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Best Men’s Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

Hiking boots are a must-have for an awesome time in the jungle. Nevertheless, finding an accurate fit for wide feet can be a pain in the neck. Very few footwear brands take this special feature into account. With that, the chances of finding the right pair narrow down drastically. In spite of that, hikers with this unique attribute deserve stylish, comfortable and durable hiking boots. With proper knowledge, these hikers can still get the best men’s hiking boots for wide feet. That is where this article comes in. It details a proper buying guide for men’s wide hiking boots. Read on to find out more.

What is the importance of men’s hiking boots for wide feet for hiking?

best mens hiking boots for wide feet

best mens hiking boots for wide feet

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Without special boots, hikers with wide feet are prone to injury and discomfort. To begin with, it becomes difficult for such hikers to balance or walk on rugged terrain when they use narrow boots. By the same token, narrow boots tend to be too tight thus causing strain to ligaments, tendons, and muscles. However, the right pair should provide a pleasurable hiking experience.

How do you choose men’s hiking boots for wide feet?

Here is a detailed breakdown of the best tips on how to analyze and select the next pair of hiking boots to compliment your wide feet:

Try it on

The only certain way to prove that a hiking boot is cut to your size is by trying it on. Keep in mind that not all hiking boots are designed to complement wide feet. It means that you have to be extra cautious when making your choice. In the event that you are purchasing it online, ensure that its measurements or specifications are right for your feet.

Go through customer reviews

Before proceeding with your purchase, find time to go through what other customers have to say about the product. It will paint a clear picture of what you are getting into. Some product descriptions by sellers or manufacturers can be misleading. You need some sort of first-hand evidence on the functionality of a potential pair.

Consider your hiking activities

It is vital to consider the type of activity you plan to undertake while choosing an appropriate pair of hiking boots. Whether it is backpacking, mountain climbing or trekking, you need a pair that is ideal for the conditions at hand. The hiking activity will dictate the duration you spend outdoors as well as terrain and weather conditions. If you are to venture into snow or wet areas it is imperative to choose waterproof boots. Likewise, mountain climbing demands a resilient pair and so on.

Mind the terrain

There are different types of hiking boots depending on the trail. Heavyweight hiking boots are bulky yet durable. Their rugged design ensures top-notch performance on the toughest terrains or conditions. On the other hand, mid-weight boots feature a high cut construction and are average with regard to weight. Still, midweight boots are meant for bumpy trails and long trips. Lastly are lightweight boots which are suitable for short trips on friendly trails. This category of boots is often light and comfy. Thus, your choice should be based on the terrains you intend to explore.

Ideal feature set

Another way to select a great pair of hiking boots is to make sure its features match your requirements. As much as there are numerous hiking boots built to satisfy expectations, your needs have been a top priority. This includes your unique feet size, comfort, proper ventilation among others. Do not fall victim to name brands.

Opt for a wide toe box

Wide feet demand hiking boots that are wider at the box or front compared to the foot or heel. Such a design provides better ankle protection. Aside from that, a wide toe box offers correct positioning to toes which transforms into elevated comfort.

Accurate fit

Hiking boots that fit accurately yield better comfort and performance. Boots that fit snugly are warmer during the cold season. They also reduce blisters and injury. Hikers with wide feet are likely to incur such shortcoming in case they buy boots with a narrow toe box. 

Warranty and return policy

Getting a properly sized shoe can be a tricky affair for hikers with wide feet. For this reason, you need to buy your pair from a seller with a good return policy or warranty. This is particularly essential in case you plan to purchase your hiking boots online.

Things to consider while choosing boots for wide feet for hiking

1. Type of hiking boot

There are different types of hiking boots dedicated to various hiking activities. Your preferred kind ought to suit the hiking terrain or activity you intend to explore. For instance, day hiking boots are light, flexible and last longer than hiking shoes. They are meant for day hikes and short hiking excursions. On the flip side, backpacking boots are much more durable in addition to supporting bulkier loads.

2. Material

Different parts of hiking boots are crafted out of varied materials. You have to consider the most functional material in any case. For the upper portion, you need a material that is breathable, water-resistant and long-lasting. The leather is perfect.

3. Insulation

It is vital in cold weather. For superior warmth, go for a model with a thick and multilayered upper material. The inner cushioning has to be on point as well. Other than that, the boot should be waterproof. 

4. Midsole

The cushioning of a hiking boot is based on the midsole in most cases. It protects the foot from impact by absorbing shock. Ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA is excellent for the midsole owing to its light and soft nature. Aside from that, polyurethane is utilized in the midsole due to its sturdy and firm structure.

5. Internal support

The internal structure should incorporate a wide toe box. In addition to that, it has to include shanks and plates for better support. Plates cover the outsole and midsole hence protecting the feet from being bruised or punctured. Similarly, shanks cover the midsole and heighten shock absorption.

Final Verdict

Hiking is one of the best ways to unwind and have fun. Do not turn it into a nightmare by choosing a wrong boot size. Always put your hiking needs first.

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