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How To Clean A Hiking Backpack

Do you hike during the day? Prefer overnight tracking? Or your taste is an adventurous hike over the weekend.  A knapsack is an important gear you can’t do without. It is a fabric-like item used to move camping materials. It comes with a shoulder strap for additional comfort. This product allows you to have enough food, water, and a first aid kit for tracking. There is enough space to keep navigation tools and valuable devices.

However, having a quality hike bag is a good thing. But regular maintenance of your bag determines its durability. How do you best maintain your bag? It is simple. Regular cleaning of your bag helps put the gear in good shape. This article contains tips on how to clean a hiking backpack. You get to know the best way to wash your bag pack.

How to clean a hiking backpack

How to clean a hiking backpack

Meanwhile, bags are prone to dirty conditions. After investing, the next skill needed for proper management is cleaning. Cleaning your bag can be very confusing. Considering the size, fabric texture, and design of your product. Below are the perfect ways of cleaning your bag.

-Empty your hiking backpack

Gears, accessories, or kits go to the interior. Oil, food remnants, and specks of dirt from used camping gadgets quickly form spots and stains in the interior part. Stains in the interior of a  bag pack can cause an unwanted smell and even the degrading of the fabric material. So to ensure effective cleaning of the interior part of your tracking bag, empty the bag and side pockets if there are any. Don’t forget to shake it while holding it upside down to ensure nothing is hiding inside.

-Wipe the interior with a clean, soft sponge

Wiping the interior gets rid of unwanted dirt and stain. Get a sponge or a wet towel and scrub gently. It would be best if you did this after you empty the pack. Ensure every stained surface is touched. Doing this will keep the interior part in clean, good shape.

-Focus on the exterior

The exterior part of your packsack gets dirty easily. Dirt, oil, and hikers’ sweats directly affect the exterior. Perfect cleaning of the exterior improved the durability of the item. How do you go about this?

Further, get a wet cloth or sponge and wipe the entire body of the packsack thoroughly with it. But in case any of the parts are suffering from stains, add a small quantity of dish soap to the wet cloth or sponge. Then, you wipe the affected areas gently. Doing this will help in the management of the stain.

-Do a final wipe

Above all, ensure you do a final cleaning of the knapsack pack. Use a wet rag to wipe the entire body of the knapsack once again. Make sure you remove soap substances that can damage the color. Wipe the pack so it can last for years. You can now dry your trailing knapsack. Make sure you keep it under the sun for long.

What is the best way to wash a backpack?

After all, washing a camping rucksack is necessary, but it can be tricky. Inappropriate washing of these items might take you to the market soon. Over time, there have been controversies on the best ways for hikers to wash their packsacks. Although most product labels often specify this, our proper research has earned us the right answer. Handwashing your gear is the best way to keep your pack in good clean shape.

What is the best way to wash a backpack

How do you hand wash your camping pack?

Moving on, handwashing your rucksack is relatively easy. All you need to do is to fill up any container. Ensure the container is large enough to accommodate your knapsack. Then, you add warm water and add non-bleaching. You should include a dye-free soap. Mix until the water becomes foamy.

By all means, use a dipped cloth to wash the entire part. Ensure the surface of the packsack isn’t left out. For hard-to-remove stains, kindly use a soft brush to scrub gently. Make sure the surface is not dented. Rinse the pack with soap-free water immediately. Ensure you leave the packsack to dry. Don’t put your packsack in the dryer.


The durability of your packsack is in your hands. Regular and proper cleaning is key to durable packs. It has so much saved hikers from breaking banks to buy backpacks. With the post, cleaning your packs becomes a breeze. Do it with little effort, and don’t regularly. What you have on you determines who you are. Remember also to check your packaging label for washing instructions. Never wash the pack in a machine without instructions. Your backpack is a companion.


1. Can you wash a  backpack?

Yes,  your backpack can be washed if it gets dirty or stained. Different methods are available to clean them.

2. Can I put my backpack in the washing machine?

Most Backpacks are not safe in the washing machine, but you can if your pack label says you can. It depends on the pack’s material.

3. How do you clean mildew off a backpack?

Mildew can be dangerous to your gear fabric. Soak in warm soapy water and scrub thoroughly with a stiff brush.

4. How do you clean a canvas backpack?

Slight spray of soapy water on the stained area, scrub gently with a soft brush, and air dry.

5. How do you clean smelly packsack straps?

Soak the entire pack or straps in warm soapy water, wash it, and leave it to dry naturally.

6. How do you disinfect a knapsack?

Wipe the interior and exterior parts of the pack with a disinfectant solution mixed in warm water.

7. Does sunlight kill mold?

Yes, mold cannot withstand sunshine. The easiest way to tackle mold is by sun drying. Ensure you sundry the pack regularly.

8. Does vinegar kill mildew?

Yes, vinegar kills mildew. It is 90 percent effective against mildew. You only need to spray it on the affected surface.

9. Does vinegar kill mold?

Yes, vinegar kills eighty percent of mold species. It also prevents the outbreak of mold. Vinegar gives the pack a great smell.

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