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10 Ways to Cut Your Expenses & Save Money for Travel In 2024

Traveling is always the best part to take a break from your seemingly, never-ending day-to-day life. So, are you planning a trip this year to Tahiti or the beautiful islands of Maldives?

I know it’s on my bucket list for 2024!

But before you imagine yourself getting a tan on a blissful beach somewhere, here are the 10 Ways to Save Money for Travel in 2024. These will help you turn that dream you had while reading this article into reality in 2024.

10 Ways to Save Money for Travel in 2024

Ways to Save Money for Travel

1- Saving on flight tickets

The best practice of Online flight booking is to book from the most popular travel agency out there! Why? They get the best discounts and deals on flights and accommodations. Hey, if they are getting it, there’s no reason they won’t offer the same to you.

Another regular tip would be to book your flights way ahead of the actual dates or in a dull traveling season when flight prices are low.

2- Buy Everything Using a Credit Card

Buy Everything Using a Credit Card

Did you know that a good credit score can save you hundreds of dollars a year? When you use a credit card for buying everything, from your grocery to clothes—not branded!—you start to look attractive to your credit card lenders.

And that popularity meter gets you amazing deals, cashback, and discounts on online deals, especially on trip accommodations. Sometimes, if you’re having a good year, you win a free trip and that is the best thing that can happen to you next to winning a lottery.

3- Stop keeping up with the Joneses!

Most of us, especially our women, like to pretend we are richer than the Kardashians when in actuality; we are just shy of broke by the end of every month.

Have you asked yourself, is this helping you at all? No? Good, then stop keeping up with the Joneses and start prioritizing between your needs and wants. If you don’t do it, you will never be satisfied with your life.

If you are making a ridiculous amount of money every year but spend just so you could look richer to the people who don’t care about your lavish lifestyle, it’s a waste.

4- Set up a Targeted budget

Set up a Targeted budget

Now some of you are thinking, what does that even mean, right? Well, this is the minimum amount you need to travel by the end of the year. You have been smart about this budget because your options are a few on a budget travel plan.

There are so many places where you can travel around the world on a budget; you should have a goal in mind. Once you have that, it’s time to get saving.

5- Budget Clothing

It’s a term that I discovered and will explain it in a minute. Before that, are you aware of a trend called cloth swapping? It’s a way of exchanging clothes with your friends for trips and parties.

Suppose a friend of yours bought a $100 dress or a suit for a party. They wore it once and stuck it in a closet where it’s of no further use to anybody. Now, if your friends do that, you must often do it too, right?

So, this is where cloth swapping comes in. You lend your clothes to your friends, whether it’s party clothes or trip apparel and they do the same.

Once you get used to wearing used clothes—new for you—you start moving away from brands and get comfortable with budget clothing. That alone will save you enough for a short trip by the time you are ready for a well-deserved vacation.

6- Cut down on unnecessary flimflam

Once you start spending smart, it’s time to start cutting down on flimflam; little by little. First, if you have a cable TV, it needs to go. Replace it with Netflix like regular people. That ought to save you around a hundred dollars a month when Netflix is just around ten bucks on average.

The next thing is your cell phone bill, there are a lot of services that offer you much better deals than your regular cell phone service, get on a plan that will save you hundreds of dollars a month in a large family.

The last and the most painful—here come the food lovers for my nape—is cut-down on your outside meals little by little. I know it’s hard but one less meal outside every month can stack up a lot of money for your travel budget.

7- Save on shopping before traveling

Save on shopping before traveling

By now, you saved a huge chunk of your yearly income that otherwise would have hindered your plans in Rome this year. It’s time to get moving around your traveling schedule. Prepare a list of things you need to have a good time on this trip and then cut it down twice.

Done? There you go! You have your list of things to buy before traveling. Now, remember coupons that make everyone grin like a dolt? Cash them in for crossing off your travel shopping list.

8- Save on online buying

You must be thinking, well, how do I do that? And my answer would be coupons! Whenever I am shopping online, I am always reluctant to buy from stores that I trust and know about their sales trends.

In simple words, stores that offer seasonal discounts, scheduled discounts, and coupons! Some of these online stores have discount cards that will save you a ton of money in a year.

9- Saving on Hotel bookings

Usually, accommodations are part of the deal when you book from a reputed travel agent still they might rip you off here if you got an unbelievable deal on your flight booking. You can trick them into thinking you wanted hotel booking as part of the deal too and then go ahead and do due diligence anyway.

10- Start Investing

We now live in a world where saving alone wouldn’t get you anywhere. You have to start finding ways for small investments. If you have access to the internet, you should start finding ways of investing in stocks, an affiliate website, a profitable blog, or any small Niche start-up that you are known to you. Although, people are cynical about partnering with online businesses. So, what other options are out there? Well, my answer to that is to find people around you.

There are a lot of opportunities in your social circle if you know where to look! Not everyone lives on a salaried income. There are people in your peer network, neighborhood, and even in your social circle to help you get started in the investment market. If you have a small budget or no budget at all, join a free incubator in your city. If you are someone who can learn quickly, get on a Youtube channel to acquire financial management skills. This will not only help you increase your income but also has the potential for long-term financial stability.

The best way is to check a few websites, services, and app subscriptions before you lock in a deal with your travel agent or book a hotel separately.

Yet another tip before you go is to set a separate travel account. If it’s automated, the better. A small amount of your income transferred into this account will save you the headaches if mathematics isn’t making you shine out there.

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  1. Being frugal is a fantastic way to save money, and it doesn’t have to come with giving up your social life! Couch surfing is an amazing example of that, as you mentioned , Lots of good tips and ideas in here – thanks!

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