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Hiking Gear List For Your Next Backpacking

As this is a beginner guide to hiking gear list, the article will focus on what a beginner needs and not detail what you should take on a trek up mount Everest. Every level of hiker will require some common hiking gear that will help make their hike a safe and comfortable one. It is important to make sure you know what type of hiking gear you will need, so this article will touch on some of the basics for newbie hikers.

Why is the hiking gear list important?

Hiking gear can make the difference between a successful hike and a disastrous one. With the correct equipment, you can prepare for every event and mishap that may happen along the way. There are many factors that can go on a hike such as extreme weather conditions, accidents or injury, and getting lost or losing your way. If you have the right equipment with you then you should be able to overcome any obstacles that you may encounter and have an enjoyable and rewarding hike.

Imagine that you are hiking miles from civilization and the weather takes a turn for the worse. There is an intense storm approaching and there is no way for you to outwalk it. What would you do? And what equipment would you use to protect yourself from the elements? These are all things to factor in before heading off on a hike, especially if you are hiking alone and intend on being far away from humanity.

Essential Hiking Gear List A Beginners Guide to Hiking

What should I prepare for a hike?

Hiking boots:

A decent pair of best hiking boots will always win out over lightweight sneakers. While sneakers may provide more comfort for a short period of time, a decent pair of hiking boots can keep your feet dry and offer a high level of support to your feet and ankles.


A good, thick pair of socks is a must when hiking. The socks will help keep your feet nice and warm while providing you with the added comfort of the extra padding they provide. Spare socks are always a good idea as there is nothing worse than walking in wet boots. A pair or two of fresh, clean socks can make the difference between blistering and sore feet or soft and dry ones. Socks also double up as great mittens if you are taken off guard by some cold weather.

Hiking pants:

Hiking pants are preferable over shorts every time. Pants protect you from some of nature’s vampires such as ticks and leeches. Moreover, it also keeps your legs safe from thorny plants and stinging insects. A decent pair of pants can also help protect you from the cold or from getting sunburned on your legs. Poison ivy is no fun for anyone, especially if you are hiking miles from home and develop a poison ivy rash.

Additional layers for cold:

Long-sleeve T-shirts provide ample protection from bugs and other nasties out to get you while remaining thin enough to keep your call on your hike. A good waterproof jacket is also recommended in the case of rain showers or cold weather. Meanwhile, a sweater is OK if you are hiking in a cool climate. No doubt, nobody wants to be soaked in sweat when on a hike. Learn here for more information about what to wear hiking in cold weather.

Sun protection:

A hat and sunshades will prove to be your best friend while on a hike. The hat will provide adequate shade for your face. Actually, a hat can avoid sunburn and potential skin cancer. In addition to that, your hiking sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV damage and squint.

In the backpack:

Having a charged cell phone and a portable charger in your hiking backpack is a must and can make the difference between a speedy rescue or being left to defend yourself in the event of an accident or emergency. Never go on a hike without these, regardless of whether you want to escape from technology for a while. It could save your life.

First Aid Kit:

A first aid kit is vital for every hiker and should contain gauze pads, bandages, plasters, alcohol wipes, betadine, and some scissors. It is also a good idea to carry antihistamines and bug spray.

In addition, make sure you have a small bottle of sunscreen. While it may seem cumbersome to carry a first aid kit, it may come in handy should you trip or fall and injure yourself. A pocket knife is also an excellent addition to packing in your first aid kit.

Carry enough water and food:

Food and water are a must! You need to ensure that you stay hydrated and energized on your hike. It is also a good idea to carry isotonic powders to replace the electrolytes you will lose from sweating. Carry high-energy foods such as peanuts and chocolate bars.  As a matter of fact, that is easy to carry and provides plenty of calories throughout the journey. How much you carry on you will depend on how long and far you intend on walking.

What Do You Need For Hiking?

Always, you should never leave home without the ten essentials. With this gear in place, you are guaranteed a safe and hassle-free hiking experience. Check out here.


This backpacking checklist is not exhaustive. Actually, it is useful to know the essentials to carry with you when first starting out. What you take with you in your backpack will depend on your itinerary but the aforementioned items should always be included no matter the length or duration.

In addition, for more information, you can refer to this site also: https://www.wikihow.com/Be-Prepared-for-a-Hike.

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  1. You made a great point about the importance of a good pair of pants. I can imagine that taking my usual shorts to a hike is just asking for trouble, so preventing any insect bites with better pants is a much safer idea. I’ll go and get some from a clothing store in the area that offers hiking goods as well.

  2. It’s nice that you pointed out how hiking gear could make the difference between a successful hike and a disastrous one. My friends and I are planning to do our first trip of the year and we are thinking of going hiking. But before we could do that, we need to get some essential outdoor sporting goods first.

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