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The 10 Best Texas State Parks For Hiking And Camping

The most adventurous adventure anyone can partake in is hiking. It provides a reconnection with nature, our past, and our root. Trekking in America’s second-largest state with breathtaking natural wonders, beautiful vast landscapes gives you a fulfilling adventure. Here is the list of the top ten best hiking and camping parks in Texas that fuel your body and improve your mental health and emotional well-being.

Importance of Texas Parks

best texas state parks for hiking

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Aside from the fact that Texas Parks are the most popular recreational centers in the US, they are also great places for adventurous travelers! Here are some important aspects of the region.

1. A excellent place for rock climbing

2. A unique center to see migratory and tropical birds

3. Ideal for Wild Buffalo sightseeing

4. A great place for sand surfing

5. Perfect for hunting, camping, and other outdoor events.

6. Lone star outstanding walking park of all time

1. Big Bend Ranch State Park

Best Texas State Parks For Hiking

Image Source: pixabay.com

Big Bench ranch is the largest park in Texas with more than 300,00 acres. It is situated in the remote western part of the state and the United States- Mexico border. This outdoor location is a home of adventure. You can hike, or ride on a horse through 238 miles of copious trails. The presence of the Rio Grande gives access to fishing, floating, and swimming. Hundreds of animals of different species are present in this park.

2. Palo Duro Canyon State Park

best texas state parks for hiking

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The subsequently rated canyon park in the United States is Palo Duro. It is otherwise known as the Grand Canyon of Texas. This park gives the most breathtaking adventure in the world. It is 120 miles extensive, 20 miles wide, and 800 feet deep. It is well known for biking, cavalier trails, mountaineering, camping, and hiking activities. You will enjoy the rich history plus the resilient beauty of the Lone Star in this park.

3. Garner State Park, Concan

Garner Park is the perfect location for outdoor escapades. There are enjoyably lined up activities like hiking or biking, swimming or surfing the Frio River, more than 10 miles of picturesque trails, camping, fishing, outdoor meals, or easing yourself with mother earth. They also organize orchestra dances during vacation. Very few parks have the popularity of Garner in terms of camping. It is not so astounding that it is the nucleus of the summer holiday. On many occasions during apex season, the park is so crowded that no camping spaces are left by noon. Among other heartwarming activities is the outstanding view of the aged baldy which is one mile in length on the emblematic hill of Garner state park. There are also attractive events held at the river from time to time.

4. Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose

Dinosaur Valley is an emblem mystery of history loaded with facts. The park’s outlook has its essence with the mixture of sandstones and limestones dating back more than a million years ago. The most impressive part of this park is the identical sets of dinosaur footprints discovered in 1908 that give the park its name.

It has over 20 miles for outdoor activities such as biking, mint condition swimming, and hiking. Maps layout of tracks with the explanation of animals that left them is also available.

5. Lost Maples State Natural Area, Vanderpool

Here you observe the real beauty of wonderland during fall. Lost Maples earns its national nature park through aesthetic shades of leaf colors. Located the northwest of San Antonio with not more than two hours tours, this expansive park is structured into more than six unique areas for camping, two and half dozens of campsites and entails cardinal miles of trail hiking. There are also two lakes at the center of the park. It has the most comic fall leaves coloration. It is named a Natural Area rather than a State Park, which means the most crucial focus is maintaining and protecting the property’s natural state. It has little access to a car, and you can bring hiking poles or sticks to help with the terrain.


Inks Lake is another mind-blowing location for both land and water adventure. It is situated south of Lake Buchanan, one of Longhorn’s largest lakes. Also well known for all time and all around the year busy station for boating and swimming.

Inks lake consists of up to 200 campsites and 22 cabins that you book and reserve. The fun part! Nine miles of landscape and space to observe nature in its magnificent is marvelous! You can hike or bike through shadowy forests and enjoy the view of wildlife!

Waterfalls in Valley Spring Creek can also entertain you.

7. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

In the heart of the longhorn sits a grotesque pink granite dome that rises 425 feet above sea level. Enchanted Rock aboard north of Fredericksburg with 32 kilometers. The crown was fashioned by magma that turned to granite about a billion years ago. You can trek or hike 11 miles, camp, stare at the galaxy of stars, and watch birds. You may also know this park as the international DARK sky.

8. Longhorn Cavern State Park

Starling is the imagery that Longhorn Cavern will give thought. The most bewildering part is a cave glistering in crystal situated underwater by origin as you have imagined. It informs about the affluent of the cave in earth science and history. Many more are the facts and mysteries you will hear about this cave during the tour.

You will be delighted with the formation and structure of rocks, and sinkholes. This is just half an hour trip from Austin.

9. Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island got its name from the ferocious horses that once prowled the island. This park stretched across Port Aransas to Corpus Christi at 28 km (18 miles). In this present time, lovers of nature catch waves, fish, mountain bikes, and enjoy the sun at a camp location out of its 100 campsites. In addition to surfing the sea, kayakers can also set out for paddling trails.

10. Devils River Natural Area

This recreation ground got its name from the whitewater that runs within it. Devil’s river has sections with different ecosystems and astounding scenery. Its top-notch unveils with the surrounding colorful foliage of interweaved Cypress trees.

Not only will you find rare species of bats from Mexico but stunning vegetation and animals. It is also ideal for getting a remote location to get away with numerous activities. These activities are fishing, biking, hiking, canoeing, etc. There are also scenic views and more for your pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is camping allowed in Texas state parks?

Yes. Texas allows camping all-state. Though there are limited camping options, reservation is permitted.

2. Are Texas state parks closed for camping?

It was closed in April to slow down the spread of coronavirus. It is now open, even for a night camping in permitted areas.

3. Which park is the most famous in Texas?

Jumbo state has many miles of famous trails that will lead you on a jaw-dropping journey through hills, mountains, canyons, deserts, and more. However, a couple of trails cannot be accessed easily. The most popular among others accessible within the state are Texas State Parks and Nature Preserves, like Palo Duro Canyon, Big Bend National Park, Big Thicket National Preserve, and Garner center.

4. Can you carry a gun in Texas state parks?

The rules of the state do not grant the display/possession of guns in a state park. Although, if your gun is licensed, some state parks may allow it. The government-owned parks do not allow firearms even if you have a license. Before you leave for a station, check with the park you register with.

5. Is there a camping-free site in Texas?

You can camp for free in Lone star. On the beach, to be precise. There is also some destination that is of low cost. The most common one is Padre Island National Seashore.

6. Is overnight camping allowed in Texas?

Due to the corona pandemic, the state permitted limited camping. Also, group camping is not allowed. But as the spread of corona is reducing, things might get better.

7. Are there waterfall hikes in Texas

The state does have a waterfall at marvel areas within the state. However, Southwest America is famous for many things, but the waterfall is not among them. It has bigger waterfall hikes with a serene environment.

8. Are dogs allowed in Texas state parks?

Dogs are allowed at some state parks. You only have to follow the regulations of your dog having a leash or putting it in the car sometimes. And finding a way to pack excrete and keep the environment clean. You have to note that: the State building does not permit any pets.

9. Is Texas dog friendly?

Texas dogs are friendly, depending on their breed.

10. Can I light a campfire in the park?

Yes, you can make a campfire in some state parks, while others might not allow it. Although, you must follow fire safety guidelines.


With different shapes and structures of landscape, Texas is endowed with the utmost touch of nature. The state is diverse, and it is a signature of mother earth. With more than 80 parks in the country, above are the top ten parks in Jumbo state. These recreation centers are not all you could exhaust in a lifetime, you can only try, they are vast. That is why we create these most incredible places in Lone Star. Tell me why you won’t pick up your boot to feel ecstatic mother earth?

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