Arcteryx Altra 65 Review – Men’s Backpack


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Presently Arcteryx Altra 65 is not available on amazon. A wide range of Arcteryx backpack with great features are available from this Canadian manufacture. You may check out our updated list here.

Arcteryx Altra 65 is a 65 liter volume hiking, mountaineering and camping backpack.  Arcteryx 65 is designed with Composite Construction suspension system. This new Arcteryx Altra backpack is a unique design from Canadian manufacturer Arc’teryx. This backpack is designed with the principle of intuitive design, timeless quality, simplicity and unique fabrication.

These backpacking backpacks are from Arc’teryx. At present, this Canadian manufacturer is a technical high performance outwear and equipment manufacturer. The company is a leading player in the backpack industry with an inevitable commitment to their entire design, fabrication and performance.

Arc'teryx Bora AR 63 Backpack

“Best Suitable For Those Need Extreme Comfort!”

Main Features

  • Perfect for all weather hiking
  • Preferable pack for long trips
  • Durable and protects from adverse weather
  • Lightweight design, pack weight : 5 lbs.

Reliable Pick

Arcteryx Bora AR 63 Backpack

In the first place, the Canadian backpacks manufacture’s method of resolving the issues from a ground level gives them to think beyond current materials and design methods. The Arcteryx Altra  provide the self-confidence to go for a nature camping/hiking. You can pack all required gear you need in a nature expedition through any terrain or any climate. Initial field testing in real terrains conditions of Canada adopts insight into fabricating this best hiking backpack in the world.


The Canadian company Arc’teryx set new standards of design and fabrication. For this purpose, features like watertight zippers, micro seams (increasing stitch strength), lamination, light in weight and most durable are available. The Arcteryx 65 Altra is a unique lightweight backpack fabricated for a comfortable hiking. It is focusing on hauling more gear during long camping with nature.

Arcteryx backpack is available in two attractive colors: Carbon copy and Diablo red. Similarly, it also comes in two sizes: Regular / Tall and Short / Regular. The customer can select the convenient size according to his torso length.

This backpack has a load transfer disc to improve the ability to move quickly and easily during hiking a difficult terrain. The Composite Construction suspension system with adjustable shoulder straps make this the best backpacks for hiking available for an ideal hiking. It has tremendous gear organizational capabilities for a long haul. Without offloading the backpack, one can easily get the things you need during hiking.

Arcteryx Altra 65 Review - Men's Backpack

Special Features of Altra 65:-

There are a number of special features which make this 65 liter backpack the best in the world. Some of these are:-

Top Pack Lid

The top extendable lid is provided with two zippered compartments for easy organization of gear carried during hiking. This top lid is also removable. It is having a map pocket also with it. Moreover, the typical drag handle is just behind this.

Thermoformed Pivoting Hipbelt

The hipbelt is thermoformed with a pivoting feature. The pivoting Load Transfer Disc distributes gear loads comfortably to hips along with the natural movement of hips. This is a new unique design to increase stability, comfort and agility on a rough terrain. This thermoform hipbelt gets firmly attached to your hips, it becomes part of your body with lot of free movement. The rotating load transfer disc follows your natural movement for more comfort. The hipbelt is having pockets to keep things accessible quickly. In addtion to this, the polyethylene foam in the hipbelt and shoulder straps provide a nice support and comfort of cushion.

GridLock Adjustable Shoulder Straps

After selecting the custom size according to the customer’s torso length, you can adjust the shoulder straps width wise as well as lengthwise to fit the backpack to the body. The anatomically shaped GridLock shoulder straps adjust vertically and horizontally to fit properly during hiking in nine different positions. There are four compression straps.  As, each two on both sides to compress the load during hiking. These contoured, padded shoulder straps are removable and adjustable.

Kangaroo Pocket

It provides a large kangaroo pocket to keep lots of items during hiking. This kangaroo pocket is provided with compression strap. Furthermore, the front kangaroo pocket is very good for storing the things you may require in a hurry.

Wingman side pockets

In addition, there are two Wingman pockets for easy one-hand access during hiking. You can store the water bottles and snacks in this Wingman pockets and close with the zip so that it will not fall down.

Internal hydration pocket with zip, micro daisy chains, breathable backpanel, and inverted U-zipper are some of the additional features available to make this model extremely useful backpack.

The Final Verdict

To summarize, the Arcteryx backpack delivers all the features we dream about the best hiking backpack. No doubt, this backpacking backpack is a little more expensive comparing to other backpacks. Equally important, it is one of the best ideal backpacking backpack ever made in the world. To conclude, this camping backpack is lightweight, extremely comfortable and highly durable.

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