The North Face Cobra 60 Review


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The North Face Cobra 60 Hiking Backpack is a versatile backpack specially designed for different activities like trekking, skiing, rock climbing and mountaineering tough terrains, unlike other backpacking backpacks reviewed here. This product is a special  improved versatile design from The North Face. Of course, this pack can be taken with you on adventures and skiing where you may not meet your requirement with other simple backpacks.

Best Suitable For Adventures Like Trekking, Rock Climbing And Mountaineering!”

Main Features

  • Ultra lightweight and comfortable
  • Robust material with removable top lid
  • Covered tool keepers with whistle
  • Wand pockets for gear organization

Reliable Pick

The North Face Cobra 60 Backpack
The North Face Cobra 60 Review

The North Face Cobra 60 Review

This hiking backpack provides us the superior design feature of The North Face with an emphasis on the lightweight feature. It can be taken easily in any tough terrain environment expeditions and skiing keeping in mind to go a long distance with more gear, backpacking food, water etc. It weighs only 3.68 pounds, and it comes with an internal detachable frame sheet which can be removed if you are planning a long expedition with more gear load.

Though this backpacking backpack is light in weight, its main feature is that it has got 60 liters/3661 cubic inches of interior space with a top loading main compartment. This backpack is still comfortable, even though it is loaded fully to its capacity. Even with this awesome interior capacity, this hiking backpack provides a perfect load balance and comfort in any difficult terrain.

This North Face travel backpack comes in two attractive combinations of colors. One combination of TNF Black and Asphalt Grey another one in TNF Black and Fiery Red color. The color combination looks very attractive.It comes in two sizes, which can be chosen as per your torso length: Small/Medium (57 liters) and Large/Extra Large(60 Liters).

Reliable Features :

Of course, if you are looking for a reliable backpack, this backpack provides a lot of features to support your next multi-day expedition. It is provided with a stow-able helmet carry, wand pockets, over sized crampon pockets, tool points to secure tools, rope carry system and points for carrying skiing apparatus etc. The wand pocket is accessible even when the backpack is on and sufficient to keep snacks, gloves, sun hats etc.

Detachable Top Lid :

The backpack top lid can be detached along with removable frame sheet and padding of hip-belt to slash down the weight of the backpack to carry more stuff during a long expedition. In addition, the detachable top lid can be carried for any short journey during the expedition. This is detached from the main pack via 4 clips attached to it. Still, the backpack looks so nice even after removing the top lid.

The Detachable frame sheet:

A detachable frame-sheet provides excellent support when you’re taking on long multi-day trips which require more stuff to carry. The top lid, the removable extra padding of hip-belt and the frame sheet may be removed to slash the basic weight of the backpack during a multi-day trip that requires more gear load.

Hipbelt :

The hip belt is provided with a removable hip belt pad. This pad is detachable according to the nature of the expedition. The hip belt is provided with pockets. Furthermore, the tool loop is also provided on the hip belt to hang required tools. Moreover, in this North Face expedition backpack, the hip belt is thickly padded so that one can haul a considerable load comfortably.

It is provided with lots of straps to compress the load. Still, this straps are removable in case you are heading for a normal hiking.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Dimension : 25 x 16 x 5 inches


  • Few exterior pockets
  • No integrated rain cover

The Final Verdict

In fact, this North Face 60 litre backpack is a well designed with special Cordura 420D nylon fabric and UHMWPE blended 500 D nylon material. As a result, this comes as most durable and comfortable backpack. Of course, this storage capacity, light weight design and versatility will attract anyone to take it for a multi day expedition.

Actually, this backpack will be best suitable for any long day camping or hiking activities like trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering etc. If you consider all the above mentioned features, this model from TNF brand is the  best hiking backpack. Actually, its versatility and gear organizational features are outstanding.

Cobra 60 Review – Video

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