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20 Best Pocket Knife For The Money

For hikers and backpackers, a sharp camping knife is one of the most important tools to have in your pack. The best pocket knife for the money comes in handy for a number of different functions which ensures your well being and survival when camping. A camping knife comes in handy for a number of purposes when camping; some of them are discussed below.

Best Pocket Knife For The Money

Below is a review of the best pocket knives that give you the best value for your money.

Heavy Duty Picks

Moderate Picks

Case Copperlock Knives
Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel Blade; Mini Copperlock Locking Clip Blade; Jigged Amber Bone Handle
Gerber Covert Knife, Serrated Edge, Black [22-01966]
Tough titanium coated blade; G-10 handle provides secure grip in all conditions; Lock Type: Side Lock

Reliable Picks

Customer's Picks

MTech USA MT-A845BK Spring Assist Folding Knife, Black Blade, Black Handle, 5-Inch Closed
Black stainless steel blade with thumb stud for faster deployment; Black aluminum handle with cut-out design
Snake Eye Tactical Everyday Carry Ultra Smooth One Hand Opening Folding Pocket Knife - Ideal for...
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KATSU Camping Pocket Folding Japanese Knife

This knife is 5 inches closed and weight of 145 gram. The knife is said to have a titanium and carbon fibre Handle which offers anti-rust property and also for easy use. No doubt, the sharpness of this knife is of high quality with a 3.9-Inch VG-10 Steel blade.

Pros and Cons

Of course, the KATSU Camping knife was reviewed to be affordable and worth the price. It was described as an incredible work of art. Closed Length: 5 inch, Total length: 9 inch

 Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 556 EDC Manual Open Folding Knife Made in USA

Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 556 Knife

It is an all-round functionality knife With thick handle. And it's a lightweight design. The knife is a perfect addition to your EDC. It can be used in a survival kit and backpacks.

Pros and Cons

The knife is said to be a perfect addition to EDC collection. It is recommended for its lightweight design and well-costed blade. Non-corrossive construction make it in top pick.

OTF Double Action Safety Knife

OTF Double Action Safety Knife

The OTF Knife is a double packed action knife. It has high qualities. The knife consists of a 440c steel blade. It is a well-designed pocket knife for the purchase. It has aluminium handle outfitted with a pocket clip. In addition, it can be used for activities like glass breaking.

Pros and Cons

It has been reviewed to be a fantastic choice of knife with a high quality of craftsmanship.

But the downside is the high price of this product.

Benchmade - Bugout 535 Folding Knife for Everyday Carry and Camping

Benchmade - Bugout 535 EDC Manual Open

The knife is a perfect choice for a hunting knife. It is capable of performing many tasks on the field. It has good edge retention. This benchmark knife also has among its many qualities of corrosion resistance. It is a knife of versatile strength. The handle is good for gripping. And it's known for its superior durability.

Pros and Cons

The reviews said its a knife of perfect quality. Though it's quite expensive it is said to be worth every penny.

Spyderco C223GPCMO Para 3 Plain Camo G-10

Spyderco Para 3 Folder 3.0 in Plain G-10 Handle

It is 7.2 inches folding knife. It is one of the best quality folding knives you will find around. Also, this fold able knife is good for hunting. Easy to fold the blade. It is regarded as a product of high quality.

Pros and Cons

The review said its a watch of high quality. It is one of the best knives around for EDC use. With the Spyderco knife, it is said that nothing can go wrong.

 CRKT Homefront Aluminum Folding Pocket Knife

CRKT Homefront Aluminum Folding Pocket Knife

This is a fantastic knife for mountain hunting. It is also perfect for field trip works. The blade contains high carbon. CRKT knife is very easy to sharpen. In addition, it has a firm edge for holding. Moreover, it is a good choice to be used in all conditions.

Pros and Cons

It is reviewed to be a folding knife of good quality. It has a firm grip. But it has a downside of limited warranty.

Buck Knives 0110BRS 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath

Buck Knives 0110BRS 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife

It is a 3-3/4420HC stainless steel clip point blade. Furthermore, it has strength, edge retention and is corrosion resistant. The crescent tip makes the blade thinner with a sharper point.

Pros and Cons

The Buck Knives have back lock for strength and safety. In fact, Buck Knife is effective for camping, hiking, hunting etc.The customers have mixed reviews. One of the customers pointed out that it is good for workmanship and they're beautiful knives.

While the other said he doesn't like the knives because the knives are heavy.

Case 133 Amber Bone PCH Seed Jig Mini CopperLock

Case Amber Bone Mini CopperLock Knife

This CopperLock knife is 3.63 inches closed knife that combines elements from the Trapper and Copperhead. With a fully locking blade and smooth handle. It also has the cutting power of a lockback.

Pros and Cons

The Case Amber Bone knife was reviewed by the customers to be a great knife for everyday use. It is very sharpened and it has a cutting edge.

SOG Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath - SEAL Pup Tactical Knife, Survival Knife and Hunting Knife

SOG Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath

This knife is an affordable and unbreakable thick blade. It has a straight edge fixed 6-inches steel blade with a clip point shape. SOG fixed blade knife is made of high strength. It is a perfect knife for field hunting and hiking with a good sheath. 

Pros and Cons

The knife was reviewed to be of the best quality. In fact, the blade is very sharp. It is thick and strong. Furthermore, it is regarded as a power horse by some of the reviews. Blade length: 4.75 inch.

But, it has a short time warranty.

 Gerber Covert Knife, Serrated Edge

Gerber Covert Knife, Serrated Edge

This is a knife with a length of 8.7 inches. It has a locked handle design. The steel blade of the knife is lightweight. It also has a pocket clip.

Pros and Cons

The review said it is a good knife. It is of affordable price. But it has its own downside of being heavy to carry. And it is known not to be durable.

Another review said the bad side of the knife might be due to the misuse of the knife.

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Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife, Serrated Edge

The Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife is a good camping knife, crafted with great innovation. Also, the 3.6-inch drop top blade has a rubber grip and dual thumb studs which makes the knife easy and safe to use. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel which is a durable material.

Of course, the knife is compact and lightweight, measuring 9-10 inches just perfect for camping. With its serrated edge, it is ideal for cutting the cord, making splitting and edge retention. The knife fits perfectly into the nylon sheath, protecting you from the accident and the blade from rust.

Pros and Cons

The pros of the knife include its razor-sharp blade and ergonomic handle which makes it easy on your hand. 

This knife is a great choice for a folding knife at a pocket-friendly price, as it has all the qualities of a good camping knife.

A downside, however, is its sheath could prove to be too tight.

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Kershaw Clash Black Serrated Pocket Knife

The Kershaw Clash is a known pocket knife with. 8CR13MOV steel, speed safe, serrated blade. It has a black oxide coating and casting glass filled nylon handle. Moreover, it is a knife known for its portability makes it easier to carry around.

Pros and Cons

Of course, the Kershaw Clash Black knife has the speed to open or cut something.

Though it is heavy sized blade it is easy to carry around.

Personalized Gifts Birthday Gift for Dad Best Buckin Dad Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Folding Pocket Knife

Personalized Gifts Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Folding Pocket Knife

The knife has a 3-inch stainless steel blade. It 4.5 inches closed long and 7.5 inches if the knife is opened. This pocket knife also has a beautifully carved laser wood handle. It is known for its durability in which it can be used for some fantastic work such as carving designs.

Pros and Cons

The reviewed were filled with mixed feelings with some saying its a good product. It has a good sculpture and holder but they wish it is a little bit bigger in size.

 Opinel No6 Bechwood Handle Stainless Steel Folding Locking Pocket Knife

Opinel Stainless Steel Folding Everyday Carry Locking Pocket Knife

This is a Simple and efficiently easy to use a knife. It's seen as an essential product of history and tradition. Further, it can be used for many purposes like in the garden, a table knife. It also has anti-corrosive quality.

Pros and Cons

The knife was said to be impressive. It is a special knife with its own specific qualities. The knife is good for use but it has a side effect when it comes to water according to a user of the Opinel pocket knife.

Kershaw Brawler Pocket Knife

Kershaw Brawler (1990) Folding Pocket Knife

This is a set of two knives. It contains one large and one Small Stainless steel. It has a beautiful coating with Speed. Safe assisted opening with flipper or thumb stud reversible deep-carry pocket clip.

Pros and Cons

The reviews see the knife as a good choice with affordable price. However, the knife was reviewed to be heavy but it gets the job done. Blade: 3 inch.

MOSSY OAK 14 inch Bowie Knife

MOSSY OAK 14-inch Bowie Knife

This It has a razor-sharp Point stainless steel blade. MOSSY OAK knife has strength, good cutting edge. It has resistance. This knife is also known for its durability work. It is suitable for use in camping, hunting and lots of adventures.

Pros and Cons

It was reviewed to be a great knife that is affordable. In addition, it has durable and outstanding qualities. The users of this particular knife also emphasized the incredible sheath of the knife. This makes it a preferred choice. Total Length : 14 inch, Length of Blade : 8.5 inch.

 Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Carbon Steel Blade

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

The Morakniv compassion knife is an all in one outdoor knife. It is a versatile blade for outdoor use. The knife is a 4.1-inches stainless steel blade. This knife is ideal for carving. It is used for cutting and preparation of food. The blade is very sharp and has greater control for grip. It is very safe to use.

Pros and Cons

The reviews of the morakniv knife have a good quality of the knife to talk about like good in chopping of small trees. It is also good for hiking, camping, hunting. This knife is affordable and it's worth the price. Blade thickness: 2.0 mm. Total length: 8.6 inch.

Morakniv Craftline Basic 511 High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Utility Knife and Combi-Sheath, 3.6-Inch Blade, Red

Morakniv Craft Line Basic 511 High Carbon Steel

This knife has a better quality in hardness, sharpening, and toughness. The addition of high carbon makes it durable and useful inconsistent regrinding. It is a 3.6 inch fixed blade.

Pros and Cons

The better aspect of this Morakniv knife is the blade thickness and ability to hold a sharper and durable acute edge. On the other hand, the knife is known to contain some chemicals with cancerous effect and some birth defects.

 MTech USA MT A845BK Spring Assist Folding Knife

MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife

The folding knife is of extreme quality and sharpness. It is a strong and durable knife with stainless steel carbon. Moreover, it is a good knife for hunting and camping. It depends on your suitable taste for the knife.

Pros and Cons

The knife was well reviewed to be a good choice for camping, fishing and a lot of adventures. It is a folding knife of quality usage. Blade length: 3.75", Thickness: 3.5 mm.

 Snake Eye Tactical Everyday Carry Ultra Smooth One Hand Opening Folding Pocket Knife


It's an engraved quality small pocket knife of 3.5 inches. Of course, it is a good choice for backpacking and camping. This knife is made to contain a flip out can opener. It has qualities of cutting ropes and some forms of glass. This EDC has a thickness of 3" 3 mm steel blade.

Pros and Cons

Closed length : 4 inch. No doubt, the wooden handle with pocket clip make it perfect for outdoor ventures.

What Is The Importance Of Camping Knife For Backpacking?

Hiking is a fun outdoor activity, and having everything you need at hand ensures you encounter no trouble while camping. These are the top five uses for a camping knife.

Cutting Cord

An extension cord is useful for generating power when you are camping. You can generate power from a campsite power outlet or your car. A knife will come in handy to cut the extension cord and set up your campsite.

Splitting Wood And Fire sticks

It can get really cold at night while camping. Splitting wood into campfire sticks for kindling is light work with a pocket knife.


A sharp camping knife is effective in making a spark with the fire steel. Starting a kindling or making a steak is much easier.

Opening Packets

Your canned and sealed food packets can be swiftly and easily opened with your knife.

In addition, your knife can also be used for cutting moleskin, cleaning your nails and removing blisters while you are out in the woods.

How do you choose the best camping knife for hiking

The hiking knives do not have the same qualities. So there are ways in which you can choose your preferred camping knives. They are as follows:-

  • First, you can choose based on your camping details and procedures.
  • Don't be in a hurry when you want to choose.
  • Choose the best camping knife that suits you.
  • Familiarize yourself with the knife for effective use.
best pocket knife for the money

Caution : One important thing to have in mind is to check and verify the standard age and regulations surrounding a particular folding knife before you request for it.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Camping Knife


The size of a knife is a very important feature to pay attention to. If a knife is too big, it might be problems using it, likewise when it is too small. When it is too big, it can not be used for detailed tasks, while a small knife will not be useful for tasks like splitting fire sticks.

That said, a knife which runs between 9 and 11 inches is ideal as a camping knife.

Blade of the knife:

What is the use of a knife when the blade cannot cut? A lot of knives are made of blades that are not durable. It is therefore advisable to go for blades of the highest quality.


The handle of a knife is as important as its blade. A knife with an unsuitable handle material can give you blisters. Hardwood, bone, and plastic are among the best handles possible.


In various daily adventures, camping knives are very essential. These knives are important for hunting. It is used for fishing, hiking and for cutting purposes. So a good camping pocket knife must be chosen based on your taste and preference. This article has helped to review some of the best camping knives around for everyday carry (EDC). The folding knives are good for countless purpose whether to open a package. They can be kept at the hip or even at hand as they are EDC. These knives are seen as an option for hikers for day to day operations.

In camping and other adventures, the EDC folding knife is the simplest tool to have around. You can use them not only for protection but also for indoor and outdoor purposes even for cutting trees and ropes. They are also employed in slicing and dicing vegetables and fruits. For an essential pragmatic purpose, you need to choose a lightweight EDC but with durability. The knife must be perfectly sharpened to perform various functions.

 There are many steps in choosing the best pocket knife for EDC. It can be very difficult and challenging.  But in this article, there are perfect folding knives of many preferences that have been reviewed on the pros and cons.