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How To Lace Hiking Boots Properly

“Why am I reading this even, who does not know how to lace hiking boots,” is what you are probably telling yourself. Yes, we all think and know that there is nothing as simple as tying laces. I mean it is just a matter of flips and ties, right? Well, you’ll be petrified to know that most of the people who gallivant in boots hardly know how to tie their shoes, especially the hikers.

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In regards to knotting and lacing hiking shoes, the norm is different compared to that of lacing normal boots. One has to assure that their feet are fastened securely in those hiking boots to prevent blisters and slippery ones while considering your foot’s dimension and swelling places.

Contemplating tying normal shoes will make you feel as if how to lace hiking boots will be overwhelming, and complicated. It is not. It is all about listening and comprehending your body than giving it its requirements which can be done via lacing hiking boots.

After thorough research about boot lacing techniques, which some were tried then only the best methods were enlisted below.

How to lace hiking boots

Importance of lacing boots while hiking

Lacing your hiking boots has some significant benefits that you need to understand.

•    With laced hiking boots, your feet do not scream at you due to pain no matter how long you walk

•    You feel energized during the trip

•    You do not need to break regularly to re-tie knots.

•    The ascents are not grueling

•    Your feet do not slip when there is a need for traction

•    No foot pain, blisters, or rubbing can be caused due to pressure

•    Sufficient friction is provided to hold the hiking boots onto the feet.

•    Your laces won’t be coming undone

•    You do not get high arches

•    You do not get high arches which cause pressure on your feet’s top

•    You will not find your feet moving in your shoes anyhow

•    You can alleviate pressure on bunions that you might get

•    Your heels do not lift up on the boots

•    Your toes do not hit the front of your boots when you are walking downhill

•    Your boots don’t keep loosening

•    Your boots’ top cuff doesn’t rub your calves when  you are hiking

•    Your ankles do not face pressure as a result of your boots, and they do not stick out too much

Different Boot Lacing Techniques

How To Lace Hiking Boots
Surgeon’s Knots
Overhand knot
Square Knot/Granny Knot
Quick-Pull Knot


This lacing method is standard. The lace’s center is at the boots’ very bottom while laces cross at every eyelet till the top’s reached as well as the lace is knotted.

This is a simple and effective lacing technique, but it has its issues.

Pulling the laces to tighten them at one point will tighten the lace all the way up and down the boot. The constant flexing caused by walking can cause the laces to continue this effect, so after a mile, your boot will fit differently than when you laced the shoes.

However, this method of lacing is compatible with techniques such as the surgeon’s knot, so it is very customizable.

Surgeon’s Knots

More or less pressure in a boot is crucial. To have that area isolated you will need to have employed the surgeon’s knot.  When the laces are crossing below or above the area that needs isolation, you will need to have the laces wrapped around one another numerous times before taking them in the eyelet. The extra friction will hold the laces in place and keep them from slipping

Overhand knot

Being the commonest locking tension under the knot, this is the easiest manner of tying knots. This is the kind of knot you might have known while learning how you can tie your shoes.

What you do is take those two laces to cross one of them over the other, loop it underneath that X shape you have made then have the endways pulled away from one another. This is going to create a loop that is going to hold those lacing intact as you end up tying it off in any way that you may like.

Square knot/Granny knot

The square knot is a finishing touch on either that surgeon’s knot or overhand knot. After those laces are pulled right, take one then double it backward on itself which will create one ‘bunny ear’ shape.

Then carefully wrap that other lace around that bunny ear that was created using thumbs to make a loop underneath it. Hold that lace’s loose end against the thumbs using index fingers then use those index fingers to have the lace pushed via that loop hence another bunny ear. Now hold one bunny ear on each hand then tighten them together.

Should you have the bunny ears run lengthwise along your feet, then you made the granny knot. However, if you had them run across your feet width-wise, then you have made the granny’s knot. Doing a square knot is one of the most ideal because it is more secure than a granny’s knot.

Quick-Pull Knot

With the quick pull knot, all you need to do is commence by looping around that lace hook then simply pull it. Some shoes provide such systems that make it easy for quick pull knot,

Things to consider while lacing the boots for hiking

•    Tie the knots in consideration of where  you are hiking

•    The hiking boots you put on should be dependent on the hiking trail for short trails they should be a soft kind of boots that will be comfortable

•    Lacing your boots while hiking is very important when your laces get loose because you get that ultimate comfort that is required while hiking

Essential ideas of lacing while hiking.

Get new boots perhaps       

If you find your hiking boots are not as authentic as you had wanted them you can get new boots to be good and comfortable. Why should you buy expensive hiking boots and they do not deliver according to what you want? If the laces open up most of the time consider getting a new hiking boot.

Ascertain that you know at least three hiking knots       

You might love your hiking, and you do not want laces to cut you short of the experiences that you could have. Therefore it would be wise if you knew at least three knots that you can do effectively and fast to give you the best hiking experience.

Final verdict      

There you go! Since now you can tie your hiking boots in various ways or perhaps in one style be confident while hiking and unleash that hiking monster in you.  If you have tried every style and still got uncomfortable, then you ought to go for new shoes. Now it is a sure bet that you can hike comfortably. Isn’t that what is needed in hiking?

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