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5 Best Places to Go Hiking Near Quebec City Canada

Ever wanted to go for a vacation in Canada? Quebec City must be one of the prioritized places to visit. Quebec City has gained enormous recognition, not only in Canada but also in most parts of the world, for being a beautiful holiday destination. It was once the capital city of Canada and is currently the capital of Quebec Province.

Quebec City is the second-most populous city in Quebec Province, after Montreal which is only an hour away. Montreal is another place where any traveling enthusiast should strive to be. Quebec is known for its wild natural beauty with a wide range of terrain, making it an ideal place for hiking in Canada.

Other than amazing hiking trails, the city is occasioned with old-school entertainment, urban exploration, and various type of local and international cuisines. Here are stunning places you can explore while hiking.

Hiking near quebec city

Best Places for Hiking near Quebec City

Mont Sainte Anne

Well, this is only thirty minutes away from Downtown Quebec City so there is no reason to miss out on this absolutely stunning Waterfall hike. The various trails for all levels enable hikers to wander about through a large diverse landscape inclusive of the amazing Jean-Larose Waterfalls in the Valley and the Panoramic loops.

The panoramic gondolas in this place will definitely get you to the climax of the whole experience. Afterward, you can always visit the lookout tower for that scenic all-around view of Orleans Island, St. Lawrence River, the South Shore as well as the Laurentian mountain range.

Jacques Cartier National Park

Jacques Cartier National Park

This national park, which is a forty-five-minute drive from Quebec City, consists of fourteen incredible hiking trails among other attention-grabbing features. The hiking trails include; Les Loups Trail, Les Cascades, Le Scotora, La Tourbiere, Le Perdreau, La Matteucci, La Croisee, Les Coulees, Le Draveur Sound, and Le Draveur Nord. The trails feature the peaks as well as the valleys enveloping the Jacques Cartier River.

During your visit to this national park, you will be able to go for a thrilling guided kayaking trip. The park also offers trails for snowshoeing. In case you are wondering whether you can spend a night there, the answer is yes! Rental cabins are available.

Parc Des Jardins

The drive to the park will require a bit more driving time from Quebec City (around an hour and a half). However, you can never regret driving all the way there. This is due to the fact that the place offers incredible panorama in the heart of the Charlevoix arctic biosphere. The guided Via Feratta rock-climbing experience on Mont du Lac des Cygnes, with scenic vistas, is an adventure to die for.

Parc National du Fjord du Saguenay

The park is quite a long drive from Quebec City; taking three hours including a free ferry ride. Despite that, be sure to have fun once you reach your destination. The trails with wonderful terrain which allow the sight of beautiful sceneries in this region will be your reward. This place offers hiking expeditions for all skill levels over a wide range of distances.

No doubt, Three-Day hiking, kayaking, or camping adventure will be the perfect opportunity to explore this marvelous ecosystem. Moreover, the park offers backcountry campsites. The town Tadoussac offers the chance to tour an environment filled with wildlife, not forgetting the superb ancient hotels with plentiful dining options.

Acropole des Draveurs (Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park)

The park is part of the Laurentian Mountain encircled by the Malbaie River Gorge, which has an absolutely breathtaking fjord-like view. The Montagne de Erables have the title for not only the highest rock face but also the highest cliffs in Eastern Canada. The apex of this whole experience must be the mind-blowing drive down the park’s entrance which has winding curves and hills. This will make you want to grace the park again and again. The Acropole des Draveurs trail is a very difficult one with a steadily steep and rocky landscape. During the hike, you will be able to view a scenic alpine-covered valley followed by the tranquil Lake, Lac du Chevelu.

Importance of Hiking in Quebec

While there are several benefits of hiking, one of the main benefits of is environmental conservation. Due to the beauty of this region’s natural features, it tends to attract people to visit and partake in activities pertaining to nature; hiking being among them. These activities play a major role in boosting the tourism sector which is one of the world’s largest industries. This means it is a source of income. This, therefore, compels individuals, organizations as well as the government to conserve the environment in order to maintain its beauty.

Unique Aspects of Quebec City

Quebec City is filled with several features of the European culture, that is, the rich and unique French culture, including the fancy French architecture. It is the only city in the United States that still has its original city walls. The city’s upper town, Haute Ville, is situated on a cliff overlooking the St. Lawrence River thus presenting a picturesque scene. During every season, the city has something great to provide: radiant gardens during spring and summer, abundant vegetation at the beginning of autumn, and plenty of snow activities during winter. It is during every winter that the much-acclaimed Quebec City Carnival is celebrated ever since it was initiated in 1880. When it comes to dishes, Tourtiere is very popular in Quebec City.

Quebec City is also not very far away from Montreal, which has a series of butte-type mountains found in St. Lawrence River Valley, called Monteregian Hills. Mountains located near Montreal include Mont-Royal, Mont Riguard, Mont Saint Gregoire, Mont Rougemont, and Mont Saint Hilaire among others. The fact that Quebec City is not very far away from Montreal, which is another holiday destination, makes it even more ideal for having endless fun.


Quebec City is, without doubt, a place to visit during any holiday trip to Quebec province. For any hiking enthusiast, the above-listed hiking trails are definitely some of the best options for hiking in Quebec City. The beauty of nature in this part of the world will blow your mind. So, given the chance to tour Quebec City, which of the named hiking trails will you prefer?

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