedule. It is a small two-hour excursion and will allow you to see anything you wish despite its conciseness. The service is more personal, unlike the one you would get if you use the daily mega explorations.


You now have the best excursions to one of the world’s famous excursion sites. The list is comprehensive to ensure that you pick that you weigh the best deal for you. Once you settle on a plan, it is recommendable to consider your adventure during the dry season. The season begins from April to November. Most of the visits happen between May to August.

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