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7 Best Hiking Shirt for Hot Weather

Sunny days are of the perfect moments for one to lace up his boots and head out to a mountain summit, dramatic slot canyon, or alpine lake. But this best experience comes along with intense heat from the scorching sunshine and if you don’t manage it properly, it can turn into a painful expedition. There’s one general rule for hiking in the hot weather “The more coverage the better the hike.” That’s why you’ll never see an experienced hot weather hiker without a shirt and sun hat. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the importance of the best hiking shirt for hot weather.

The best hiking shirt in hot weather provides comfort and coverage. A comfortable shirt for hiking does two things; keeping out harmful sun rays and letting in a cool breeze. Hence, the shirt creates a pleasant walk on a sun-drenched day without any strain or struggle.

Remember, it not only irritates hiking in hot weather with pale skin and heavy sweat but it can also lead to muscle weakness, weak pulse rate, and tiredness.

best hiking shirt for hot weather

Hiking is one of the most thrilling and exciting outdoor events. However, you don’t just go out there in the wrong outfit. This post reviews the best hot weather hiking shirts.

Top Hot Weather Hiking Shirts

1. Columbia Men’s Terminal Tackle Long Sleeve Shirt

“Great cloth to fish or enjoy beach parties in sultry weather!”

Premium Pick

Columbia Mens Terminal Tackle Long Sleeve Shirt

Main Features

  • Designed with high-quality material
  • Ideal for both hot and cold weather
  • Suitable for beach or fishing event
  • Comfortable and breathable

“Staying safe, comfortable, and happy on the road irrespective of the temperature.”

Columbia Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt is a well-designed outdoor dress perfect for hot weather. The manufacturer designs this fabric from 100% polyester which makes it breathable and comfortable.


Unlike other walking shirts on the shelves, Columbia designed this product with OMNI-SHADE. This construction protects you from UVB and UVA rays while you hike in sultry temperature. Likewise, the tight weave construction ensures that the ray doesn’t penetrate or cause long-term skin damage.

Comfortable and Breathable

The manufacturer made this fabric to keep you cozy no matter how hot the temperature is. The polyester material ensures that the air is evenly distributed around your body. At the same time, it absorbs sweat or water quicker than you could think.

Has Built-in Sun Protector

Columbia Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt has built-in UPF 50 material. The construction ensures that your skin is safeguarded from any form of sun or ray damage. So, you can enjoy a picnic party in the sun without the fear of any skin problems or damage.

With this shirt, outdoor lovers can hike conveniently on any terrain no matter how hot the sun stays up in the sky.


  • Perfect for a classic fit
  • Keeps moisture away
  • Great skin protector
  • Cool and dry


  • Available in large sizes
  • Has poor stitching

2. BALEAF Men’s Shirt Long Sleeve

“The best BALEAF Shirt designed for road trips and other amazing outdoor activities.

Top Choice

BALEAF Mens Shirt Long Sleeve

Main Features

  • Includes 2 hook-and-loop chest utility pockets
  • Extremely lightweight and breathable
  • Comfortable and properly designed
  • Ideal for all outdoor events

“Looking great and elegant while staying cozy and comfortable in the hot weather.”

BALEAF Hiking Shirt has one of the best construction on the market today. Unlike the previous product, this fabric has mesh lining. The mesh lining ensures that air circulates freely and evenly around your body. It also makes sure you enjoy the best ventilation even at a higher temperature.

100% Nylon Construction

The 100% nylon construction makes your hiking dress durable and sturdy. It ensures that your cloth doesn’t tear or wear quickly. Besides, the construction also makes the shirt lightweight and extremely breathable.

Button Closure

Unlike the previous product, BALEAF Hiking Shirt is a button closure dress. This design ensures that you can adjust the dress to your convenience. Likewise, the feature makes the trailing shirt perfect for all seasons.

100% Polyester

If you are looking for an outdoor shirt that keeps you cool always, look no further than this product. The polyester construction increases ventilation and keeps your skin safe even if you cycle in the hottest period. Also, this material eliminates sweats faster than you could think.

We can easily conclude that this long-sleeve hiking dress is one of the best shirts for summer vacations.


  • Perfect for a road adventure
  • Offers better ventilation
  • Eliminates sweat faster
  • Has convertible sleeves


  • Has short sleeves
  • Has big collars

3. Merino Wool T-Shirt Men’s

“The best BALEAF Shirt designed for road trips and other amazing outdoor activities.

Best Value

BALEAF Mens Shirt Long Sleeve

Main Features

  • Includes 2 hook-and-loop chest utility pockets
  • Extremely lightweight and breathable
  • Comfortable and properly designed
  • Ideal for all outdoor events

“Designed to ensure that you don’t have to break your bank to stay comfortable when you hike later on in summer.”

This fabric is the best T-shirt to walk in the summery seasons. Unlike other products on this list, Merino builds this cloth from 100% organic merino wool. Aside from being a durable material construction, organic wool is also one of the safest. It is extracted from natural materials without pesticides or chemicals.

Breathable and Lightweight

Perhaps your search for a trailing shirt that is both lightweight and breathable. We got one for you! The breathable feature ensures that you stay cozy and comfortable on the road. At the same time, the lightweight design helps you climb the highest mountain without being inconvenient.

Odor-Free and Moisture Wicking

Organic merino wool is natural material without any pesticides or chemicals. Its 100% appearance in this shirt prevents the cloth from producing an unpleasant smell. Likewise, the shirt evaporates sweat from your body while keeping you cool and dry.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

This fabric is simple to clean. Whether you use a washer or dryer, the product will never tear or wear. Likewise, you can also hand wash this clothing. However, it is essential to know that you need to lay the item flat to air dry. In all, this fabric is perfect for daily wear.

This product is perfect for outdoor lovers who are hypoallergenic and need a chemical-free shirt to stay cool.


  • Keeps sweat away
  • Resist odor away
  • Simple to wash


  • Poorly made neckline
  • Shrinks heavily

4. Outdoor Research Men’s Echo Hoody

“This model is a unique hoodie to stay cool and dry for all summer sports.”

Reliable Pick

Outdoor Research Mens Echo Hoody

Main Features

  • Ideal for summer and winter games
  • Super comfortable and lightweight
  • Has the great thermal regulator
  • Stain and wrinkle-resistant

“A great hoodie for warm weather.”

Hoodies might not be ideal for the hot season, but this product is an exception. Unlike other models, Outdoor Research made this fabric from 100% polyester. This construction makes the short strong and durable, thereby, perfect for rugged use.

Warm Resistance

Outdoor Research Men’s Echo Hoody is designed to keep you cool in warm weather. It is breathable and comfortable with a fantastic thermal regulator. The pullover also distributes air evenly all around your body.

Quick-Drying and Moisture Wicking

Unlike other products on the list, this product doesn’t hold sweat or water on it. So, if you hike today, you can quickly wash and dry the tunic to walk the next day. This fabric also removes sweat from your skin and evaporates it while you stay cozy.

Lightweight and Super Convenient

If you need a lightweight hoodie perfect for all-weather, you would love this model. This pullover allows you to carry out your outdoor activities conveniently without feeling too heavy or strong. Even if you decide to have a heavier jacket on this hoodie, you can hike longer terrains conveniently.

This model is a perfect pullover for users who are ready to invest in their comfort out there.


  • Strong and durable
  • Simple to take care
  • Great sun protector
  • Perfect for all sex


  • Has short sleeves
  • A bit pricey

5. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Long Sleeve Shirt

“Ideal shirt to enjoy picnic and beach parties with your loved ones in warm seasons.”

Reliable Pick

Columbia Mens Silver Ridge Long Sleeve Shirt

Main Features

  • Protects against harmful UVA and UVB
  • Lightweight and highly comfortable
  • Comes with advanced features
  • Simple to wash and maintain

“The best shirt to party whether indoor or outdoor.”

Without a doubt, Columbia is one of the most reliable brands for producing high-quality hiking dresses. This product is one of the best models for hot seasons. It is available in different designs so you can pick the most appropriate model for your adventure.

Features Advance Technology

Unlike other hot weather dresses, the model comes with signature wicking fabric. This fabric ensures that no sweat stays on your skin. Rather, it transports moisture from your body to this long sleeve cloth. The wetness immediately evaporates once it is on the dress.

Machine Washable

This feature is another unique trait loved by many users. You don’t have to stress yourself cleaning this fabric with your hands. All you need is a machine, cold water, and the recommended detergent. You can be sure the product won’t lose its design no matter how many times you clean it.

Unique Adjustable Features

This product comes with a front button closure that allows you to adjust the shirt to your comfort. That’s not all! It also has button-down cuffs so you can adjust the sleeves to the level that offers adequate coziness.

Columbia builds this product to fit perfectly into any weather while offering adequate protection.


  • Designed to last for a lifetime
  • Ideal for everyday wear
  • Ideal for all seasons
  • Easy to adjust


  • Doesn’t dry quickly
  • Piles easily

6. Denali Performance Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt

“If you need a lightweight and comfortable dress to carry out home activities, this model is a great choice.”

Reliable Pick

Denali Performance Mens Long Sleeve

Main Features

  • Protects your skin from sun damages
  • Resistance to dirt and wrinkles
  • Perfect for kayaking adventures
  • Perfect for all home activities

“The perfect warm-weather dress for all sports.”

This T-shirt is a high-quality product designed from 100% microfiber. This material construction makes this pullover a super-absorbent model. Irrespective of how long you trek, this jacket keeps you cool and dry.

All Sports Shirts

Whether you want to climb, walk or cycle, this turtleneck will provide enough comfort and coziness for all events. Aside from sports, you could also have this product on while you engage in-home activities such as BBQ parties, yard work, gardening, and so many other events.

Sweat Wicking

This protects UV fabric uses its WiKZ technology to eliminate sweats from your body. Also, it disperses the moisture once transported to your cloth. The quick evaporation keeps you cool and dry on all terrains. It also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays while staying outdoor.

Stain and Wrinkle Free

No matter how long you walk or cycle, this pullover won’t absorb stain or dirt. The manufacturer designs it to always offer an elegant and eye-catching look. Also, the turtleneck is wrinkle-resistant. You can be sure the dress won’t tear or wear even when ruggedly use.

This brand uses advanced technology to ensure that you stay cool, dry, and comfortable while playing with your kids or do your yard work.


  • Ideal for all sports events
  • Cozy and comfortable
  • Quick-dry fabric
  • Simple to wash


  • Difficult to get sweat stains off
  • Has mismatch sizes

7. Naviskin Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

“This warm period dress makes all road tasks or events a piece of cake.”

Reliable Pick

Naviskin Mens Long Sleeve Shirt

Main Features

  • Protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB
  • Super-lightweight and comfortable
  • Includes two chest utility pockets
  • Designed for all outdoor events

“Fantastic heat deflector and heat protector for summers.”

Naviskin designs this model to help you enjoy the sun without causing any harm to your skin. The manufacturer made this product from 100% nylon to ensure that the fabric is safe for both young and the old.

Has Roll-up Sleeve Design

What we loved most about this product is the ability to adjust it for maximum convenience. Users can easily roll-up this long sleeve either to clean their van or make a fire on the road. While you engage in all these acts, the button tabs keep the rolled-up sleeves secured.

Quick-Drying and Moisture Wicking

This fabric quickly removes the sweat generated while you climb, hike, fish or golf, and leaves you cool and dry. Once it disperses moisture away from your body, the pullover leaves you comfortable and fresh for any new activity or night rest.

UV-cut Dress

Unlike other models, this product ensures UV ray doesn’t harm your skin. This UPF+ fabric safeguards your skin while you gather to celebrate a high school reunion in warm seasons.

Ensure you verify the size of the product before purchasing. Many users report getting a mismatch size.


  • Keep you relaxed and cozy
  • Has button closure design
  • Comes with a tool holder
  • Simple to roll-up


  • Wrinkles easily
  • Has small size

What is a hiking shirt?

A hiking shirt is a shirt that’s designed purely for backpackers and hikers. Most of these shirts are made from ripstop nylon. However, the ripstop used in making hiking shirts differ from those nylons that are used in tents, tarps, and backpacks. Therefore the ripstop for hiking shirts are very thin and soft, this prevents the shirt from making noise. Indeed a quality hiking shirt must have two properties, lack of noise and softness.

The primary objective of hiking shirts is to keep hikers dry and cool. Quality shirts are breathable; some of the shirts even have the capacity to allow some breeze to penetrate their fabrics. Also, the shirts are good when it comes to water sports. This is because, unlike the normal cotton shirts that retain water, the nylon in hiking shirts does not retain water. This makes them dry in minutes.

Importance of hiking shirts

The use of hiking shirts instead of cotton shirts for hiking purposes has got various benefits. They include:

You stay cool and dry

You stay cool and dry since the hiking shirts are made from breathable nylons, they’re able to allow both sweat and heat to escape to the atmosphere, hence, keeping the hiker cool and dry no matter the temperatures and activities. Other hiking shirts have a back panel that’s vented. The vented back panel keeps the hikers dry even when they are wearing packs.


Lightweight, the shirts are light and weigh half of the normal cotton shirt. This makes them the best option for backpacking where every joule matters.


Packable, since the shirts are made from nylons, they take less space inside a suitcase.

They do get not smelly

They do get not smelly, the shirts are breathable. In addition, they wick water away from a hiker’s skin, this makes the hiker remain cool and dry, hence, preventing the development of a bad odor.

Styles of hiking shirts

best hiking shirt hot weather

There are three common styles of hiking styles

Short sleeve shirt

Short-sleeve, a short sleeve hiking shirt is one piece of clothing you should have for your hot weather hiking. The shirt exposes some hand parts; this facilitates the cooling effects of the hot temperatures.

Long sleeve shirt

Long sleeve, if you’re going to trek through bushes and brushes, or your skin is sunny sensitive then a long sleeve shirt should be your option. The other good thing with the shirt is that when it gets hotter you can roll your sleeves up.

Button shirts

Button shirts, these shirts play various temperature regulation roles. They can block sunlight, unbutton when it’s hot, and also they have layers that will wipe off the body’s sweat.

Things to consider when choosing a hiking shirt

The following are key considerations you should think of when choosing a hiking shirt:

Do you need pockets?

Pockets are very important in hiking adventurism. They make it simple and quick to take pictures of any interesting thing. Also, bug dope, maps, and sunglasses are easily tucked in the shirts’ pockets. Whereas shirts with bulky pockets perform various functions the downfall’s that they make the shirt lose its form. On the other hand, large pockets detract from the shirt’s appearance. The number of pockets depends on your preference but it’s advisable to buy a shirt that has two large chest pockets.

Do you need a Button-down or Pullover?

Again this is personal preference but you rather pick a button down. This is because they have more light pockets and also they have looser cuts. Besides button-down shirts they over various cooling alternatives. For instance, if it’s too hot, you can unbutton. What will you do with pulling over one in such a situation?

Are you after Snug or Loose?

Here you should go for loose shirts. This is because they are more comfortable especially when on a trail. Since the shirts have better ventilation making them cooler than the snugs.

Is the shirt easy to care for?

Any hiking shirt should not have complicated care instructions. If you happen to find a hiking shirt with fancy care instructions kindly drop it.

Hiking shirt requirements in the wilderness

Material: there are four types of materials:


Synthetic, for hot weather hiking you should not consider this fabric. Such shirts are good when for wet climates. It dries quickly and it’s good at wicking moisture. The greatest downfall of the fabric is that its synthetic fabrics have weak microbial properties. Therefore, if your shirt gets stinky, the stink stays on the shirt until you wash it.


Merino, this is the most expensive material. It’s very breathable above all it wicks water. The greatest bonus with this material is that it has natural microbial properties that prevent odor from piling. Also, merino is soft against the skin and keeps funk at bay.


Blends, A shirt that’ is a blend of spandex and nylon last longer than other options. So if you are looking for that’s more durable, blends should be your choice. Unfortunately, they are less breathable and they build up odors.


Cotton, cotton does well in many things but not in the hiking industry. This is because it has low breathability features and also it can stop the sweat from evaporating. Finally, it stays wet for a long period. The three features disqualify any hiking activity.

Comfort to wear

Comfort, matters concerning hike comfort depend on various aspects. This includes the style, flexibility, overall fit, and even sawn seams.

Protection from sun

Sun protection, a high UPF shirt is not necessary for hot weather hiking. However, if the hiker has sensitive skin, he or she should consider a high UPF shirt.


Hiking in hot weather is not a walk in the park. You need proper preparations for it to be successful. You’ve to be in right gear and shirts play a significant role. If the shirt doesn’t release the sweat into the atmosphere then the chances of you being smelly are high. You need a shirt that’s light, easy to maintain and pack, takes a few minutes to dry, and can also keep you cool and dry.


1. What’s the best shirt to wear in hot weather?

The best shirt to wear during the hot weather should be breathable and lightweight. Bamboo, polyester, and rayon can manage in the hot weather.

2. What to wear hiking on a hot day?

You should wear loose clothes that are breathable. Your shirts, pants, and shorts should be white in color to reflect away the sun rays. This will help to regulate your body temperature.

3. How hot is too hot for hiking?

Heat should not prohibit you, but when the temperatures are more than 100 degrees, you should be cautious with your hiking. Such temperatures dehydrate and also cause migraines.

4. What kinds of shirts will keep you cool?

Button shirts play various temperature regulation roles. They can block sunlight, unbutton when it’s hot, and also they have layers that will wipe off your body’s sweat. They are also breathable.

5. What’s the coolest fabric for hot weather?

Merino shirt is one of the best shirts for hiking. It’s very breathable above all it wicks water. The greatest bonus with this material is that it has natural microbial properties that prevent odor from piling. Also, it’s soft against the skin and keeps funk at bay.

6. Why is cotton not good for hiking?

Cotton does well in many things but not in the hiking industry. This is because it has low breathability features and also it can stop the sweat from evaporating. Finally, it stays wet for a long period. The three features disqualify any hiking activity.

7. What are the best pants for hot weather hiking?

Hot weather hiking pants should be equipped with zippers and pockets, have UPF50 fabric protection, be white in color to reflect sun rays, and be breathable

8. Which is cooler cotton or linen?

Linen is cooler than cotton. Cotton has low breathability features and it stops sweat from evaporating. This makes it a poor cooler.

9. How can I look cool while hiking?

For you to be cool in hiking you must be in the right gears and you should not forget to dehydrate.

10. What are good hiking tools?

Good hiking tools include hiking boots, a hiking backpack, appropriate weather clothing, and plenty of water and food.

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