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The Hamilton Pool Preserve Trails And Why You Need To Go

Importance and Specialties of Hamilton Pool and Hamilton Pool Preserve

Hiking is an act that does offer not only exciting moments but also lots of health benefits to outdoor lovers. If you are also looking to have a great moment with your family, then Hamilton Pool Preserve is one of the places you can visit for hiking and adventure. The Pool is just 45 minutes drive from Austin. The Hamilton Pool Preserve is a natural, self-existing body of water enclosed by an intelligent rock formation that makes it look like a modern stadia or an amphitheater. From the wonderful rock formation is a 50-foot waterfall supplying water to the pool.

Visitors can swim and run around the waterfall. Hamilton Pool Preserve is such a wonderful place you can choose to spend your holiday. There are several things to help you catch fun at the Preserve.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

1. Hiking Trails

The pool has several Hiking trails present. Just beside the pool are two lovely trails that lead you to an adventure around the Hamilton Pool area. Hiking the Hamilton Pool trail is an opportunity to hear the songs of amazing birds such as the Pelican, Golden Cheek, and Cliff Swallows. Hiking the trail is a chance to have a panoramic view of the Hamilton area and an opportunity to encounter many natural wonders. Note that the Hamilton Pool trail is steep, and the path is difficult to tread. It is advised you come along with sturdy shoes or hiking boots.

2. Swimming.

Swimming is one of the best ways to enjoy Hamilton pool adventure to the fullest. The pool is controlled by the quantity of rainfall that occurs in the year. Usually, visitors are permitted to swim in the pool. When the quantity of bacteria in the pool is surplus, swimming activities are restrained. There is no lifeguard or duty officer in the area, so swimmers swim at their own risk. During spring, it is not advisable to swim in the pool because the temperature would’ve dropped far below its freezing point. The minimum temperature the pool can get is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Pet/animals

One very sad aspect of the pool’s activity is the restriction on animals and pets. Hamilton Pool is not pet friendly, so it is advised you keep your pet in the parking area or you don’t come with it at all. For more information about animal restrictions from the site, one can read the FAQ guide on animals.

4. Guided Hikes

Are you afraid of hiking the pool’s trail alone? Don’t be scared. The guided 1-hour hike tour got you covered. You get the opportunity to stroll around an ancient canyon, and come in contact with a diversity of plant and animal life and amazing geographic scenes. The guided tour ends at the grotto, and it is often an hour trip.

The Hamilton Pool Preserve site is an outstanding piece of natural beauty. It is a reminder of how intelligent nature can be. The pool hike trail is a long rock path that ends at the Pedernales River. The pool’s wildlife species are not only eye-catching but also worth capturing. Therefore, never come to this great monument without your camera. You might miss out a lot!

Best 10 hiking trails Close to The Hamilton Pool Preserve

1 Hamilton Pool Trail

Right in the heart of Central Texas rests the Hamilton Pool. This small and simple pool has entertained visitors since the beginning of man. Thousands of people visit the pool annually, but only a few know about the great unnoticed trail lurking in its boundary. For non-swimmers, exploring the trail is the most proper way to catch some fun. The trail begins at the Trailhead, and the path descends deep into a T- junction.

The right part of the junction is the part mostly traveled. This route leads to the Hamilton creek, a beautiful stream flowing into the Pedernales River. The creek base is buried deep in the Canyons, making the river’s atmosphere very cool and refreshing. Walking through the trail at the left junction, you gain an elevated height of almost 400 feet. Walking the trail on the left side, you will find a cool place far away from the crowd to rest your head for a while.

2 Travis County

Travis County is a native vegetation area close to the pool. Decades ago, this piece of land was purchased from Reimer’s family. The land lost its nice vegetation decades ago, and efforts are being made to quicken its recovery. Before the land lost its flavor, the land had a swimming hole that attracted unrestricted crowds who nearly enjoyed the hole to death. These days, visitors are cautioned to stay on the String boundary trail and not interfere with the trail’s vegetative sections.

3 Window Rock

The Window Rock is a waypoint close to the Hamilton Pool area. The window rock is a fairly large hole in some large boulders, which forms a small tunnel. The waterfall lies behind the tunnel. Trailing the tunnel is another exciting experience in itself as it provides a beautiful view of the waterfall at the opposite end of the tunnel.

4 Mckinney Fall State Park

Mckinney Falls State Park is nature’s gift of adventure. It is one of the closest recreation centers close to Hamilton Pool Preserve. The park offers one of the most recreational outdoor experiences. Mckinney Fall is located in Travis County, close to Austin. The most exciting feature of the Park is the Onion Creek and Williamson creek confluence. There are unlimited biking and hiking terrains to explore. The park has some varieties of wildlife, such as white-tailed deer, raccoons, and squirrels. No wonder it entertains thousands of visitors every year.

5 Home Stead Trail

The Homestead trail is located in Mckinney Falls. Hiking the trail is an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Red Top Mountain and the lovely views of Lake Allatoona. This trial is the longest in the area. Looking down and around the trail are various species of beautiful wildlife and green ferns. Hiking along the Allatoona Lake contours is an experience one is likely not to forget in his entire life. The trail is marked by a host of wildlife such as deer, crocodiles, water mammoths, and frogs.

Other fascinating features include large boulders, rolling hills, the lovely Allatoona Lake, and a host of beautiful forests. The trail is animal friendly. You can carry your favorite pet along for a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenes of the environment together.

6 The Rock Shelter Trail

If you want to go out with your family, Rock Shelter Trail is one of the most gorgeous places you can ever be. The trail is one fantastic walking terrain in the region. Unlike the Hamilton pool, it is perfect for strolling and bird watching. There are camping facilities available to accommodate your family. The greatest feature of this trail is the waterfall hike.

It is just a mile walk from the ridge-top fire access road. Parallel to the trail is a stream beneath a rock that leads to a rocky shelter. Hiking the breezy Rock Shelter trail is an amazing experience perfect for family hangouts. There is a route at the bottom of the spring beside a small forest where different frogs live. A huge part of the trail uses Creek beds, and it can be covered with water after a heavy outpour.

7 The Onion Creek

Orion Creek is situated in McKinney Falls. The creek is a long loop with paved paths. It is relatively easy to hike due to its very smooth pathway and the camping facilities close by. The environment also offers great panoramic views of the city and the congestion of wildflowers. Most of the wildflowers in McKinney Falls are available in Orion Creek. The flowers are arranged beautifully. The trail has a lot of shrubs and trees that block the open field views.

On the sidewalk, you would find several eye-catching and wonderful flowers. You should be careful when trailing because trampling on wildflowers is destructive. It often lasts for an extended period for the flower to recover after being damaged. Ensure you stay on the trail when taking photos, and ensure you don’t hurt the flowers.

8 The WayPoint, McKinney Homestead Trail

This terrain waypoint is a unique reminder of McKinney’s home. It was built in 1840. It is a memorial for Thomas McKinney, who settled in the region in the mid-1800s after Tonkawa Indians left the site. A century later, McKinney’s homestead becomes a park. The building was slightly renovated to prevent a collapse. The parking area, which is the furthest parking area of the trail, is where the homestead trail begins. The pathway of the terrain has a large rocky outcropping. Thousands of visitors worldwide visited the trail daily and have caused huge damage to the rocky path leading to the trail.

9 The Upper Onion Creek

This area is also one of the best terrains in the Hamilton Pool Reserves. However, unlike other trails, this hiking ground has little or no official recognition. Likewise, many adventure lovers can’t predict their destination. This trail may lead beyond the southern boundary of the park. You can hike this trail but be watchful for signposts barring further movement. It is best to quit and return to the Creek whenever you see such signposts, not knowing the danger that lies ahead. The upper Onion Creek trail is unofficial; many people do not hike this trail. You may hike the track if you seek wilder experiences but watch. You must watch out for danger. It’s not clear what lies beyond the Upper Onion Creek.

The trail is filled with mysterious wonders. There are also large rocks with beautiful wavy patterns. These rocks are very silent and look enchanted. The fact that you might be the only one trailing the route is enough to get you scared already.

10 Lower Falls Trail

The Lower falls homestead is another alternative to the Hamilton Pool trail you should explore. The loop trail has a magnificent waterfall rated moderate. Animals are also permitted to hike this trail so that you can bring your pet friend along. The most beautiful scenery on the trail is when the sun sets by the river. You can spend your time at the Lower falls hiking, biking, pet-walking, or watching singing birds. From the Lower trail area, you would encounter a group of rocks. The Lower hike is only 3 miles long. However, other routes are extending from the trail if you want a longer walk.


If you’re in the mood for some outdoor fun, Hamilton Pool Preserve is definitely worth a visit. The trails are well-maintained and provide plenty of opportunities to get active, whether you’re hiking, biking, or just taking a leisurely stroll. Plus, the views are beautiful no matter which way you turn!


1. Is the Hamilton Pool Long?

The Hamilton Pool is about 232 acres of land with a 15m waterfall.

2. How much does the Hamilton Pool cost?

The entrance fee is free for young children and $8 for adults.

3. How cold is the Hamilton Pool?

The maximum temperature of the pool is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Is Alcohol allowed at the Hamilton pool?

No. Alcohol is not permitted at the Hamilton Pool for any reason.

5. How deep is the Hamilton Pool

The Hamilton Pool is approximately 7.62 meters deep. The deepest part of the fool is about 25feets.

6. Is Hamilton pool spring-fed?

Hamilton Pool is a naturally formed body of water formed from Limestone bedrock. An underground river also feeds it.

7. What is there to do at the Hamilton pool period?

Hiking, biking, and swimming are some of the several things you can do when on a visit.

8. How do you get a reservation at the Hamilton Pool?

You should visit the Hamilton hotel for bookings and inquiries.

9. Where is Hamilton Pool located?

Hamilton Pool is about 37 meters, off-highway 71 West Austin in Texas.

10. How far is McKinney Fall from Austin?

McKinney Fall is about 10 miles (15 minutes’ drive) from Austin.

11. How far is Hamilton Pool Preserve from Austin?

Hamilton pool is about 45 minutes drive from Austin.

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